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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

Share Your Story, 2014 edition by Jess K. '10

How did you find out you'd been accepted? Was there any celebratory dancing? Please tell me there was celebratory dancing.

Congratulations on being accepted to MIT! You’re amazing! And your hair looks especially good today! Did you do something new to it? Nope, just didn’t shower? Me too. But seriously, congratulations!

In my 9.65 (Cognitive Development) class, we’ve been talking a lot about the nature of memory and how it’s divided into various type (conceptual short term memory, working memory and the visuospatial sketchpad, long term memory, etc.), and one experiment we ran in class involved everyone writing down their memories of an emportant emotional experience, a phenomenon called “flashbulb memories”. In this case, specifically recalling the day you found out you got into MIT. What it felt like, what you were wearing, what you did before and after, etc. Crazily enough, even though that was way back in the dark ages of 2006 (in my day, I read my acceptance letter by candle, before saddling up my horse and picking up some celebratory goose fat from the general store), I can still remember exactly how it happened – driving home from school, seeing the tube sticking out the mailbox, SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF, screaming my head off some more, jumping up and down, scaring my dog, running in circles, shooting off fireworks, setting my house on fire, having to call 911, etc.)

(No. Not really. But everything short of fireworks, yes.)

Things are a little different now, since decisions are released online. But you still get a tube and/or big packet in the mail eventually, so whether you’re early decision or just found out – what’s your story? Feel free to share in the form of pictures, haiku, sonnet, or just plain comment below. Or read some old stories for inspiration (as well as a more comprehensive version of my story, sans fireworks).

Looking forward to meeting you all in a few weeks! :)

39 responses to “Share Your Story, 2014 edition”

  1. Banerjee says:

    FIRST WOOT!! I know you find this annoying, but it’s very hard to comprehend the emotion until you do it yourself =)

  2. Anvisha says:

    I had to board a plane to this holiday destination in India y’see (Goa, with my friends) and my flight was in the wee hours of the morning. SO as I woke up to get dressed I realized that IT WAS TIME.
    And I checked. And I was sleepy and my eyes were blurry and I was yawning and it didn’t register.
    but YES– I woke up the family, celebratory dancing ensued. And I nearly missed my flight, but the next 3 days in that holiday county were spent with reckless abandon smile
    Long post. But it could’ve been longer.

  3. When Pi day came, me and my two friends who also applied, decided to do a little “MIT ritual”. We took our laptops and went to a cafe with WiFi. We sat around a round table (it was Pi day so the square tables weren’t appropriate) with a candle on it and turned our laptops so that each person saw the other two’s letters but not his own. We counted down from 3 and clicked on the login buttons. After some awkward silence – there was a lot of tention as I saw, facing me, two rejection letters – we decided that we’d each ask one question about our page. I went first and asked if my page was pink (we had joked about the rejection page being pink with huge red letters before and I didn’t want to ask anything non-silly). My friend asked if he’s letter was short. From that, we all pretty much deduced our decisions. I turned around my screen and just covered my face with my hands. I didn’t know what to do, what to say, what to feel. I was very shaky and tried to relax. I just kept reading the letter (or mostly just staring at it as it wasn’t easy to concentrate). Then I got The Call. My tongue was all twisted and I didn’t even probably register half the conversation because of all the excitement.
    We sat around for a bit longer, I went and bought a cake and champagne to tell my mother, who didn’t know that I was going to get the decision that night. When I first said that I got accepted, she misheard me and thought I didn’t get accepted and buried me in a hug. When I told her again, that I _did_ get in, she just screamed smile
    It’s been almost four days and it’s still unbelievable.

  4. Lisa '14 says:

    I was doing everything I could to keep my mind off of it. Saturday night, I went to sleep early with plans to wake up late (sort of helped by Daylight Savings too). When I couldn’t pretend to be asleep any longer, I got up but stayed in bed. My laptop was nearby, so I didn’t have to move far to get it. From there, I watched “Chuck” until 1:56, when I started counting down.

    When I logged in, I read the first few sentences and got excited. But I had seen this college confidential post in which someone got a rejection letter starting something like “Congratulations! We are sorry to…” So I read the first paragraph two more times before I jumped out of bed to show my parents.

    haha, the only one who wasn’t happy for me was our cat, who was scared by my mom’s screams. I’m so glad this wait is over.

  5. Jess says:

    oh man.. words cannot describe how much I love Chuck smile

  6. Martin '14 says:

    On Saturday I went to sleep. It worked flawlessly until I woke up in the middle of the night. “Pi” was running around my mind and I was starting to get sleepy when suddenly I became completely paralyzed. It is something we call “se te subi√≥ el muerto” (the dead got on top on you) in Spanish. You cannot move and feel like if someone was lying on top of you. It is called old Hag syndrome.
    No need to say I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

    Sunday was pretty standard. I had breakfast,showered, watched creepy movies until it was time. What happened next is pretty surreal and I will wake up on a Saturday night just to discover all this was a very good (but phony) dream.

    reCaptcha:He dazed … So did I

  7. Morganne '14 says:

    I got my letter on dec 16 at 9pm which was awful because it made the whole day go by extremely slow. A few hours before I had swim practice and I couldn’t stop looking at the clock (that is whenever my head wasn’t under water)- it was probably the longest practice of my life. By the time I got home, I still had an hour to wait so I spent it eating dinner and attempting homework, needless to say the whole hw thing didn’t work. When 8:55 came around I couldn’t get myself to get on the computer in fear of a rejection. A few minutes later, after my parents nagging, I opened up the browser. At this point my heart was pounding so bad and I was nearly shaking. I then forced my parents to leave the room since I didn’t want to have to deal with their reactions too. By the time I opened it, it was a little after 9.

