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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

I won the game! by Sam M. '07

Not (quite) another picture entry... with Tastykakes!

DID YOU KNOW? According to America’s Test Kitchen, the best possible multipurpose 9×13 pan is a Pyrex pan which costs only $8.00?

It’s my last night in Harrisburg, PA and I thought I’d spend it posting old photos on this blog. The reason being that costs me twenty-five cents to send these photos from my phone to my computer, and I’m a college student and just can’t afford to waste that.

Anyway, another thing I did tonight was… I went to the local 7-11, well, the local one that wasn’t shut down last month for credit card fraud, and cashed in my winning lottery ticket. Despite having very nearly attained twenty (oh dear!) years of age, I had not yet purcahsed a lottery ticket in my otherwise typical suburban life. So, on the way out of Giant, on an impulse, I stuck a dollar into the PA Lottery machine and bought the only ticket that still cost a dollar–“E I E I Dough.” Although I was discouraged after my poor performance in the regular field of play, I was lucky enough to get a tractor in the bonus barn, netting me…


…FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS! I think now that I have accumulated a lifetime net winnings of 500%, I will never gamble again in my life.

Anyway, I was at Giant buying some eggs, and… aww, here’s old pictures from my phone.


My Christmas-themed egg, which I colored last week at Kate’s house.


My beloved high school friend Shana can also color eggs. The coloring didn’t work very well. I hypothesized that this was because it was not Easter.


The desserts I had for Thanksgiving–I believe that would be a pumpkin roll, a piece of Old Black Joe cake, and some shoo-fly pie.


On my way down to Harrisburg, we stopped at a gas station and I just had to check out some Tastykakes, a regional brand of pastry that costs about 50 cents in Southern Pennsylvania and sells at around an 800% markup in the Los Angeles Farmers’ Market. Why they sell Tastykakes at a Farmers’ Market, I have no idea.


I think I took this picture to illustrate how busy South Station is the day before Thanksgiving.


This was what Sam’s Mom had set the desktop background as when I got home. Do you know who’s in the picture?

It was a hit for Billy Paul.

Okay, that’s all for Central Pennsylvania. You might get a full account of my activities at home later on, or maybe not. Anyway, it’s back to MIT tomorrow for a safe and productive IAP. Oh yeah.

5 responses to “I won the game!”

  1. Kate says:

    I managed to discover Tastykakes when I moved to Philly from Southern California–they’re great. IAP looks like a really insanely fun way to extracurricularize your free time, and the Music Composition with Dissonance looks interesting.

    Have fun and play nice. Oh, Happy ’06 too!

  2. Jennifer says:

    when does the next MIT semester begin, for like people not in IAP?

  3. Mike says:

    All of my hilarious antics and not even a passing mention in these Pennsylvania posts. Just wait until we get on that island.

  4. Sam says:

    Kate — That does look like a pretty interesting class; I may have to check that out! I actually haven’t looked at the IAP schedule at all yet.

    Jennifer — The first day of classes or the Spring term is Tuesday, February 7, 2006. IAP typically lasts four weeks.

    Mike — Well, you were actually going to be mentioned in my next post, but not with an attitude like that, mister.

  5. Alia says:

    Mmm… Tastykakes… I must say, it’s been a while.