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MIT blogger CJ Q. '23

hello applicants, by CJ Q. '23

i don’t know what to say but i can try

i guess this would usually be the time of year that there’d be blog posts about waiting for decisions and that kind of stuff. personally, i wouldn’t know. as soon as i got deferred the thought of reading the blogs felt so painful that i just stopped reading any of them until decision day. things are so crazy here at mit right now. i guess i’m lucky that i have things settled for at least the next week, and i know i’ll spend a lot of time thinking about you over the next few days.

i wonder how all of you are doing amidst all the chaos. maybe some of you won’t be going to classes for a while. maybe some of you are far away from any confirmed cases and are worried. maybe some of you have loved ones who are sick. thinking about all of these things makes me feel very sad and very powerless. i wish love was the kind of thing i could package in a box and deliver. if love was the kind of thing i could wrap up in words and send through the air, i’d stand by my window all day and whisper comfort to everyone.

around this time last year, when college decisions were all coming out, i remember being pretty stressed out about it. and it makes me feel sad to think that, if i added all the stress i feel right now to the stress i felt last year, it would be a lot of stress. it’d be bordering on too much for me to handle. and i’m hoping, how i’m hoping, that you can find ways to take care of yourself and ease the stress, whatever that means for you.

i wish i really knew what to say. i wish i had something nice or poetic or comforting, but the best i could come up with is this. i’m just really bad at this sort of thing, so maybe read what other people have to say instead:

if you comment tonight i promise i’ll read it. i’ll reply if i can.