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MIT student blogger Keri G. '10

Children of Eden, seek for your garden. by Keri G. '10

You and your children to come, someday to come home.

i was going to write a post about Thanksgiving and Drop Date and not dropping 18.02, but it was boring. So I deleted it. Don’t complain; I’ve spared you the trouble of reading something you really wouldn’t have wanted to read.

I will, however, grace you with this:

It takes up more time than everything else I’m doing this semester, but it is absolutely, absolutely worth it.

Our first show was tonight, and we all enjoyed an awesome dinner at Uno’s afterward. And here I am at 4:30 AM writing this post, but who needs sleep when you’re in an amazing musical?

15 responses to “Children of Eden, seek for your garden.”

  1. Jon says:

    haha, i can TOTALLY relate with the not sleeping during musical season……ESPECIALLY during tech week.

    for example, my high school puts on their show the first weekend in may……which means the last week in April is a super-intense tech week, not to mention the first week of May leading up to the show… that means no sleep that entire week. Even better? AP exams are that week as well…..and I’m taking 5 AP Exams…..that leaves me about 2 weeks to be institutionalized before I am fully recovered and graduate from high school.

    Anyways, break a leg in your other shows!

  2. Evan '10 says:

    It really is an awesome musical. I have half a mind to see it again tonight.

  3. Mario says:

    Totally agree with Jon….I have outdoor track with the musical and AP exams. For some reason all these activities love the months of April and May. So it is run dozens of miles, rush home just to shower, get back to school to sing and go over scenes, and then get home at like 10:00 to say hi to my lovely Princeton Review AP Exam book. And I have to say “Children of Eden” one of my favorites. Break a leg on the rest of your shows. What’s your role? And what other musical is the company going to put on? You guys put on musicals! Another reason why MIT is my top choice

  4. Keri says:

    Mario –


    I’m Young Cain and one of the storytellers. Children of Eden is put on by MIT’s Musical Theatre Guild, which is doing Reefer Madness over IAP and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum in the spring.

    Evan –

    This is why I love you.

    Also, you are awesome to begin with.

  5. Melis says:

    Keri!!! YOU WERE AWESOME! I was so impressed, the whole musical was just ridiculously profesional and entertaining. The flashback sequence (where you and young Abel were playing clapping games on the stairs) was so cute. Great job! It was the best one I’ve seen.

  6. Melissa H says:

    Jon – My school hosts our spring musical around AP time, too! It’s always the week before or the first week of APs. I just don’t get their thinking =)

    I wish I could see you guys perform it! Hopefully I’ll see you guys on stage next year wink

    Actually, hopefully I’ll join you =)

  7. Anonymous says:

    BAAAAAHHH, we just had our district thespian individual events competition today and my group musical and solo musical both got superiors!!!!!!!! I’m going to STATES! *so excited*

  8. WTPer says:


    That just reminded me of this summer and made me smile. Thank you.
    And good luck on the rest of the showings for the play!

  9. Ashley C says:

    don’t forget, you were a cute lil’ bunny rabbit a couple of times too! the show was amazing.

  10. kallie says:

    Glory, Glory to the EUPHEMISM!

  11. Keri says:

    Kallie, Dan (yeah. It’s you. Don’t lie.) –

    I love you both.

  12. Sarah says:

    Keri, how did your cast’s Mama Noah (what a lame name- Stephen Schwartz, for shame!) compare to Paige Rosenbloom? Just wondering. smile

  13. Bacon says:

    Mama Noah ROCKED THE BOAT… err Ark!!! You can check out some of the prod photos here (our costumes weren’t complete when these pics were taken but close enough)