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Shuli J. '22, MEng '23

MIT student blogger Shuli J. '22


Hello!!! I’m Shuli. I live on Putz (2W) in East Campus and I like many things! I have been described as “wholesome,” which I attribute to my optimism and tendency for exclamation points. I like to write, and make stuff, and learn languages both natural and programmed. I like the Classics, and Course 6/comp sci, and Taylor Swift and solving puzzles with my friends. I like the sun and puppies and small people. I'm trying to come up with sentences involving verbs other than "like", but to be honest, I like a lot of stuff. In general, if you find me on campus, and I am not napping, I will be enthusiastically liking things -- it's a good way to live life. (Naps are also a good way to live life.) Sometimes when we are sitting quietly side by side, I will turn to you and say, "Do you know what's good?" The answer is always "life." (But you can say "what?" anyway, if you want, just to watch me say "life!" really happily.) I’m so so excited to learn about stuff and people and EVERYTHING here at MIT, and I promise that I will bring you along for the ride.

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