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Nov 10 2017

My 7 Favorite Places to P-Set!

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Without a doubt, I think every student here can agree that problem sets take a significant portion of their time throughout the week. Here is my normal setup:

I always carry my single notebook that randomly switches topics between all my classes like the change from American Foreign Policy to RL circuits as you can see from the picture.
With four or five classes and UROPs, the homework piles up throughout the week. Also, there is most likely assigned reading for your classes that just add to the time out of class contributed to mastering the material. For me, I cannot stand working in my room. I feel cramped and not as productive as there are so many things within my reach that can easily distract me. Due to this, since the beginning of the semester, I have begun to use some locations around Cambridge and Boston to complete the majority of my work. I have ranked them using the criteria of table space, level of noise, proximity to food, and accessibility. Without further ado,... read the post »


Oct 26 2017

Expedition New England

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As one of my “Treat. Yo. Self.” presents for my birthday, I got 3 puzzles that centered around the best attractions, museums, food, and outdoorsy areas to visit around New England. Here is the first one I completed!

Peep the other two puzzle boxes that will be completed and glued in the coming weeks :)

When I got these puzzles, I said to myself that I didn’t just want to assemble one-thousand pieces to see some cartoon image of all these cool places, but I vowed that I would take some time during my weekends and actually experience all the great places New England has to offer. Of course, with P-Sets and all, it is easy to get caught up in your dorm or libraries all weekend. In my opinion though, there’s more to life than just that, and I have to get some time off of work sometime and just simply enjoy life. For those who don’t l know, I come from a town in Southwest Florida. That being said, the landscape, scenery, and ridiculously insane concept of the seasons that do exist... read the post »


Oct 14 2017

The First UROP

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After receiving decisions from the colleges I applied to, the choice was easy to pick MIT. I knew I wanted to attend a school that would not just give me the facts in lecture and challenges in the homework, but an environment that would let me follow my own intellectual curiosity in intriguing fields of research. Regardless of the major I end up choosing, I know I will stay in academia and become a professor someday, so I suppose I’m initiating this life of research. At the time of applying, I was dead set on physics, then I teeter-tottered with a few other majors during my quest for a UROP, and I am now pretty confident in sticking with physics. However, my first real research experience (I never even knew doing publishable research in high school was a thing) actually is through course 1 in the Laboratory for Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics, and it is actually really awesome.

So, you apply here, you read the brochures from the mail, look online, and see all this hype around... read the post »


Oct 1 2017

Staying in Touch

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Coming from South Florida, MIT is far away... specifically, 1427.6 miles away. That being said, the life I lived off Kismet Parkway where I’d ride down the block on my bike, wave hi to my aunt, and return back to my front door where I’d scream, “MA, IT’S ME! OPEN THE DOOR,” so I could get back inside for a home-cooked meal, seems so long ago. In reality, it has been three months-ish since I got on campus over the summer.

For just about everyone, the change is sudden and doesn’t even necessarily hit you completely until you’re here in a dorm, in a town you’ve only been to during CPW (the preview weekend in April), and on your own doing adult things. At a school like MIT, people are from around the globe, so I know I am not alone in feeling this. It never truly hit my until just a few weeks ago when my sister and mom finally got the chance to visit for a weekend.

Thursday, on September 14th, I got a text from my sister saying the plane had landed at Logan. The whole week prior was... read the post »


Sep 19 2017

Freshman Fifty-Four

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Two weeks of class have already flown by. Problem sets are perpetual, clubs and UROPs are underway, and the realization that I have officially begun working towards my degree has settled in. This semester, I took 54 units; Four regular courses and one half semester class to reach the credit limit. To give you a glimpse of what a week of my life looks like, here is my schedule:

Every weekday, I start off with Biology. I knew I was going to take biology my first semester here under Pass/No Record because I have not taken a biology class since 9th grade and well, I figured if one class was going to be a disaster, it’d be this one. I was always heavily involved with chemistry and physics at my high school, so I was definitely the most concerned that I was going to be thrown into a class with virtually zero prior knowledge and expected to perform well.

Luckily enough, I got into 7.012 through the lottery! The class is taught by Professor Lander and... read the post »