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I like romantic things like music and art by Sam M. '07 why don't I have a boyfriend?

DID YOU KNOW? Andre 3000, from OutKast, has a son (by Erykah Badu) named Seven. I wonder if that makes his name 73000? Dre was also named “Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year 2004” by PETA.

So maybe one of these days you’ll go to an information session at an ivy league university, or maybe you’ll be watching something on television, or Weird Al’s White and Nerdy on YouTube, or maybe you’ll be just sitting around the table with your parents having frank and open discussions of your future and college plans, and you’ll hear something that might make you think MIT students just sit around all day culturing cells and building killer death robots and putting fire engines on the top of buildings, and although all of those are kind of cool, they end up not knowing anything about the fine arts or history or any of that lame-o stuff.

Well, today I woke up at 8 AM to start sweating the onions for my award-winning apple cream of butternut squash soup. It was time for the nth annual Burton-Conner Apple Bake, a culinary “competition” for which my floor routinely cranks out about a third of the dishes and takes home about a half of the prize money… and though I didn’t go quite as crazy as last year, I still found time to present a total of 6 dishes for tasting and judgment. I was incensed that my SAM: Spaghetti, Apple, and Meatballs didn’t win the award for most creative dish, especially considering I used the super-secret Sam’s Mom’s family meatball recipe and executed it fairly faithfully. But, to paraphrase Martin Scorcese when he lost the academy award to Three 6 Mafia, “We should feel lucky that we even get to bake apples anymore.”

But I didn’t even have time to go accept my award for the soup! No no, as soon as I was finished with that (and pulling some flaming apple hamentaschen out of the oven) I had to jump on my bike and race halfway across campus to a practice room so I could work on a performance of Bach’s Ricercare a 6 from A Musical Offering. Now, since I kind of suck at piano, I’m one of six people working together to play this Ricercare tomorrow in 21M.500: Senior Seminar in Music, but since I’ve never worked in a small group on music like this, it’s actually a pretty cool opportunity. Hopefully Pulitzer Prize-Winning Composer John Harbison will be really tired and won’t notice that I get lost every ten measures or so.

And now I’m writing a blog entry to you just to put off the fact that I have to study 20th-century German economic history, from arbeitsloesigkeit to bargeldlose wirtschaft for a quiz tomorrow for which I am woefully unprepared.

Heck, the only time I even spent in lab today was when I snuck over to my UROP to steal an industrial-strength heat gun so I could melt the sugar on the top of my apple cr√®me br√їl√©e.

And OF COURSE I made Laura take a picture, which you will see soon enough.

13 responses to “I like romantic things like music and art”

  1. Keri says:


    I love Avenue Q.

    Okay. Now I’ll actually read the post.

  2. Jon says:

    It Sucks To Be Me…….one of the greatest comedic showtunes of all time.

    THE greatest?

    Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist

  3. David says:

    I say, it suckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckaSUCK
    it suck to be me

  4. Jess says:

    You do such anal things like ironing your underwear.

  5. All other puppet-based Broadway musicals? I didn’t know there was such a large market. In any case, I’d say it owns a pretty solid number of non-puppet-based musicals as well.

    One of my other favorite songs, actually, is I Wish I Could Go Back to College because it’s a nice reminder of just how good we have it right now.

  6. Harrison says:

    For those of you who have no idea what they’re talking about go to this page

    and get educated. Avenue Q owns all other puppet-based Broadway musicals.

  7. May says:

    Avenue Q is awesome!!!!! I admit, I got pretty excited when I saw the title to this post.

    (My school performed “It sucks to be me” at our annual coffeehouse and I was Christmas Eve)

  8. Ruth '07 says:

    Sorry about the hamentaschen, Sam. Thanks again for grabbing it.

  9. jiadian says:

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  10. Johnny Moaks says:

    I love Weird Al! If anybody has not seen “white and nerdy”, “it’s all about the pentiums” and “amish paradise” from Weird Al, you better watch them. or else……’ll get laughed at… people who have seen them. So watch them.

  11. John says:

    if i didn’t know better, i’d swear anyone saying “one of the greatest comedic showtunes of all time” was being sarcastic.

  12. Shana says:

    I was going to say “Oh! I’ll be your boyfriend Sam!” but then I realized that I haven’t seen Avenue Q and the comments seem to suggest that it is a reference to that.

    Maybe some other time.