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MIT EA Decisions to be Posted Saturday, 12/17/22, 12:17 PM ET by Ceri Riley '16

This year, the illustrious EA decision blog has been passed to me! My blogging muscles are a little rusty and my memes could be spicier, but even when I’m not overflowing with creativity, I’ve found that being sincere works pretty well.

So, here goes:

We’ll be releasing Early Action decisions online next Saturday, 12/17/22, at 12:17 PM ET, which you probably gathered from the title of this post.

To check your decision on the 17th, visit and go to your Application Status Page. That’s the same place that you’ve been tracking your application checklist, which will now be turned off.

In order to reduce any extra stress (because there will never not be stress when you’ve poured your heart into a college application and you’re waiting for a decision), I recommend you check now to make sure you can log in smoothly.

If you need to reset your password, just go to, click the link to Log In, then click “Forgot Your Password?” and follow the instructions. If you still need help after that, feel free to email [email protected] and someone from our team will get back to you!

Admissions decisions will be available exclusively online. Decisions will not be released via email, snail mail, snail telegraph, carrier pigeon, message in a bottle, or skywriting. However, we will be sending admitted students additional, cylindrical information in the near future.

Okay! Those are the essentials. Try to take a deep breath.

To be honest, it’s been a while since I received admissions decisions, and I didn’t even apply EA anywhere. But I am a human being,01 last time I checked  so I know the discomfort of waiting all too well. It’s easy to sink into a sea of anxiety and focus on everything that you might’ve done differently, become a cranky hermit, or stress-eat sour patch watermelons instead of food with, uh, nutrients.

But if you’ve read this far, may I suggest a different way to cope with waiting?

Try to be gentle with yourself and spend time with people02 fictional people & worlds count too! that make your heart feel full. Listen to the 2022 blogger playlist. Make something just for you, as an outlet, because when was the last time you took the time to make something without worrying how good or complete it is? Heck, take a nap! Being a person, especially a high school senior, is hard.

And, no matter what happens, there will be open threads on these blogs for you to process your decision with other people who are going through very similar emotional rollercoasters. We’re in this together ✨

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