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May 30 2018

Fig. 6: Study with me!

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Grüezi mitenand! 

Thought I'd give you all a quick update on how life is 6'014 km away from the 'Tvte. Time flies (seriously), and I'm already returning back to the US end of next week. 

This week is also the last week of lectures here at ETH Zürich. But, the semester technically doesn't wrap up until the 31st of August. 

You're probably thinking, what? Ich auch. There are two main exam periods at ETH: the End-of-Semester and the Session Examination block. Most courses have exams during the Session Examination block that falls throughout the month of August, offering students the luxury of having the entire summer to revise and giving the school enough flexibility to schedule everyone's exams so that none will conflict. That is a far cry from the "reading period" of one day we get at MIT. However, that means that students at ETH don't necessarily get a summer break -- or have the opportunity to do internships, MISTI, or UROPs

For the 6 courses I'm taking this semester, I... read the post »


Apr 23 2018

Fig. 3: La dolce vita

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Earlier this month, here at ETH, we had our spring break a week after MIT's. But, I ended up taking an additional 2.5 days off and embarked on a journey to warmer, sunnier lands down south.

Two weeks before, however, my exchange friends and I did a pre-Spring Break weekend trip in Amsterdam, to an even colder city up north. I guess I'll count that as part of my holidays too?




To kick off the spring festivities, I joined up with Sandra G. '19 — studying abroad this term at Imperial College, London — in Italy for 5 days. We adventured around Rome and the Amalfi coast, hitting a few towns along the Mediterranean, including Naples, Sorrento, Positano, Capri, Amalfi, and Pompeii.









We then parted ways, she going to Vienna and Budapest, me spending 5 more days in Italy and 2 in Prague. I've traveled solo before, but this was the first time I'd done it for an extended, multi-city trip. In the following week, I went... read the post »


Mar 24 2018

Fig. 2: Frühlingsgefühle

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Mar 18 2018

Fig. 1: Fernweh

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Feb 15 2018

Around the world in 30 days

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2018 is turning out to be quite the adventurous year. I kicked off the year by packing up all my stuff in Boston, hauling most to storage (read: winter gear, air conditioner unit, mini-fridge, comforter and mattress pad, cooking utensils, etc.), and the rest to bring with me on a journey around the world.

With a 50-lb suitcase maxed out on the weight limit and carry-on backpack, I was ready to embark on my first stop -- San Jose, California. I brought with me all that I would need for the next 9 months. I spent one night at home, then drove down to the South Bay to compete at the 2018 US Championships. I came in with a nagging hip injury, and after the short program, the first segment, wasn't even sure I would make it through. I pushed through the pain, but it wasn't pretty. Shoutout to my friends (two from MIT!) for coming to watch and cheering me on! Some of my friends I've skated and competed with growing up qualified for the Olympic team, so I'll be rooting for them during... read the post »