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Jun 10 2018

My Experience with Real Analysis

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Last semester, I took 18.100A (Real Analysis) with Professor Choi. Throughout my entire time in high school, I used to complain to my math teacher about how I wanted more of the proof and verification for all these theorems. Well, in the most MIT fashion, I can defiently say that I got more than I asked for. However, looking back, I could not be happier that I decided to take the course that honestly was overbearing at times, and I even have decided to change my primary major from physics to mathematics due to that class in particular.

Going into 18.100, I saw the material was based on one-variable calculus. Now, I knew the focus of the class was to teach you how to write proofs and not necessarily focus on the actual calculus material as being difficult, but I still went into the class a tad bit overconfident and not as concerned that the class would be as difficult as I thought it would be. The first week went fine, and we got assigned the first of 7 biweekly problem sets, and I... read the post »


Jun 1 2018

Hello Summer!

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Finally the year is over. After a week of relaxing, I can finally finish up this blog post that I started last week, but I have just been too lazy to finish up this week. Spending a whole year at MIT really changed my perspectives of the institute, and I cannot wait to get back to classes in a few months. However, the break from the constant demand of Psets, tests, and the horror of finals season, will be much deserved and appreciated.

In the next week or so, I’ll be starting my job as a residential facilitator for Interphase EDGE 2018. I could not be more excited. As some of you may know from my first post as a blogger, I did Interphase last summer, and I think the opportunity to come back as a TA for Calculus, as well as other residential duties, will be an interesting and rewarding way to spend my summer doing something I love, teaching, with an organization, the Office of Minority Education, that has done so much for me throughout the past year.

It will defiently be a change... read the post »


Apr 12 2018

CPW Is Here!

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So, today is the day! CPW has finally arrived! As many of you make your way to campus, I thought I’d share a few words on my experience at CPW last year in your shoes. Well, I had never been to Boston before, so I got out at Logan airport, and I immediately entered a state of utter confusion. I read in the itinerary that MIT would be bussing us from the airport, so I scurried around and looked for MIT folk for a solid twenty minutes. Now that I look back, I never really mentally processed what I was looking for. I was hoping someone would have an MIT shirt on or something, so I wouldn’t have to go up to strangers and say, “Hey are you the people from MIT here to take me in a van to campus?” Luckily, I eventually found a cluster of people wearing maroon, and I immediately fell into a state of social awkwardness as here were some of the people I’d be spending the next few years with.

After an initial hello, we walked outside, and I stopped for a second as the chill of Boston froze... read the post »


Apr 1 2018

Getting Through a Difficult Month

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March was the busiest month at MIT so far. It truly felt like it was never going to end. It seemed like all my midterms were clustering on the same week, and in some cases the same day, and I felt overwhelmed beyond belief. Now, as Spring Break comes to close, and the month of April has arrived, I feel ready for the next two months of school before the summer break.

So, with second semester in full swing, I had about 5 midterms in March, a presentation that accounted for 30% of my grade, and what felt like the largest amount of homework in existence. My classes have split into two categories, and the amount I spend on each category is extremely different. For me, I spend the mass majority of my time on my Physics and Real Analysis class. Both of them are extremely interesting to me, but they are my most challenging to courses at the same time. Last week, I had my first analysis midterm. Coming into the class, I heard some pretty sad stories about midterm averages, so I was... read the post »


Feb 26 2018

Managing a Full Plate

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Transitioning from first to second semester has actually been pretty refreshing in these last few weeks. In my last post, I uploaded a picture of my schedule. Compared to first semester, I now have more classes, more homework, and more responsibilities. Although the amount of time I spend on school has definitely increased, I could not be happier with how life is going in these first few weeks.

Today was my first midterm of second semester in differential equations. I walked out of the exam room confident and ready for my chemistry midterm this Wednesday. Other than classes being in full swing with psets and midterms starting up, I also started my job at TSR^2 (Talented Scholars Resource Room.) I mentioned this at the end of my last post that I had gotten the job, but I am now through the training and have completed two one-on-one tutoring appointments now. I am a teaching assistant/resource for students in 8.02 (Electricity & Magnetism), that I just took last semester, so it is... read the post »