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Alex M. '21

MIT blogger Alex M. '21


I’m Alex and I’m from Seattle. Well, technically, I was born in Wisconsin, but I moved away as a toddler, and worse, I’m lactose intolerant now, which effectively cancels out my Midwestern origins.

I love coffee, rain, water, going to the beach when it’s too cold to swim, hikes with elevation gain, bike rides without elevation gain, listening to the same music over and over, being gay, driving on empty roads, summer in Seattle, fall in Cambridge, weird middle schoolers, the sport of rowing, the idea of having a dog but I’ve never owned one so I’m not really sure, commas, and of course my friends and family.

When I was young, my brother wanted to be a kitchen door, and I wanted to be a penguin. Now he’s in high school and I’m here at MIT studying aerospace engineering, so neither of us are remotely close to achieving our childhood dreams. Funny how that turns out.

I’m new to the blogs but I’m also Old, graduating in 2021 (God willing) with the brassrat to prove it. Again, I normally go by Alex, but you can contact me with questions, answers, hopes and dreams, or lovingly handcrafted Spotify playlists at youcancallmeal[at]mit[dot]edu.