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Waly N. '24

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Hi everyone! My name is Waly and I’m from New York City and I’m proudly Senegalese and American. Thanks to the English language, I’ve been called Wall-E enough times now (by accident and on purpose) that the robot’s become a major part of my identity (hence the email). Now in true icebreaker style, time for some random fun facts about me...

- One of my favorite things to do is try new foods and cuisines wherever I can. In New York, there are so many different cultural neighborhoods where you can always find something new. It’s been unfortunate not to be able to do this during quarantine, but I look forward to venturing more at MIT in the future!

- I’m in ESG, which is one of MIT’s small learning communities, where I took 4 classes freshman year. We have around 55 first-years per year, and our community is built around small group classes, interactive learning, and first-name basis with our professors, which I must admit, I’m still getting used to.

- I have a very bad habit of binge watching TV shows and forgetting all other concerns and obligations. Some of my favorite shows include (but are not limited to) Avatar the Last Airbender, Hunter X Hunter, and Mob Psycho 100. If you ever see me about to watch a long show, please stop me.

- I am a big lover of memes and all things meme-related, expect some to pop up periodically in posts

Looking forward to sharing with y’all tidbits of my MIT experience and hope y’all enjoy :)

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