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MIT student blogger Laura N. '09

EA Telethon! by Laura N. '09

Yay for the class of 2010!

Whew. I just spent the last 4 and a half hours calling up as many of the Early Admits to the class of ’10 as I possibly could. And it was seriously a lot of fun.

First of all, I finally got to meet Alia and Mike, who are super awesome. They were really a lot of fun to hang out with between phone calls.

Plus, I got to talk to a bunch of the newly admitted ’10s. You guys are awesome, and I’m so psyched to meet you at CPW. It’s really kind of weird, because I remember being so excited looking forward to CPW last year. Now I’m a freshman and I’m still really excited about it. That’s kind of weird. I guess being a blogger has made me so involved in applicants and prefrosh that it’s hard not to get excited.

Anyway, we made our best efforts to call everyone, but of course, that’s completely impossible. Some people we just didn’t get to in time (and it was getting pretty late) and some people weren’t home, didn’t answer, whatever. If you didn’t get a phone call, your file was put aside into a separate folder and we’ll try our best to catch you during the RD Telethon- promise!

I’ve basically been working continuously for the past 15 hours and I’m still wide awake. I had EMT class, of course, and then I basically went straight to call all of the Early Admits. I feel so productive today!

Class today was pretty awesome, because we started practicing medical assessment for real, so we got to see everything we’ve learned so far really coming together. We were basically talked through a scenario where we had to assess a patient, continue to ask them questions, and try to figure out what the problem was and then verbalize how to treat it appropriately. Is it a stroke? Heart attack? Diabetic episode? Ok, so I’ll now administer oxygen and begin to administer a stroke exam.

Crazy stuff, but it’s so cool to see everything come together. Then all of a sudden you realize “wow, I’ve only been doing this for 3 weeks and I’m almost done with my training!” Of course, I still need to go through the exams and will need lots and lots of real experience before I’m comfortable with this…but it’s still pretty amazing.


It’s been a long and crazy day. Let me just say that I loved talking to you early admits and I can’t wait to meet you all at CPW!

3 responses to “EA Telethon!”

  1. Sarab says:


    Nice to hear from some one doing Med. I am hoping to come to MIT by next year and I was kinda in dire need of some help. Could I bug you?

    If you are busy or anything, do let me know. I’ve got a tough skin so don’t worry. Thanks.


    (PS from the name you probably have guessed that I am an Indian. American by birth but Indian by descent. 27 generations to be exact.)

    I’m sleep deprived and blabbering, so bye.


  2. thekeri says:

    I got a call while I was in the middle of a show I was reviewing (I’m a theatre critic).

    It was actually a (slightly) funny moment. I’m not allowed to answer the phone during a post-show discussion, so there I was, discussing the technical aspects of the show…

    …when my right leg – I mean, my phone – stared vibrating.

    I looked at the 617 area code and thought, “Great. MIT’s calling me. And I can’t pick up.”

    And then I kinda cried.

  3. hey Laura! you called me on the telethon. when u called i was just about to eat dinner and then go to fencing practice so sorry if i was a bit…rude/standoffish. so my mind kinda went into the “blank, what in the world am i supposed to do ri now” mode since i did have some questions 4 u about MIT but had to get in gear and out the door. btw I am so jazzed about CPW!!! back to questions, how did u choose ur dorm? i read the blurbs from ea. of them on the MIT residence website and assume there’s somekind of freshmen musical dorms thing or something but ya… what’d u think of em’ each? and erm if i have any more q?s i’ll be sure to ask.

    THNX mucho.