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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

See her picture(s) in a thousand places by Sam M. '07

In which I understand what Bruce Campbell feels like

Sam: [folding laundry]
Guy: Your name’s Sam, right?
Sam: Um, yeah.
Guy: ’cause you’re on Mitra’s Blog.
Sam: Heh. You know I have a blog now, too?
Guy: Really?
Sam: Yeah, you just have to go back to the admissions site.
Guy: Is it as good as Mitra’s Blog?
Sam: No.

And then I realized that this entire enterprise is nothing more than a spinoff of the greatest MIT blog ever. But, hey, “Frasier” won like five Emmies, right?

I’m optimistic.

If you’re the guy mentioned in this blog entry, I was so shocked upon being recognized that I forgot to get to your name. Sorry about that; it wasn’t very polite at all. Shoot me an e-mail or comment or something and let me know.

I can introduce you to Mitra.

5 responses to “See her picture(s) in a thousand places”

  1. Kiersten says:


    Hey, I saw you in the lobby of Burton Conner the other day. And I was like, “It’s Sam!!!” and I got weird looks from my friends so I resisted the urge to rush up to you and ask for an autograph:) Next time I see you, you better have a pen ready:P


  2. Mitra says:

    “Frasier” retired the same year as “Friends,” but did anyone ages 18-34 notice?

    On an unrelated note, I wish I were part of a Nielsen household.

  3. Ruth says:

    And when one great spinoff ended, a potentially great one began in its sted. Except it was “Joey.”

    My favorite spinoff is still “Pinky and The Brain,” but I’d always wish I’d seen the “X-files” spinoff “The Lone Gunman.” The pilot apparently was about the US government crashing a remote controlled plane into the World Trade Center to blame “tin-pot dictators” that were “begging to be smart-bombed.” Or at least, thats what IMBD would LIKE us to think.

  4. Meder says:

    welcome to blogs smile

    your posts are cool