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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

Google Maps is NOT the best. by Sam M. '07

But everything else seems to be right.

DID YOU KNOW? Pennyslvania leads the country in mushroom production, supplying 45% of the nation’s mushrooms. California, in second place, provides only 18%.

Sam’s Mom has informed me that I have a then/than error in one of my recent entries, but I am unable to find it.

Well, I’m not in Rome, but I’ll leave you with a few thoughts of my migration southward.

1. Sure, I could accept responsibility for my own poor sense of direction, but I’d rather blame Google Maps for getting me lost on the way to my grandmothers’ house in the middle of the night. In the words of a great man, I prefer Mapquest.

2. In my last entry, I promised to hold Anthony personally responsible if I missed my 13-minute connection in Philadelphia’s 30th St Station. Well, I was composing this entry in my head while my train pulled in 20 minutes late, but Amtrak was nice enough to hold the following train for the 15-or-so passengers making the connection. So, I guess I should personally thank Anthony for that. I guess I should have expected as much; last November they turned the same train around for three people.

3. Harrisburger Britney worried that Chocolate World would be closed during our visit. It was, in fact, being renovated, but the ride was open minus a few obvious set pieces, including the giant kiss-shaped mountain of Hershey’s Kisses. However, this was compensated by the fact that they are in the process of introducing MOTOWN SINGING COWS to the proceedings. They asked us for our feedback on the ride (with the promise of free candy!) and I noted that the cows are, well, just a little creepy.

4. While visiting Shawna, I had the opportunity to play Guitar Hero for the first time. I believe, that possibly, maybe, I heard about somebody at MIT who had a summer internship working on this game. Based on the thirty minutes I played Guitar Hero, this person must be, by far, the coolest person at MIT.

5. I finished The World According to Garp on the train ride home and decided that maybe I should just stop finishing books altogether–everything was pretty much downhill after “The First Feminist Funeral.” I usually don’t like the endings of books, though.

5. The Colbert Report comes on in eight minutes–and Stephen Colbert is paradise enow. In the interest of full disclosure, there’s one thing you should about MIT Cable know before you come to MIT: as of April 2006, you’ll need to live outside of the dorms if you want to regularly view The Daily Show, The Sopranos, ESPN, or 30-Minute Meals with Rachael Ray.


So maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing.

I’m taking this week to just kind of sizzle down, so I might not be up to my full blogging potential. I actually hope that the image of Rachael Ray will deter you from visiting the site.

Why don’t you read about Bryan? He is in Rome, you know?

7 responses to “Google Maps is NOT the best.”

  1. Google Maps is the best. True dat, double true.

  2. Harlan says:

    Lol, Mapquest, Yahoo! Maps, and Google Maps, are all powered by NavTech’s map technology; you know, in the days before the internet, back when I was in fifth grade, when to get someone’s directions in town you either called them, or looked in the front of your huge public phone book for those pretty green maps, those people.

  3. Harlan says:

    Also, I find all of them equally defficient.

  4. Sam says:

    Hey Harlan — I admit that I’m not at all familiar with the technology running Google Maps and Mapquest… however, I gave them both the task of finding directions from Shawna’s apartment to my grandmother’s house, and the ones provided by Mapquest were a lot easier to follow. Both the routes and the formats were slightly different. Google Earth still rocks, though!

  5. Jess says:

    I actually made the cupcakes from that rap video. They were the bomb.

  6. Nova says:

    If google can see the front of your house, you would become suspicious; If it can see inside your house, you will be very much afraid. . .

  7. Anthony says:

    Glad to hear that you made your connection! grin