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MG '24

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Hey! I’m MG. I’m from NYC, born and raised, though I left a part of my soul somewhere in the outskirts of Moscow, Russia. This has made me weirdly protective of wintertime, as well as the kind of friend that bullies you into wearing a scarf. At MIT, I’m most involved with my floor community (burton 1) and Infinite, the fashion magazine.

My hobbies include reading, going on long walks through the city, having a closet that’s bigger on the inside, sitting by the river, running, writing poetry, and organizing my room (and my life) without any of it getting less messy. I keep four separate notebooks that I carry with me everywhere. I have a red mini toaster oven named Susan and a shoehorn named Lotus. I’m obsessed with cats, even though I’m a little bit allergic; and my favorite cartoon as a child was a Soviet musical about seaports.

In my first two years at MIT, I’ve managed to narrow down my laundry list of academic interests into a vaguely coherent area. I’m majoring in course 8 (physics) and minoring in course 6 (computer science) and course 18 (math), while doing research in course 12 (earth science). I’m passionate about the atmosphere, climate, pretty equations, extreme weather, and code that works.

My blogs are a mix of my love for science, my love for MIT, and the confusion of early adulthood. I hope you enjoy them.