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MIT student blogger Keri G. '10

Because one story just isn’t enough by Keri G. '10

My tale of being admitted. Laugh. Cry. Both. Neither. All of the above?

In true “everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?”* fashion, I’m posting my own tale of being admitted last year. Since this is the second year that EA acceptees were sent cardboard tubes, I thought my story would be fun to read. Be warned – I may (read: will) overdramatize a good chunk of this, solely because I can.

Three people from my school applied EA last year, and we were all insanely worried about our decisions. The day tubes made it to South Florida, Neha ’10 (that’s Mr. Neha to you and Jess) got hers during our Calc BC class – her mom was home when the mail came, so she drove to school to give her the tube. Kris ’10 and I were in the same class and left to think about how our fates were still unknown and great, Neha had gotten in! But what about the two of us? What was going on? WERE WE IN OR NOT?

Needless to say, everything our teacher said about Taylor Series did not exactly register.

But that’s not the point here. (We were all accepted, by the way, and now the three of us are here.)

Since I just tried to rewrite this story and did so poorly, I’m essentially copying and pasting the post I made in my personal blog a year ago. Enjoy.

So after an impossibly long bus ride, I dashed home to check the mailbox.

My parents are in NYC at the moment (today’s their anniversary – they’ve been gone a week), and my stepdad keeps the mailbox key on his keyring, so I was essentially screwed. I yanked at the box, hoping that it was by some divine miracle unlocked.

No such luck.

I ran into my house and searched all the counters and drawers for a key that might quite possibly open the mailbox. Not a thing. Some higher power hates me.

I called my stepdad, who said, “Don’t worry about it, just calm down, we’ll be home tomorrow and it’ll all be fine.” And I’m like, “NO! You don’t understand! Must have MIT decision NOW NOW NOW or else I’ll die!”

He handed the phone over to my mom, because he didn’t seem to know how to handle a neurotic college applicant waiting for a decision. (Come on, who can blame him?) She wasn’t much better – her words to me consisted of, “Don’t panic, when we get home you can get into the mailbox and see what’s going on. Hey, we’re on 34th Street and we’re about to go to Chinatown, so we’ll see you when we come back tomorrow, okay?”

Thank you, mother. Your words of reassurance make my life.

I paced around the house, wondering what to do about the situation, and I saw only one way out: the crowbar.

…tell me, what kind of family doesn’t own a crowbar?! Don’t they understand that you can use it in desperate situations to break into things, like, you know, mailboxes?!

So I was panicked and worried and stressed to the max, when I saw one microscopic shot at knowing my decision.

I said to myself, Hey, self (give me some credit – I didn’t actually say that), what if I have a tube, and it’s just too big to fit into the mailbox? Don’t they usually leave packages like that right by the front door? What if it’s there RIGHT NOW, and I didn’t notice it?

I ran to my front door, wrenched it open, and there, behind the potted plant that always obscures virtually everything around it…

…was a two-foot-long tube.

Yeah. I know. It was right by the front door, and of course I missed it when I walked in. Go ahead, laugh at me for overreacting and nearly resorting to brute force. I may have absolutely no common sense, but I GOT INTO MIT!

I want to dance around for the rest of the day, I swear.

You know, I think I will. Bring on the music.

Decisions online? Pffft. This seems so much more fun. The heart-attack-inducing suspense! Come on! ^_^

One year later, it is the END OF TERM. Well, almost. Classes are over, and they’ve only given way to studying for FINALS GAH. It’s hard here, but definitely worth it.

Coming up: a day in the life of… well, me. And anyone else who cares to be in the pictures I’ve taken.

*Speaking of, that’s the title of a really good album by The Cranberries. Just sayin’.

15 responses to “Because one story just isn’t enough”

  1. Sindhu says:

    Good luck with exams! (Nice story)

  2. nehalita says:

    i do remember you recounting this story to me on the phone but i actually got the whole story this time (because when you were SO EXCITED when you were telling me last time that i didn’t get much of the story).

  3. Mia '10 says:

    Oh wow. I remember reading your post last year and feeling that pang of “omg, I can’t see my decision until TOMORROW!” Oy, I felt your pain. (Especially since I had to wait a few months and didn’t get the cool confetti). But yeah, deferred is good. It means there’s still a chance! Great (re)post.

    Happy holidays! Happy studying!

  4. sarah says:

    ahahahahhaah that was amazing!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    So, no tubes for Regular Action?


  6. Kristin '11 says:

    I actually thought online decisions were still pretty exciting…and it was still awesome getting the tube!

  7. Evan '10 says:

    No, Elizabeth, no tubes for RA; we just got big envelopes.

  8. Solomon says:

    I just wish I get in RA. I am so desperate.

  9. Brute force is the last resort of the incompetent.

  10. Alyssa says:

    I don’t get the big deal with EA, MIT is at the top of my list and I have no problem applying RA.

    Gosh that tube looks amazing. I am just waiting with bated breath until March when I join all the deferred peepz in the applicant pool for the slim chance of an MIT education…

    Is there a specific date of notification yet for RA?

  11. Eileen says:

    I must say, we were not learning about the Taylor series in BC calc the day decisions were mailed.. haha


  12. Karen says:

    I was deferred too, Meara and Alyssa, and I really really wanted that tube as well. It’s so…cylindrical and unusual. Now even if I do get in, it won’t be nearly as sweet, because I’ll know that MIT doesn’t want me enough to pay the shipping on that lovely tube. :-( But of course I’d still go. grin

  13. Meara says:

    What? No tubes for RA? That is so unspeakably unfair–I was so excited for the possibility of anticipating a tube if I get in RA. (Yup, I got deferred.)

    Btw, I love the fact that even after having run around like an escapee from an insane asylum, plotting the destruction of your own mailbox, you still had the presence of mind to take a picture of yourself with your tube. *grin*

  14. Alyssa says:

    I didn’t actually apply EA, I just am empathizing with everyone who did.

    I actually had dreams about being accepted, and they all involved the tube, while I was well aware that RA admits don’t get them.

    The perfect fantasy just doesn’t work in my mind without an overexaggerated acceptance response.

  15. Jake says:

    Dude, keri you’re blog is hilarious, this is the first non-political blog I’ve ever read, good stuff.

    I got in RA and I got my decision online while I was at work. Definitly chill. I think I yelled my head off and got in trouble. MIT was the only college that accepted me besides my state college. Whoo on that one lol.

    I was the only one of the kids from my school to make it, and both of the others were way ahead of me in school rank…it sucked cuz they hated me for the rest of the year. I felt bad, but MIT is awesome, I’d definitly suggest it.