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Jan 16 2018

A Day of IAP

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Starting last week, IAP (Independent Activities Period) commenced, which is a month of courses, events, and other activities around campus between the fall and spring semester. While some people go off campus to complete internships or study abroad in some cases, I spent my first IAP here on campus taking two classes for credit. Since just about every weekday follows the same schedule, here is a look back on last Friday.

8:37 - My alarm goes off. Why is the time so oddly specific? Well, truth be told, I overshot the :35 that I was going for, and I was too impatient to go back and fix it. That being said, Monday through Friday now start off at this time. During IAP, I didn’t go ahead and purchase the meal plan, so I am cooking for myself this month. I bought a lot of soup. A tad too much most likely. My pantry of food resembles that of the Soup Nazi. Anyways, I grab my cereal and stuff and head down to the Country Kitchen at Next to eat my breakfast in my pajamas.

9-ish - I start... read the post »


Jan 2 2018

Looking Forward and Backward

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As I write this on the final day of the year, I cannot help but think back at how much my life has changed in just twelve months. It has, by far, been the most exciting year of my life to say the least. Last year, I sat with my mom in my house, watching the ball drop on my television, sweating because there is not winter in Southwest Florida. Now, I sit, bundled in three layers of pajamas resembling a plaid-colored icicle, on the fourth floor of next house, overlooking the frozen Charles River, viewing a skyline of a city I call genuinely like calling home. In a quick recap of what I consider the highlight reel, here are the ten moments that I probably will never forget that happened in the unique year of 2017:

1. Getting into MIT. I will never forget when I refreshed the page, and the page changed from the normal message to one that read something along the lines of, “The decisions are ready.” My heart skipped a beat, and my mom was in the kitchen. We were talking when I saw that... read the post »


Dec 10 2017

Wrapping Up First Semester

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With my classes ending on Wednesday and finals starting the following Monday, my first semester here is abruptly coming to an end. I have preregistered for IAP and Spring Term classes, started discussing new research plans for the future, and also will be hitting the 50% point in my book challenge!

On the most exciting note to me, I have spent the past three months immersing myself in as many books as I can cram in the windows of free time that I have. Here’s a picture of my bookshelf that has grown from just one to now having two full shelves!

So, initially, when my semester was kind of in a lull period in terms of work, I vowed to finish a book every other day. Well, that was the initial plan. Although I succeeded in this by reading The Alchemist and The Road, I quickly found myself falling behind this goal, so I changed it to finish fifteen books by the end of the semester and fifteen more the following semester! A lot more doable indeed. I currently am finishing up the... read the post »


Nov 24 2017

Advice for the Applicants

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Last year, I sat here on this weekend after thanksgiving feeling anxious, impatient, and stressed. Applications were getting chugged through, interviews were in frequency of about two per week, and I was focusing more on trying to predict the future than fully enjoying the present. I write this post as a reflection of how I regretfully spent some of my time during application season, and I aim to persuade some of you to handle it differently than I did now that I can look back on and think about the different ways I could have handled things.

Senior year is a rough one. With a full workload, afterschool clubs, and varsity sports, the amount that is on a student’s plate is hefty enough. Every morning I would catch the bus at 5:20 (So ridiculous considering I lived a ten-minute drive from the school), and I started my day. After school, I would normally go to a club or tutor some students in physics, and I would then head home. Here, the day didn’t stop academically. I took online... read the post »


Nov 10 2017

My 7 Favorite Places to P-Set!

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Without a doubt, I think every student here can agree that problem sets take a significant portion of their time throughout the week. Here is my normal setup:

I always carry my single notebook that randomly switches topics between all my classes like the change from American Foreign Policy to RL circuits as you can see from the picture.
With four or five classes and UROPs, the homework piles up throughout the week. Also, there is most likely assigned reading for your classes that just add to the time out of class contributed to mastering the material. For me, I cannot stand working in my room. I feel cramped and not as productive as there are so many things within my reach that can easily distract me. Due to this, since the beginning of the semester, I have begun to use some locations around Cambridge and Boston to complete the majority of my work. I have ranked them using the criteria of table space, level of noise, proximity to food, and accessibility. Without further ado,... read the post »