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Jan 23 2017

hello, again

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It's been almost three months since my last blog post, so I thought I'd check in again--I keep meaning to blog, but each time I think about it I feel increasingly like I need a really good post about all the cool things I've done to explain why I've been away from this platform. To be honest I have been attending to other things but they have not been cool. Despite my best intentions, a lot of things went off-course this semester, though I think things are stabilizing. I think I'm now less inclined to talk at length about my personal life online because a lot of the greater joys in my life have been derived from small, private moments--a lot of my thoughts nowadays are about my relationships rather than The Interesting Work I Do As An MIT Student, and also a lot of the work I've been up to has involved me working on abstract problems with my head in a book. I'm sort of just living my life; I was pretty hosed with coursework and my UROP and not super engaged on campus this entire... read the post »


Oct 27 2016

anatomy of a hell week

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let me take a second to talk about the week i've had:

last thursday, i went to not one but two P.E. classes because it was the last day of the quarter, and i also read three stories for CMS.307 workshop. the thursday evening section of CMS.307 coincided with a 6.867 exam, so i had to make that up the next morning at 8 a.m. i hadn't studied nearly enough, so i stayed up most of the night cramming material i had barely looked at before. afterwards, i went home and slept through a 14.121 review session, woke up in the evening, had a nice dinner with my friend, and then realized i had a bunch of unfinished work for my UROP. hanging over my head for the week was half of a 14.121 pset that i'd gotten stuck on.

if mit is hell, i have descended to the 9th circle and am hangin' out in the ice lake w/ judas and satan :~)

i spent this weekend working on a behemoth of a homework assignment for 6.867 and trying to catch up on my late 14.121 homework and studying for a 14.121 final exam... read the post »


Sep 24 2016

Faking It

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warning: the post below is probably the cheesiest thing i have ever written. it is highly unedited and makes me feel both embarrassed and proud. i usually like to sculpt and edit neurotically, but i'm trying to see what happens when i don't.

The week before my freshman year of college started, I went to Amsterdam and Vienna with my brother and aunt. It was a last hurrah, my final journey into the world as a child. I took this picture lying in my aunt's bed, listening to my favorite song of all time, "1979" by The Smashing Pumpkins.


current mood: amsterdam tomorrow, college in a week, "1979" on repeat forever and ever

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(I haven't updated Instagram in over a year, so my profile is cluttered with content from freshman year--short pink hair (big mistake), the room with dragons, a walk through Boston, a photo from my second-ever concert.)

Today, I listened to the same song and... read the post »


Sep 19 2016

jr fall

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quick dispatch from my new room on the first floor of senior haus, just to share how my semester is going.

somehow, 1.5 weeks into classes, i'm already inundated with work--but i'm not complaining. after two years of taking a lot of required/introductory/foundational classes that i wasn't too thrilled about, i've finally reached the promised land, a semester where i am genuinely excited about all of my classes!

i'm in:

14.33 - Research and Communication in Economics

a sort of pre-thesis class, where we will undertake independent research projects in economics. will have to stay focused and not let work from this class pile up, because the work is heavily concentrated in two assignments (a small project and a final project).

18.112 - Complex Analysis

so far i like this class a lot, mostly because it hasn't ramped up in abstraction yet and because holomorphic functions are beautiful.

14.121/122 - Microeconomic Theory I/II

each of these classes is 6 units (compared... read the post »


Jul 30 2016

summer scraps

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where i am

The downstairs door is open; I can feel it because crosswalk conversations (" a wine party..." "No way!") waft up to where I am sitting, alone on the second floor of a brand-new cafe, with smooth grey walls and crisp, square wooden tables. The smell of fresh paint and french fries from the street, succulents dotting the windowsills, throwaway books on the shelf that spans the far wall. My table trembles when trucks pass. It's 9 PM on Friday, and a heat wave broke this morning. Everyone--couples, mostly--fresh and glossy and prepared to go out, or just to the liquor store across the street. I'm in Greenwich Village.

I like it here. There's this quote in this book--possibly my favorite book--called Let The Great World Spin--by Colum McCann, whom Yuliya mentioned in this post--that goes, "All respects to Heaven, I like it here." I think it's the title of the first chapter. That's how I feel right now.

where i've been

around the world, on the phone, at the... read the post »