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Jack-William B. '21

Sep 19 2017

Freshman Fifty-Four

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Two weeks of class have already flown by. Problem sets are perpetual, clubs and UROPs are underway, and the realization that I have officially begun working towards my degree has settled in. This semester, I took 54 units; Four regular courses and one half semester class to reach the credit limit. To give you a glimpse of what a week of my life looks like, here is my schedule:

Every weekday, I start off with Biology. I knew I was going to take biology my first semester here under Pass/No Record because I have not taken a biology class since 9th grade and well, I figured if one class was going to be a disaster, it’d be this one. I was always heavily involved with chemistry and physics at my high school, so I was definitely the most concerned that I was going to be thrown into a class with virtually zero prior knowledge and expected to perform well.

Luckily enough, I got into 7.012 through the lottery! The class is taught by Professor Lander and... read the post »


Sep 7 2017

An OME Welcome to the Institute

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On June 14th, I began my journey to MIT. I packed all my clothes, memorabilia, and snacks for college away in my mom’s Kia Rio as the dynamic duo set off on a cross-country road-trip. I was leaving this early because I was selected as one of the seventy members of Interphase EDGE that is run through MIT’s Office of Minority Education (OME). That being said, as some people see it, I signed up for a preview of hell to replace my last carefree summer in Cape Coma.   

After a week of I-95 mayhem, I walked into Maseeh Hall, where I awkwardly approached the wrong desk to check-in. I had a cartful of crap that was spilling over the sides that I was desperately trying to keep from crashing down. Long story short, stuff did come crashing down… Right in the lobby, making the scene I so dreaded. It was the picture perfect start to ease my wave of nerves and angst of what was to come.

Coming into MIT, I never really considered myself introverted. I always found myself leading conversations.... read the post »