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Jan 20 2017

Itinerary: IAP 2017

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2016 -> 2017

On Tuesday the 3rd, I packed up what was left of 2016 into several boxes. I left it all behind in Boston as I embarked on my first trip of 2017, bringing along one suitcase and carry on. It was all that I could -- and wanted -- to manage on an eventful month-long excursion around the country.

I carried with me, too, my New Year's resolution(s).

My one goal for 2017? To get back on a normal sleep schedule. "Normal," meaning not going to bed at 3am and waking up just in time for lunch. Still a work in progress -- I'll keep you guys updated.



On Wednesday the 4th, after my last practice on home ice at the Skating Club of Boston, I left for Oxford, Ohio, for the 2017 John and Nellie Wooden Institute at Miami University. For four days, two of my fellow fraternity brothers and I joined Betas from other chapters across the U.S. and immersed ourselves in the fundamentals of principled leadership and reflected upon the heritage and ritual of Beta... read the post »


Dec 13 2016

Psetting en route to North Carolina

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It's been a stressful last few weeks. The weekend before Thanksgiving, though, was another one of those IHTFP, !!! IHTFP !!!, weeks. The same day I left for the 2017 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships in Indian Trail, North Carolina, the qualifier for the US Championships in Kansas City, I had a 6.006 (Intro to Algorithms) midterm later that day. Can't really take it while I'm skating in North Carolina? 

Here's a throwback to last year's Eastern Sectionals, as I was vying for a spot on the Junior level, though I had the comfort of the good ol' P/NR.

Getting myself mentally and physically fit to compete was one giant monster in and of itself, but preparing for that one exam--and finshing up my other assignments for my other 4 classes--was another beast entirely. I thought it might be more fun to show you my week in pictures (mostly taken from my Snapchat story), so here we go.

The day before I left, I had to squeeze in as much training as I could. Fun fact, MIT... read the post »


Sep 20 2016

Memory down résumé lane

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It totally hit me today when I stumbled upon a copy of the Tech and an advertisement for Fall Career Fair on the back page. That means an entire year has passed. It's. Sophomore. Year. Now. Whoa.

Thinking about jobs and summer and what I want to do with my life was the last thing on my mind since school started two weeks ago. I had just finished my summer internship, and have only been concerned about settling down and adjusting to my new schedule and new classes (also more on that in a later post!). 

But as always, everything at MIT seems to runs on its own schedule, and you never really are able to stay on top of everything. The past week has been packed with company info sessions, free food, free t-shirts, networking events, and coffee chats -- morning till night. Companies, indeed recruit, early and aggressively, especially around the time of MIT career fairs. One nice part about this year's career fair is that we do get the day off! Last year I went to the fair in between... read the post »


Apr 25 2016

A Fireside Chat with John Maeda

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We were so lucky to have the UA Alumni Affairs Committee invite John Maeda -- former MIT graduate and MIT Media Lab professor, former President of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and currently Design Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) -- back to campus to share his experiences and thoughts on a variety of topics.

He had a great deal of interesting and insightful anecdotes to share. Here are some notes I sketched out during the talk. 



I'm very much interested in the pursuing both comptuer science and design here at MIT (I just declared Course 6-3 on Friday! And there's also a new Minor in Design that is part of the Course 4 department that I'm planning to tackle on as well. More on that later...). I look up to John Maeda as someone who has successfully pursued the intersection of technology and design.

After the fireside chat, I asked him what advice he has for MIT students in my position to pursue design in an engineering/tech-centered... read the post »


Feb 20 2016


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  • It's been 2.5 weeks since classes started, and I'm already hosed*.
  • I've been counting down the days until Spring Break. 29 days to be exact.
  • It's also the first semester without Freshmen Pass/No Record. Oh, how much I miss you already PNR.
  • I just want it to be the weekend already.
  • But the weekend means having 3 psets and HASS reading due on Monday/Tuesday.
  • But the weekend means taking 7-8 hour bus/train ride over to Philadelphia for a fully-packed 3-day fraternity leadership conference.
  • That means that I'll have to either pset on the bus/train or not sleep this weekend. And I get carsick really easily. What is sleep? What is a weekend? 
  • I need coffee. I never drank coffee before this semester except for the occasional iced coffee with so much milk and sugar it wasn't even coffee anymore. Now, I just need coffee. 
  • And it's been 2.5 weeks into the semester.
  • But I need sleep to function. So I take 5 minute naps between classes. And... read the post »