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MIT student blogger Keri G. '10

I’m still alive by Keri G. '10

And I missed entry #2000 by one! Blargh!

So where have I been?

Short answer: doing work. Or just at work. I just got a UROP doing chemistry and molecular biology-related stuff in the O’Connor Lab, guaranteeing me the shortest commute to work I’ll ever have to make.

(Yeah, you know I used Paint.)

The round trip is less than five minutes. I find this so absurd that I decided it absolutely needed to be posted on the blogs.

Expect a real post from me this weekend, once I’ve finished my two problem sets due tomorrow.

8 responses to “I’m still alive”

  1. Anonymous says:

    we’ve missed your blogs!

  2. Hunter '11 says:

    Welcome back =) And I second what Star said. I’d love to hear about your UROP.

    Oh, and I have the shortest commute ever. Building 62 to the Green building (which is building 54, to those who don’t know).

  3. Ben says:

    that excuse is lame. but I still think you rock. that is all.

  4. Isshak says:

    Too bad we can’t see at what time you posted your article.
    Lol same for me, your rock blogs ! I mean your blog rocks ! Your entry better be full of UROP and random pictures ! Waiting for your weekend entry !

  5. milena '11 says:

    *sigh* I miss Paint. It’s pretty much the only thing I miss about PC’s. However, thank you for your very informative post, before reading it, I always called that building “the cool building with the glass periodic table right next to the green bldg”. Now I know what it’s called, and it’s all thanks to you! yay!

  6. Star says:

    Welcome back to the blog, when you get the chance tell us a bit about the UROP.

  7. I’d like to hear about your UROP, too! Chem and molecular bio are right up my alley smile

  8. Welcome back from me as well. Hopefully you won’t get lost during your walk to the lab :D