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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

O, GRE Battle by Sam M. '07

The best of the worst entry I ever wrote.

DID YOU KNOW? The youngest known meteor impact crater in the world is located in Haviland, Kansas and is less than 1,000 years old.

I wrote a really long-winded and kind of boring entry while working Burton-Conner front desk, which I then lost when I came upstairs. Obviously, God reads this blog and is trying to tell me something.

So here are the highlights:

-I am not a chapstick addict, but I carry two tubes on me at all times… in case there’s a chapping emergency, and one of them got lost
-stain stick is the greatest invention since written language
-while cramming for the GREs I was disheartened when I encountered words that I had never seen before, like limpid and munificent.
-I still did fine on the GREs, despite never having seen these words before and abandoning my studies to play Guitar Hero
-you can’t take anything into the GRE testing area, including pencils, cough drops (“You can take one in your mouth, but you’ll have to leave the others here at the desk”), tissues (“Yeah, that rule just changed yesterday.”) or digital watches
-actually, GRE scores don’t really matter, at all, according to the MIT chemical engineering grad school admissions specialist
-there was once this really funny episode of The Odd Couple which featured Howard Cosell and Felix saying “He’s running! He’s running! He’s running with the perspicacity of a lizard!”

Catch you on the flip side of a p-set and 6.003 test!

8 responses to “O, GRE Battle”

  1. Jess says:

    Guitar Hero is the best game ever.

  2. Mikey says:

    Gahhh everyone keeps talking about this game and I’ve never seen or played it! I must know of this wonder called Guitar Hero….

  3. I gotta try this guitar hero thing… my fetish Quake.. It should be in the Olympics..

  4. Kendall says:

    I’m so confused. You changed your blog up? no more turkey carcasses? and, dude, is that busy at the top . . . and on the side–admissions has taken over your blog. It’s moving in, and you don’t even love it–how will you ever tell your parents? The funny thing is . . . I am studying for the GREs right now. I made the varsity pistol team today and I was going to write “I think I shot a 334 today by shear force of will. Maybe I can do well on the GREs by the same tomorrow.” in my AIM away message. The thing is that I was unsure whether ‘shear force of will’ was an actual phrase or just some mumbo jumbo that my mom uses like ‘you got a hitch in your git-along?’ Which I still use even though I get funny looks. But the point is I googled the phrase to see if it is real (greater than 500 = real or just often misused btw), and your blog was like the 4th hit, and then I go to the home page (just to figure out if it was actually your blog or some funky admissions mutation of it . . .) and there’s an entry on the GREs. weird. Are you stalking me, sam?

  5. Alex says:

    Sounds eerily similar to my fall break, though I can’t imagine that re-playing all five Myst-series games is as exciting as Guitar Hero. :sigh:

  6. Mason '10 says:

    Man, Guitar Hero was awesome. You should totally stop by the lounge and pwnz at it again sometime.

  7. Not Mike says:

    Man, I wish the biology grad school department cared as little about the GREs. Their website pretty much says if you can’t get a 650 in verbal, don’t even bother applying. Like it’s a big deal I have the vocabulary of a 6th grader.

  8. Johnny Moaks says:

    Low grade vocabulary and Guitar Hero ftw! If you don’t have the money or don’t want to actually buy the game, just head on over to your local Best Buy. I went there and played for about an hour and a half with my friends. It’s wicked awesome. So do it. Just do it. Nike.