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Veronica M. '22


Wagwan brathe! (That’s colloquial Swahili for “How you doing?”)

Five quick fun facts about me: I’m a freshman at The Institute, I come from Kenya, I have pathetic eyesight hence the glasses, I live in East Campus (and I love it here), and I have an absolutely adorable but terribly naughty cat and two menacing dogs one of which is partly German Shepherd.

Since you’ve come this far into my autobiography, I’ll leave you with a few questions and you can e-mail me if you think you have the right answers (Hint- this requires more goofiness than brilliance):

What would you call a wizard who has asthma?

What would you call a mayor who walks around at night?

What would you call a situation where I’m on a helicopter and I greet people while landing?

What would you call a situation where I hit someone with a packet of salt?