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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Removing a hack by Snively '11

This is too cool

Ok, this is cool. Schmiedl was invited up to film the hack removal team actually removing the Apollo Lunar Lander from the great dome. This gives a great look into a machine room right inside, a trench around the great dome, and a peek at what the dome looks like up close. I’m not aware of any video anything like this existing anywhere, it’s a real treat.

Thanks Schmiedl, let me know how to get invitations like this!

12 responses to “Removing a hack”

  1. Snively says:

    Yeah, those guys work for MIT. In the past the confined space and rescue guys (also MIT employees) would remove hacks, but I don’t think that group exists anymore. I’m not sure the official titles of these guys anymore.

    There’s definitely no club, since hacking is illegal.

    Yeah, that’s the thing. Eric is good at taking pictures so he gets called, even officially by MIT. I’m good at getting the pictures out there, so I get called, but not yet by MIT officially (hint hint MIT). Slick deal if you ask me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the hack team is really cool they’ll land a boeng on top of the dome someday

  3. Rohan Saini says:

    the above comment was by me
    i really hate to be anonymous

  4. another 12 says:

    Those guys are so even keeled- they just take care’o us all- so they are hackers too. They are the caretakers. Love them for that! It’s an energetic family!

  5. @Snively
    Being willing to stay up until really late every time a hack goes up helps, too. The only reason this video happened is because I happened to have just gotten some breakfast at 11:30AM after shooting the Apollo and Athena hacks, and was walking back to my dorm looking forward to some sleep… you can see how well that plan worked out.

  6. @Eric
    You carry video equipment with you everywhere, or was this shot on a DSLR?

    What’s up with the locks of love?

  7. Shiv says:

    So cool…
    Hey are these people MIT faculty??? They’ve sure got a fun job!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s too bad there’s no club that’s dedicated to hacks. I wonder how the hacks are organized. Obviously a hack like this would require a lot of students working together.

  9. Labib (?14) says:

    I’ve been wondering, who is Eric Schmiedl. He has a tendency of getting to the hacks before anyone else has seen it.

    I guess the hackers just contact him like they invited Snively when they fixed the solar cell powered T

  10. @Sam Range
    It was shot with my Canon G9, which I carry with me everywhere. (I’d already put away my DSLRs.) I’m amazed how good the audio quality ended up being for the Cunha interviews, relative to how it “ought” to have been given the conditions. (using the crappy internal mic, with heavy wind and ambient noise…)

  11. curious says:

    So, there are two projects that hacks have done this year?