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MIT student blogger Laura N. '09

A Quick Update by Laura N. '09

I am busy, this is short.

Well, I’m back from Atlantic City and have 3 million things to do in the next 2 days, which you math geniuses out there should know works out to 1.5 million things per day. Which is why this entry is short.

Sanja said: I think I would just die if I were you… No, really, just to stand there, watch some kids and can’t do all the cool stuff… Being a lifeguard is cool, but triples look way cooler :)
Come on, you don’t think we take the slides down when we switch shifts? Way cooler than taking the stairs. Plus, the amusement park across the street (you can see it in the background of some of the pictures I posted) and the waterpark are jointly owned- so we go on all the rides in both parks for free on our lunch breaks. Besides, I get to do awesome stuff no one else gets to do, like climbing up the slides on foot when people get stuck. =P

Anonymous said: umm, You do realize that General Relativity is a very advanced physics course.
There’s a difference between hard and advanced. The only prereqs for the class are 8.01 (Mechanics) and 18.02 (Multivariable Calc), both of which I have taken. I don’t think the class is going to be easy, but it starts at the beginning. It doesn’t really matter anyway. Sadly, I’m pretty sure I won’t be taking it this term. =( But more on my actual class schedule later.

For now, I have to stuff my entire life into boxes.

12 responses to “A Quick Update”

  1. Alberto says:

    Good luck with those 3 million things… you might want to figure in a few hours of sleep.

  2. Joe says:

    Who needs sleep when you have caffeine?

  3. Anonymous says:

    8.033 is an undergraduate relativity course and only introduces very basic elements of general relativity; it mainly focuses on special relativity. MIT’s general relativity course is 8.962, and is a graduate-level course.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, since Anon questioned her on it below and there seems to be confusion on the difficulty of the course, I figured that input from someone who has taken and done well in both courses might be useful. I was not explaining things to just Laura, but also to her general audience.

    8.033 is a reasonable class for a sophomore to take; in fact, most physics majors take it their sophomore year. Anon below seemed to think that it was too difficult for Laura, so I clarified that 8.962 (which is, incidentally, offered in the spring – making it a viable option for Laura) is actually the MIT course on general relativity. It is more difficult and abstract than 8.033, but it is also more rewarding and still within the grasp of undergraduates.

    So yes, there is a real point to my post; I was offering information that seemed to be missing in the previous discussion. And no, I don’t think that knowing extra information before getting yourself into situations is a bad thing. Or is there any real point to having blogs where current students can give prospective students perspective on MIT?

    So, please let me ask you; what is the point of your post? Thanks!

  5. Niyatee says:

    Anonymous, is there any real point to your explaining this to Laura? Do you think she isn’t aware of this already/won’t become aware of it when she takes the course?

  6. Yankee Fan says:

    Met’s are you for real??? Go Yankee’s….

  7. saurav says:

    this question seems out of place but is their any one in class of 09/10 who is from india??i am sure there would be many but how should i contact them??


    class of 2012 hopeful

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Laura! I’m a rising high school senior. I’ve been reading all of these MIT blogs for a while, and yours is definitely my favorite. grin I don’t have any real comments or questions, but I just thought you’d like to know that I really enjoy and appreciate your blog.

    Oh! Here’s a really stupid question…but I want to know the answer. Does MIT have official colors? I can’t tell, because the My MIT page is all multicolored. Sorry this is so lame.

  9. Fermion says:

    To answer your question, Karen, their colors are red and grey. I’ve linked my name below to an image of the MIT logo which uses the exact shades of red and grey. smile

  10. Kwu says:

    Ok, so I wanted to figure out if it was possible to buy a set of organic sheets for cheaper than $50 (I don’t think it is, btw) and an old entry of yours on this blog showed up as the last result on the first page of Google on a search for “cheap organic sheets.” I think it was something about organic chemistry in there…

    I glanced it and was like a Laura at MIT, that sounds familiar, and then it was all TEKKER and I was like, I guess I have to stop by and say hi because this is weird.


    Anyway, I’m going up to BC myself this Saturday so I assume you’re moving in soon too. Good luck with that!

  11. Karen says:

    Thanks Fermion! Cool name, by the way. smile

  12. Agus says:

    hi laura,
    I already read most of your blogs and i feel that u were very exciting study at MIT.
    I have a few question for u please help me:
    1. when your entrance time at MIT?
    2. i’m still confuse to take step to apply as student at MIT because i graduated from my high school at year 03. Am i too old to get the bachelor degree again at MIT?
    3. could you tell me ur experience when u apply to MIT?

    please PM me when you want to answer my question.
    i hope we can be a friend.