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Kevin S. '19

Mar 18 2018

Fig 1. Fernweh

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Feb 15 2018

Around the world in 30 days

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2018 is turning out to be quite the adventurous year. I kicked off the year by packing up all my stuff in Boston, hauling most to storage (read: winter gear, air conditioner unit, mini-fridge, comforter and mattress pad, cooking utensils, etc.), and the rest to bring with me on a journey around the world.

With a 50-lb suitcase maxed out on the weight limit and carry-on backpack, I was ready to embark on my first stop -- San Jose, California. I brought with me all that I would need for the next 9 months. I spent one night at home, then drove down to the South Bay to compete at the 2018 US Championships. I came in with a nagging hip injury, and after the short program, the first segment, wasn't even sure I would make it through. I pushed through the pain, but it wasn't pretty. Shoutout to my friends (two from MIT!) for coming to watch and cheering me on! Some of my friends I've skated and competed with growing up qualified for the Olympic team, so I'll be rooting for them during... read the post »


Dec 21 2017

The final stretch

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We're halfway through finals week. This semester, though, I lucked out on not having to take any once again.

Last semester, I took all project-based classes. This semester, I have one class with an optional final, 6.034 Artificial Intelligence. The grading for this class is quite unique. We have 10 labs, 4 midterms -- each broken down to the Core section and the Spiritual/Right Now section. The final exam is there to provide an additional opportunity to improve your score on any section of one of the 4 midterms. I lucked out and squeezed a high enough grade on our fourth midterm that I don't need the take the final.

For my other Course 6 class, 6.815 Digital and Computational Photography, we had our final project due last Wednesday on the last day of classes. We had the liberty to choose any topic or field to explore in the realm of computational photography, and I picked non-photorealistic rendering. The algorithm I implemented turned any photo into a brush-stroke painting... read the post »


Nov 21 2017

Skating or School?

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Before coming to MIT, I had no idea if I wanted to continue skating, training, and competing. Before committing to MIT, I accepted the fact that, as a full-time student as a full-time MIT student, there was the all-to-plausible possibility that I wouldn't have the time, energy, or resources to continue to pursue the sport.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, how I would adapt and adjust to the rigor and intensity of the course load, if I would have any free time at all outside classes, if it was worth it at all, that pursuing skating and MIT meant I would be subpar in both, not able to fully dedicate myself to one or the other.

I expected the worst, and accepted the fact that in my 12-year long stint as a figure skater, I had had a fulfilling-enough career, and if choosing MIT meant that I had to give up the sport, that would be just all right, that I would move on and pursue another dream -- and whatever else the Institute would have in store for me.

And yet, here I... read the post »


Nov 1 2017

ETH Zürich, hier komme ich!

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I'm studying abroad next semester at ETH Zurich in Switzerland! (Or more officially, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich!)

It all happened very quickly. I first heard about the program during the summer from an email sent out to Course 6 Class of 2019. My friend had also sent it out to a group chat, and we all drooled at the thought of spending Spring 2018 abroad, especially because Switzerland and chocolate. My friends and I had considered taking part in the Cambridge-MIT Exchange for the entirety of Junior year, but the program was canceled just last year. I had been on the lookout for other options, and ETH seemed to be the perfect fit. An exchange through Course 2 had been in place for the past few years, but this would be the first time through Course 6.


How it all began


There was an info session mid-September, and the application was due within the week. I promptly asked my summer UROP supervisor for a letter of recommendation, and also sent an email... read the post »