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MIT student blogger Anthony R. '09

nothing special by Anthony R. '09

Everyone is up late this weekend studying for finals. I’m immersing myself in math, but I think I now deserve a good night’s rest. After all, it’s Sunday. :-)

It will be fun to spend the summer at MIT. Summer housing is available to basically any continuing undergrad — the cost is less than a normal semester… read more at Some folks choose to spend summers at fraternity or sorority houses, whether or not they actually are members, because the costs are often far lower than official MIT housing. If you already live in a dorm, chances are that you can move into your fall room assignment for the summer. At least that’s how it works at East Campus.

If you don’t want to stay here for the summer, there’s also something called “early return,” where you get to come back a couple weeks early in the fall for free, in exchange for helping out with dorm rush and move-in activities. More information at

In other news, I am having my wisdom teeth taken out next month. :-((((

Sleeptime. (While weekends are nice, they can be somewhat irritating at times, because the machine of the working world stops. If you’re waiting for a meeting to be scheduled or for some bureaucratic development, it’s like you have to wait for this two-day pause to relieve itself.)

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  1. Peach says:

    I was zephyring this morning around 4am and was hoping you’d be around… but alas.