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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

Freedom isn’t free. by Sam M. '07

...but a biology minor is, sometimes.

DID YOU KNOW? “Hey Ruth [’07], I need a did you know?” “Oh, those are always the best part… how about the milk vending machine in the basement of building 2?” “I don’t know, I dont think milk vending machines are that uncommon.” “No, parents are going to read this and be all, ‘Oh good, my little Johnny’s gonna have calcium!’ They have banana and chocolate and strawberry and coffee and… wait, I can look them all up.” “Okay, I think I’ll leave it at that.” [five minutes later] “Hey, the Quik rabbit’s name is Quicky… that could be a did you know.”

So I just got this e-mail from Maxine, president of MIT’s chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, which I’m not even really a member of.

From: Maxine
Date: 10/1/2006 9:55 PM
Subject: [AICHE] 10B: biology minor form application due Friday

Fill out a form. Get a free bio minor. But do it by Friday.

In my freshman year, Course 10: Chemical Engineering decided to add Course 10B: Biological AND Chemical Engineering to its repertoire. Their reasoning was something about “blah blah blah we think this represents the new standard in engineering and it will inspire students to look into biology startups and to la la la la fa la la lee” but really they meant “now we get more pre-meds into our major and increase our enrollment so MIT will give us more money!”

But anyway, the way Course 10 designed the 10B major, you get a free biology minor just by completing it. Rock! That’ll look great on your med school application!

But eveen the regular old course 10 major in this regard… finishing it leaves you only one class away from a chemistry minor. This is why 5.03: Principles of Inorganic Chemistry is filled with course 10 seniors the first week until they’re all like “Group theory? shlpshlpshlpshlpshlpshlp…” and drop it in favor of sleeping until 11 AM and playing Super Nintendo all the time.

But I took it sophomore year. What now, MIT?!

4 responses to “Freedom isn’t free.”

  1. Filiz Dolar says:

    LOL! Dude, Super Nintendo rocks. and..

    OMG little Johnnys gonna have milk! Now it’s ok for him to go to MIT =)

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Jess says:

    You win life.

  3. Troy says:

    Sounds great in MIT!
    I’m eager to study and live in it!!
    Could I make a friend with you all? And hope to see you in 2008!
    I will apply for MIT, the place I believe can realize my dream, in October 2007.

    Best wishes for you all! Today is Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinese, which friends and relatives meet together to enjoy the reunion.

    See you! My MSN:[email protected]

  4. Edward says:

    oh, well well well

    by the way, for the upstairs:
    me too and me too. hope to see you in 2008 and meet all of the wonderful knowledge!
    ah, i will try the milk vending machine since:)
    good luck and have a nice day.