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Mar 30 2017

17 Things I’ve Learned in the Past Year

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It’s spring break and I’m catching up on alone time. I didn’t exactly plan to not have spring break plans, but I feel like I have a lot of backlogged self-reflection and emotional processing to do, so it’s actually been pretty nice and relaxing to have a chunk of time to myself.

Incidentally, there are a lot of great concerts happening in Boston this week, so I’ve also been doing a lot of concertgoing (relevant zine lol)—on Tuesday night, I went to see Vince Staples for the second time, which was pretty cool especially because he closed with “Summertime," (warning: explicit lyrics) a song I mentioned in my very first blog post. There may or may not have been tears in my eyes by the end :’)

This past month, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve changed during my time at MIT, and I thought I would write this blog post about some of the ways my perspective has changed in the past year. I think that I’ve done a lot of emotional growth this year, and although some of this growth... read the post »


Mar 11 2017

Course 18

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As some of you may know, I am majoring in math and economics. Michelle has already written a lovely post about Course 14 (economics); I want to also talk a little about my experience being Course 18 and how it has differed from my experience doing math in high school.


There are four types of math major at MIT—pure math, general math, applied math, and math with computer science. I do pure math, which will be the subject of this blog post. It’s important to note that there are significant differences among the different tracks—applied math has a whole different set of requirements, of which I have taken very few, and general math has super flexible requirements. Math with computer science, or 18C, requires several computer science classes and math classes that double as computer science classes; I have also taken very few of those. My perspective is that of someone who has been firmly on the pure math track for a few years and who hasn't taken many of the more applied or... read the post »


Jan 23 2017

hello, again

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It's been almost three months since my last blog post, so I thought I'd check in again--I keep meaning to blog, but each time I think about it I feel increasingly like I need a really good post about all the cool things I've done to explain why I've been away from this platform. To be honest I have been attending to other things but they have not been cool. Despite my best intentions, a lot of things went off-course this semester, though I think things are stabilizing. I think I'm now less inclined to talk at length about my personal life online because a lot of the greater joys in my life have been derived from small, private moments--a lot of my thoughts nowadays are about my relationships rather than The Interesting Work I Do As An MIT Student, and also a lot of the work I've been up to has involved me working on abstract problems with my head in a book. I'm sort of just living my life; I was pretty hosed with coursework and my UROP and not super engaged on campus this entire... read the post »


Oct 27 2016

anatomy of a hell week

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let me take a second to talk about the week i've had:

last thursday, i went to not one but two P.E. classes because it was the last day of the quarter, and i also read three stories for CMS.307 workshop. the thursday evening section of CMS.307 coincided with a 6.867 exam, so i had to make that up the next morning at 8 a.m. i hadn't studied nearly enough, so i stayed up most of the night cramming material i had barely looked at before. afterwards, i went home and slept through a 14.121 review session, woke up in the evening, had a nice dinner with my friend, and then realized i had a bunch of unfinished work for my UROP. hanging over my head for the week was half of a 14.121 pset that i'd gotten stuck on.

if mit is hell, i have descended to the 9th circle and am hangin' out in the ice lake w/ judas and satan :~)

i spent this weekend working on a behemoth of a homework assignment for 6.867 and trying to catch up on my late 14.121 homework and studying for a 14.121 final exam... read the post »


Sep 24 2016

Faking It

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warning: the post below is probably the cheesiest thing i have ever written. it is highly unedited and makes me feel both embarrassed and proud. i usually like to sculpt and edit neurotically, but i'm trying to see what happens when i don't.

The week before my freshman year of college started, I went to Amsterdam and Vienna with my brother and aunt. It was a last hurrah, my final journey into the world as a child. I took this picture lying in my aunt's bed, listening to my favorite song of all time, "1979" by The Smashing Pumpkins.


current mood: amsterdam tomorrow, college in a week, "1979" on repeat forever and ever

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(I haven't updated Instagram in over a year, so my profile is cluttered with content from freshman year--short pink hair (big mistake), the room with dragons, a walk through Boston, a photo from my second-ever concert.)

Today, I listened to the same song and... read the post »