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MIT student blogger Laura N. '09

I “less than 3” the Chorallaries by Laura N. '09

My relaxing and enjoyable vaction draws to a close. *sigh*

Well, it’s been quite a week of spring break adventures! I basically did absolutely nothing productive, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I visited my church youth group on Sunday, did absolutely nothing important on Monday, spent some time at the public library on Tuesday (I’m not ashamed to say that I adore that place), and picked April up at the bus stop on Tuesday night. I spent the rest of the week showing her how the real world works out here in NJ. We spent Wednesday with my mom and aunt at the mall. I also picked up my good friend Sarah, who had overslept and panicked when I called her as I was leaving my house in the morning. But when I told her I was stopping to pick up bagels, everything was ok. I was so excited to be eating real life, actual bagels. Yum. Thursday I visited my old high school and was the “guest speaker” in the AP Physics C class. I got to introduce inductance and RL circuits. I love physics. The seniors all made fun of me and my blog, which makes them so uncool. Tsk tsk. (If you guys are reading this- while you should be doing calc, no less- just know that I disapprove!) Thursday night April and I went to the MIT admitted students meeting which happened to take place in the town of Princeton, NJ. This is not the be confused with a meeting of students who have been admitted to Princeton University, even though there are so many reasons I would go to one of those. *rolls eyes* The Chorallaries were there, which totally made my day because I absolutely love them. (Just to go off a tangent for a second, I have to say that one of my absolute favorite things about MIT is the names of our a capella groups. The Chorallaries. The Logarhythms. Resonance. The Christian group is called the Cross Products. Come on. You can’t get any cooler than that.) Anyway, the Chorallaries performed a few songs (including their rendition of Cake‘s “Short Skirt, Long Jacket-” one of my favorites!), did a little skit about MIT, and answered questions. In the middle of all this, I found out that Jonathan- an old FIRST teammate- was accepted. That was pretty sweet. =) Friday and Saturday involved shopping and hanging out with some old high school friends who happened to be on break with me. Oh, and eating REAL pizza. Now I’m sitting around, thinking about all of the work that I never actually did this week and wondering how in the world I’m going to fit all of my junk back into my duffel bag.

Mostly though, I’m thinking about CPW. I’m so excited. I have been assigned to a prefrosh, but I won’t be able to pick up my assignment until tomorrow. This whole week will be hectic, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Also, I now know my CPW schedule for working the Registration and Help Desks, so you can come by and say hi:

Thursday: 7 PM to 12 AM
Friday: 11 AM to 1 PM
(Looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time with Anthony this weekend. *grin*)
Plus, Friday from 8:30-10:00 PM is the Meet the Bloggers Party! Be there!

Responses to Comments:
Adelaide said:
And, in case you haven’t seen this, you can now vote on your favourite “FIRST anthem”:
I personally voted for the “rocking out scientifically” one, just because it got stuck in my head longer and therefore fulfilled its purpose as a theme song. So there’s your FIRST update for the week! See you tomorrow!

Adelaide…while I thank you for finding the link for me, and while I absolutely adore you….those songs are both AWFUL. Plus, most of the ChiefDelphi Forum agrees with me. It was a nice idea but…”kings and queens of the laboratory?” Yuck.

Sulinya said:
The robots are so cute! Wow, I’m incredibly excited about MIT!!! I’d love to do this!
If you’re coming to CPW, be sure to check your schedule for open houses and info sessions- there will be tons of them, and plenty of them involve robots, cars, and all kinds of awesome hands-on projects. I believe that last year it was actually called the “Cool Projects Open House” (no joke), and it’s definitely an event that all FIRST nerds should go to.

nehalita said:
And the waterjetted diamondplate is just…. hot. I can’t think of any other words to use (darn you Paris Hilton).
I do believe that the first words out of my mouth when I actually saw the waterjetted diamonplate were, “Oh my God that is so hot!” Because it is. Then I remembered that Paris Hilton has somehow managed to take over that phrase and make it hers, and then I felt disgruntled. In the end, I think “hot” is the perfect adjective for it.

11 responses to “I “less than 3” the Chorallaries”

  1. They’re the Chorallaries. Heh.

  2. Sulinya says:

    Hey Laura,

    I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while, and ppl told me to wait til I saw all the bloggers at CPW but I decided I might just ask you now: how did you get your job as blogger? Cuz I’d very much like to blog for 2010 grin

  3. Laura says:

    Shut up Borski. =P

    I fixed it.

  4. Since I’ve gotten comments about people not understanding my comment, I just meant you spelled it wrong throughout the post :p

  5. Anonymous says:

    The “Cool Projects Open House” that Laura referred to is happening on Friday, from 4 to 5:15 in the Edgerton Center (room 4-402). The FIRST team will be there, and other fun robotics-oriented clubs, so you guys (especially all the FIRSTers out there) should definitely come check it out. I’ll be there, so be sure to come say hi!

  6. Evan B. says:

    Hey Laura – the NPR article on the cannon theft sort of implicitly called our theft a “prank” instead of a “hack.”

    Personally, I think it would be very funny if Jack Florey or one of the other Course 19 Greats wrote in to correct them. Think you could pass the message on to Jack? smile

    From what I remember, All Things Considered pulls from the mailbag on Thursdays…

  7. Eleni says:

    The Burton-Connor tour was awesome. Thank you!

  8. thekeri says:

    So now that I’m suffering again in South Florida, I have a question:

    Say we had a certain tiny black girl. (Let’s name her Keri, just because we can.) Say she’d spent the last two and a half years of her life typing up useless bits of info related to her life for anyone to read on the internet if they wanted to. (Not that she’d ever do anything like that, of course.)

    Now say she had a certain desire to become a student blogger. (You know, just hypothetically and all…) Any idea how she’d go about doing so? ^_^

  9. Evan B. says:

    Hypothetically? I can answer that one, Keri, because I asked Ben.

    Basically, the MIT Bloggers will be reading your blog now (because at some point, you linked to it from here—Ben recognized me from a first name only).

    Sometime around August, I think Ben said, you drop him an e-mail and say your interested. Then he acts like he’s on admissions staff for a college or something and chooses his favorite 1% (that is, two freshmen) to blog for next year.

  10. thekeri says:

    Thanks, Evan – that helps quite a bit. I saw Ben a million times over CPW, and never thought to ask him about that. (Oops.)

    And to Laura: update? Please? I’m suffering over Spring Break here?