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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

Amsterdesk by Sam M. '07

Time is on my side, it's on my side now.

I like working the night shifts at the Burton-Conner front desk because it gives me a captive environment in which I basically have nothing to do except homework. This is especially useful since almost all of my homework requires me to be online–so, while I’m supposed to be looking up the fugacity of carbon monoxide at 345 K, I’m more often than not looking for a challenge.

So, anyway, I’m working desk from 12-2 AM tonight… but it turns out that tonight, 2 AM is really 1 AM again (blast you, Benjamin Franklin!). What should I do? Work three hours? Work only two hours and leave the desk unattended at 1 AM? Just close up at 1:58 and avoid the issue altogether?

You’d think that as an MIT student, I would have taken a class that would help me to solve this quandary. Here are some classes in which that problem might potentially be addressed:

14.64: Labor Economics
8.033: Relativity
21W.765: Non-Linear Narrative: Theory and Practice

I’ve always said I don’t believe in linear time, but this is ridiculous.

Remember to set your clocks back! This blog is actually part of the community service project I have to complete after embezzling $40,000 of the floor’s money as apple bake chair.

Just playin’.

Also to be included in this entry later this evening: hot soldering pictures!

4 responses to “Amsterdesk”

  1. Jane says:

    Sam, lol, that’s an awesome dilemma. Just work 12-2, meaning three hours, and demand to be paid for 3 hours. Unless of course the person on the next shift solves the problem for you by showing up at 1:59 before the time shift, in which case they can solve the problem.

  2. nehalita says:

    yay homestarrunner. and to think i was actually going to resist the temptation to click on that link…

  3. Mitra says:

    Unlike the people in 14.64, you’re getting more than minimum wage! (which, I should note, is the name of a computer in the economics lab)

  4. Mitra says:

    Haha… time totally isn’t on your side. Can you even play it on the piano?!?!