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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

Mitra, it’s your birthday. by Sam M. '07

Happy birthday, Mitra!

DID YOU KNOW? Umbrellas were thought to be an accessory suitable only for women until Persian traveler Jonas Hanway popularized umbrella use among men in the 19th century.

Mitra usually does not allow me to take pictures of her, so I do not know how I managed to get this one. I thought it was because she is really a vampire and does not show up on film, but apparently I was erroneous.


Maybe it’s like the wedding episode of I Dream of Jeannie, where she has to make a robot Jeannie to walk down the aisle with Tony because genies were invented before film was, or something like that.

Happy birthday, Mitra! Don’t eat too much cake; you have got a marathon to run in TWO WEEKS!

6 responses to “Mitra, it’s your birthday.”

  1. madmatt says:

    Mitra, it’s your birthday

    Happy birthday Mitra

    Mitra, it’s your birthday

    Happy birthday Mitra

  2. Chris says:

    Have a great brithday!

  3. Prannay says:

    Sam, u may be correct about the vampire thingy, Read: “recent studies show vampires can be photographed with digital cameras because like our eyes the also depend on electric fields(EM waves). However because mirrors are made of metal so the do not reflect the minute electric fields of vampires and film based cameras depend on chemical reactions which have fixed reaction potential difference values which are generally higher than those produced by vampires”.(ppl actually believe this!)

    Anyways, really an awesome card u gave her. Be cautious when she is around on full moon nights( hey isn’t that for werewolfs, who cares the are all alike!).

    Happy Birthday Mitra!!!(this time three !, see i’m creative). Have fun, enjoy!

  4. Prannayb says:

    Happy Birthday Mitra!!!!

  5. Sarab says:

    HB. Too lazy to write full form