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Apr 20 2013

Thoughts. Future. Kindness

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In my blogging folder, I had a draft post that sums up my senior year experience, with many exciting things that I had the opportunity to experience, my thoughts about the future, plans, worry, all that.
But I scratched that and began writing this post with a heavy heart.

Monday, April 15, 2013, I was sitting in the Margaret Cheney Room Women’s lounge on the 3rd floor of building 3 with a graduate student and we were both working furiously. I had a deadline at 5 pm for my Economics of Health class essay, so everything else happening around me was kind of a blur. Then I heard two loud claps of thunder. I looked up at the sky and it was greyer than usual and the only thought in my head was “I thought we would have beautiful weather today for the marathon? But it should be done by now though” and went back to work. Half an hour later, I checked my Facebook and couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was one of those catatonic moments, when your body was so shocked you couldn’t... read the post »


Aug 20 2012

Summer Magic

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Hey y’all,

My god I can’t believe it! It has been almost 2 months since I arrived in Boston. I have been up to my ears in work, dance practices and MCAT. No kidding. I sleep like a baby every night cuz I am so tired by the end of the day! But I am really happy though since I am doing all the things I love. I will also be back at MGH soon to volunteer so it’s just a lot of exciting things going on!!!

First up, my work this summer! This summer, I am doing research in synthetic biology as a member of the MIT iGEM team. What is iGEM, you may wonder:

“The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Foundation is dedicated to education and competition, advancement of synthetic biology, and the development of open community and collaboration. In 2012, iGEM spun out of MIT and became an independent nonprofit organization located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The iGEM Foundation fosters scientific research and education through organizing and operating the iGEM Competition,... read the post »


Jul 8 2012

The end of a chapter

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Hello guys!

Sorry for the super duper long hiatus :( After my final exams which ended early June, I immediately set off for some traveling (I was in desperate need of some de-stressing) then came back to Cambridge to pack my whole life there into 4 suitcases, attend a May ball and say farewell to all my friends. I then flew back to Boston on 20th June and started work/research the next day! Sounds exhilarating and somewhat exhausting, doesn’t it?

Now it has been more than two weeks since I left England. It feels somewhat surreal how time flew by so quickly! I am now a rising senior *letting out a little scream in my head*. After a year studying abroad, I thought I should do a little reflection on my experience for MIT students who are considering spending one or two semesters abroad. I feel that this is also something freshmen should know about, surprisingly enough. One regret I have is not planning my classes properly before my year abroad and now, I can’t take some of the... read the post »


Apr 20 2012

90-something days of summer (Part 1)

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Sorry for the recent lack of post! After an epic trip around Europe (which I WILL DEFINITELY blog about later!), I have to go straight to exam revision (yes, over here people say revision, not review :)). Anyway, as you can tell from my post tittle, I wanna talk a little bit about what MIT peeps do during the summer since the holiday is fast approaching (of couse, after the horrifying super intense final week for people at MIT and my crazyfrightenthelivingdaylightsoutofme 9-paper exam at Cambridge.) SIGH. I will look like a zombie for 2 months ☹ But it’s okay though, because I love what I am studying!

My life:


Anyway back to the summer experience. Usually MIT people do epic stuff so I am super excited to share with you all! This post will be split into 2 parts because apart from talking about my summer experience, I have also invited two awesome MIT people to write about theirs!

First say hello to Saba Mohsin, class of 2011. Both of us are members of Sigma... read the post »


Mar 12 2012

Defying Gravity

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Man, I feel excited for you guys! *Wipes sweat* I know you are counting down (consciously or unconsciously) to the hour of the decision release. Many of you will be glued to your computer on Wednesday or do things to distract yourself from your computer. I don’t remember much what happened during my Pi day; I think I went for some retail therapy and watched a few episodes of Friends to distract myself. (I wished I had gone bungee jumping or skydiving or stuff like that. That would be some story) 

Anyway, I just want to say this: Thank you for loving MIT and choosing the institute as one of your college options. Thank you for working hard on your applications. I really hope that everyone, whatever result you have, will take it in stride and move forward. Throughout all of my years in school, especially during the seven years studying abroad, the greatest lesson I have learnt and want to share with you all, is: Life presents us with many obstacles,... read the post »