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Kevin S. '19

Oct 1 2017

Third times the charm

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The past few weeks have been quite the welcome-back-to-MIT-and-the-firehose-oh-havent-you-missed-me-dearly kind of back-to-school welcome.

Before having much time to recharge from my summer travels -- I was home briefly on 3 separate occasions (my family got 2 new Maltese puppers!); at a ski resort in Salt Lake City for a weekend, Seattle to visit friends, twice to Colorado Springs for training, Detroit for a competition, Chicago to visit my cousin at residency, and NYC just for fun (more on all that in a future post) -- I was back on campus to help serve as a counselor for the week-long DiscoverEE FPOP.

My family took into our home two new Maltese girls -- Tiffany and Coco -- after our family friends from Australia moved out of California. They are the sweetest!

Reaching the summit of a 11k foot mountain, Mount Baldy, at Snowbird in Salt Lake City. Disclaimer: to be fair, I took a tram up most of the way and only actually hiked the last 1k or so feet of elevation.

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Jul 11 2017

HackMIT 2017: Friends ❤, Food, and Flying Deloreans (Guest Post)

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I took part in HackMIT last year, and it was a great deal of fun! I had the chance to learn some web dev with my friends, meet industry mentors, and tinker around with lots of new shiny gadgets, technologies, and APIs, i.e. VR headsets, fitness bands, IoT devices, APIs for delivery, money transfer, mapping, etc. 

Without further ado, here's a quick guest post update on the upcoming HackMIT!




Hey there~!

We’re Shannon P. ‘20 and Jierui F. ‘20, and we’re on the HackMIT organizing team, a part of MIT TechX. Every year, we organize HackMIT, a weekend-long event that brings over 1000 college students from around the world onto MIT campus. Over the course of 24 hours, attendees form teams, enjoy (delicious) food, exchange ideas, and work together to build exciting tech: some cool examples are headphone-assisted navigation for the blind, blood sample diagnoses using an app and attachable lens, and even an app for matchmaking via fingerprint. (To learn about what it’s like... read the post »


Jun 7 2017

Finals away from finals

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Somehow this semester I ended up taking all project-based classes — with no final exams. To be fair, instead, all my classes had assignments and/or exams the last two weeks of classes.


Hardware for my group's 6.S08 final project


Classwork for all my courses: 6.S08 final project state machine draft, top left. 6.031 exam crib sheet, top right. 21M.846 symposium script and program, bottom left. 6.004 Beta documentation, bottom right.




But, no finals meant I was free to go on the last day of classes, a week early. And after my last class on Thursday, fly away I did. I ran back to my room, packed my bags, and somehow made it thru rush-hour T-traffic to get to the airport just — literally just — in time for my flight to Denver and 2 hour-long midnight uber ride through 33-degree sleet and rain en route to Colorado Springs for the 2017 US Figure Skating Jump On It! Camp. It was 93 degrees when I left Boston.



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May 2 2017


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I — all of Class of 2019 — had been looking forward to this day all semester. I even downloaded a countdown tracker on my phone, reminding me every time I turned on my phone the number of days until Delivery. It's motivated me to get through some hard weeks — "It's almost time," they said.

Day-of, I still had a pset due at 10pm. Delivery started at 7pm. I finally committed the last of my code at 7:15p, and hastily dressed up and headed over to the State Room. Luckily, groups of people were still flooding in, packing a thousand or so 2019s into two floors overlooking Downtown Boston. It was indeed a gorgeous view.

After picking up my rings — I ended up going with a gold and an Ultrium companion, not an easy choice considering all the options! — and snacking on some food, I went off to take pictures, lots of pictures. An entire night worth of pictures.


Luis G. '19 and I met during our summer preorientation program. Been best of friends ever since. Photo creds: Burhan A.... read the post »


Apr 16 2017

Beta CPW

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Ever wonder what a deep fried McChicken would taste like? How about deep fried Bertucci’s Pizza? We will have a selection of the finest local food, battered and deep fried (double deep fried fries?!?). Some regular food will be available for people who want functioning arteries.

This read our inaugural Deep Fried Taste of Kenmore Square event hosted by my fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, during CPW last weekend. Here are some photos to attest to just how terrifying delicious re-deep-frying deep-fried food is:




The day before we also hosted a board games and milkshakes night. The day before that we invited the early pre-frosh arrivals to a welding event at our machine shop. Saturday night we put on our signature CPW Laser Maze event, one year better. Inspiration? Mission: Impossible. One of our brothers designed all the circuits from the ground up, and got help from other Course 6's and 2's to build out the circuitry piece by piece. 


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