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MIT student blogger Keri G. '10

I hurt myself again by Keri G. '10

And again and again and again.

Seriously, I am really, really bad at not tripping and falling over things. My failings at life from the last couple of weeks include tripping on one (1) set of steps in front of Senior Haus and nearly hitting myself in the face on the railing, skidding across six (6) feet of ice-covered sidewalk and falling flat on my butt in front of a group of construction workers, tripping over my own feet about twelve (12) times while walking across the Longfellow Bridge with Jesse ’09 (who says he didn’t notice, but whatever), and repeatedly getting caught on the laces of my badass new shoes while being shoved around by fifty (50) drunk hipsters at a Black Lips concert on Saturday night with Hanna ’10 and Keira ’12.

And then I woke up this morning and my right hip was bothering me a lot – it’s been a recurring issue in for the last couple of years, probably made worse by my inability to remain standing on my feet for more than a nanosecond without falling over them. Anyway, I’ve been limping around pathetically all day. Woo.

Oh, and I haven’t showered since Saturday morning and I’ve been wearing the same shirt for three days.

But today I got back one of three exams I took last week, and since it is the best grade I’ve gotten on an exam since my first 5.12 test over two years ago, I stuck it up on my refrigerator with magnets.

I also asked around on my hall for a gold star sticker.

No, I do not think I am taking this too seriously.

22 responses to “I hurt myself again”

  1. Tyler says:

    This is the first opportunity I have had to say “First!” and I decided not to take it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why is there no information regarding the RA Decisions?

  3. @Anonymous says:


    give them a while to read the applications will you smile ? And as soon as they’ve fixed a date, you can be more than sure that Matt will publish a blog entry smile

  4. Maria '13 says:

    Nice job on your test!
    I have a question about CPW: Would residents of Senior Haus/dorms in general mind if pre-frosh just walked in and looked around for a while? In a very unobtrusive manner of course…

  5. Keri says:

    Maria –

    During CPW, the dorms are all open for general wandering around. There are scheduled times for tours, but for the most part, people will be okay with you coming in, saying “yo, what up, I’m a prefrosh” to the desk worker, and then going about your business.

  6. sberg says:

    Thank you very much for this entry, Keri. I’m tired of reading all the “oh my god everything we do is super awesome and nice and roses are red etc”-posts. This blog entry actually stands out as sincere. I’m of course, not accusing the other bloggers of being dishonest, but you’ve written an entry free of the extremely positive (unrealistic?) attitude so often encountered in these blogs. With your ending, it’s just perfect.

    Being happy and keeping a good spirit is of course never a crime, but I would love to read more gritty entries like this. More entries like these would also give out the impression that people at MIT are people with feelings in all parts of the spectrum.

    Once again, thanks Keri, I loved this! smile

  7. Steph says:

    Those are some badass shoes. Congrats on the grade. smile

    Keri, do you know any transfer students?

  8. Steph says:

    Not meaning to double post, but I agree with sberg. I love your blog Keri. The candidness is what makes this blog unique. Keep on rocking. smile

  9. Narce says:

    Even if it’s your highest numerical grade (which I assume made that an A), you must have gotten other As on exams over the course of two years where the numerical grade was lower simply because the test was harder ^.^” Grats anyway XD

  10. exhibit a says:

    “fifty (50) drunk hipsters”

    and congrats on your 7.05 exam. I have no gold stars for you, but if you want I can give you a gold paperclip.

    They’re shiny.

  11. Laura says:

    Is that an 82 or an 87? Either way, it’s AMAZING!


  12. Ahmed says:

    I love Boston’s music scene, but the hipsters make going out unbearable sometimes. One time I almost asphyxiated on the smug in the atmosphere at the Middle East.

    And, this is really an honest random, wild guess, but were the hipsters drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon?

  13. Keri says:

    sberg, Steph – thanks! I feel special inside. Also, Steph, I know a few transfer students – a friend of mine from middle school started college at BU, but transferred halfway through sophomore year. I also know of a transfer from Wellesley last year, and another from the Naval Academy. There are a couple of people (five or so, I think?) every semester.

    You’ve probably already seen this, but you might want to check out the transfer admissions site, which will probably answer more questions than I can.

    Narce – I’ve been getting both lower numerical AND lower letter grades, for the most part. Yeah, I’m fantastic at failing at life.

    Exhibit A – paperclip != star.

    (I still love you. Only not really. Okay, I’m lying.)

    Laura – IT’S AN 87. OH MAN, AN 87.5. I forgot numbers that high even existed.

    Ahmed – they were absolutely drinking PBR.

  14. Anonymous says:

    If you want an A in 7.05, you better wish into existence 3 more numbers at least around that high. raspberry

  15. Anonymous says:

    “I know you talk about me all the time again and again (and again, and again, and again)!”
    …Um, yeah.

    -hands you a netsticker-
    congratulations. :]

  16. -d. says:

    i have a gold star. i’ll get it to you today or tomorrow, depending on what time i get back from physics tooling fun.

  17. Laura says:

    I am so, so jealous. I don’t think I’ve passed 85 on an exam since 18.01 (I totally got a 98 on one of those exams. Highlight of my life right there.)

  18. Piper '12 says:

    I got a 100% on my first 18.02 exam this term. It was… frightening. I actually emailed my TA to confirm.

    (The average was 85, though, and the professor said that she’s making the next exam a lot harder -.-)

  19. Kiwi says:

    It’s nice to know I am not the only uncordinated person on the planet. I once broke my wrist running into a wall.

    Congrats about the exam!

  20. Haha..speaking of running into walls, I once ran into one which repaid me with a black eye. For the next few weeks or so, everyone quizzed me on where I got mugged. Walls adore Newton’s third law. =)

  21. Mendel Rap says:

    You’re like some Bio-affiliated major right? Well this genetics video I found on youtube is so awesome. Please share it in your next blog!

  22. Keri says:

    “Like some Bio-affiliated major”?! Honeypants, I MAJOR IN BRAINS. OH MAN YES BRAINS.