    The first thing I looked for was the word “congratulations” but there was none, so instantly I thought I was rejected/ deferred. Then I started skimming the letter- I didn’t have the patience to take the time to read it- and I saw the words “pleased to”. I thought “pleased” sounds like a good word so I forced myself to read the whole sentence and wha-la! I was accepted. I continued to run out into the kitchen, where my parents were, screaming that I got in. Then my mom started screaming. Then my dad thought there was a burglar because everyone was screaming (he eventually figured it out though). And finally my mom and I spent the next hour calling the long list of people I promised to notify of the decision.

    The End :D

  8. Nick '14 says:

    My EA deferring was uninteresting. I played DDR before going to check the decision. One of my friends had been accepted EA, and I didn’t want to make a Facebook status update to detract from her acceptance.

    Pi day… Despite daylight savings time, I woke up at 6:45. I participated in the March USACO contest to kill some time (but the contest was pretty hard, and I sat there half-wondering about my decision and half-thinking about the Starcraft problem for a couple hours). A friend of mine who was planning to come over to see the decision in person called and asked if it was okay to come over. After some convoluted and anxious waiting, we finally got everything sorted out. She came over, and we had lunch shortly after. Immediately after that, we played DDR (because playing intense DDR right after eating lunch is obviously the smart thing to do). After going through random songs, we found out that it was already 2:02. I trudged upstairs to go to my laptop to check. I didn’t really want to check, because I didn’t like my chances of getting accepted. My friend offered to first not be in the room when I checked, and also to check my decision for me. I declined both options. I typed in my username/password, and was about to move the mouse to click “Display Decision”. I sighed, and clicked the button.

    The page loaded, and there was silence for about two seconds. I read the first line of the letter, and after seeing the words “offer you admission”, I screamed, with my friend, at the same time (screamed might not be the right word, but according to my sisters who were behind me, it sounded like that). A Facebook status emerged, followed by a phone call, and then lots of text messages to various friends.

    Best day ever.

    My captcha: $850 lebanese.

  9. Nathan says:

    So, I woke up on Pi day very ecstatic because regardless of what would have happened, at least MIT read my application! I continued about my day like normal; fixed some work for IB, cooked breakfast for the house, did chores and made cookies. Except, they were not ordinary cookies. Oh no, the were Neiman Marcus cookies with extra coffee, craisins, almonds and chocolate chips. Needless to say, they were delicious and energizing.
    Once 1:50 hit around,I sat at my desk and waited. It was intense because no one was home; the silence added to the intensity. When I found out that I was accepted I was jumping with glee! All of the hard-work had come in a tangible (well, viewable) result!
    I called my immediate family, who, for the most part was elated (we wont go into detail about those who are completely set on Financial Aid being the only guiding decision for college).

    Afterward, I was slightly saddened that some friends were not accepted. However, I realized that we all must go our own path for happiness and that maybe it was not meant to be for everyone.

    When my mom finally came home, we went out for dinner to celebrate!

    I really can not wait until CPW!

  10. Mark says:

    To avoid waiting for my decision, I stayed up til 4 AM the night before and woke up 10 minutes before decisions came out. After eating a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, I read my decision at 2:00. I then changed into my MIT T shirt and smiled for the rest of the day.

  11. Gina says:

    At the time MIT decisions were released on 3/14, I was competing at the NYC FIRST Robotics regional competition. I had to focus on the competition since it was my first competition as part of the drive team, so I pushed MIT to the back of my mind. Our robot was doing super well–we were seeded #1 and were winning match after match. We ended up winning the entire regional! I had such an adrenaline rush and was sitting in the stands for awards when my best friend texted me to tell me that another student from our school got in. I could have checked right then and there using someone’s iPhone, but decided to wait so that it wouldn’t completely ruin my afternoon (I was really nervous I wouldn’t get in!) Well, I didn’t get home until about 11pm, and I went to my computer to check. I read the first two lines, literally did a double-take, and yelled to my parents “Mom! Dad! I got into MIT! I can’t believe this!” At this point I texted my best friend, who then went running through her house screaming and waking up her entire family. (Needless to say, she was pretty excited too!)

  12. Paula says:

    I also found out back in December, so the 9PM log-in was quite annoying…

    By 8PM, I could no longer focus on homework; I was far too excited. I had that song “Final Countdown” stuck in my head haha

    Eventually, I played the perfect Jason Mraz song to calm me down :] and when I read the letter (six times to make sure I didn’t misread it) I started screaming and jumping around! It was a very good few days after that :]

    Congrats to everyone who got in! I’ll be seeing you at CPW! :]

  13. Cameron '14 says:

    I woke up at 10:30 on pi day and passed the remaining time by recording a cover of “The River Dragon Has Come” by Nevermore. The solo is quite technical, so it really took my mind off MIT. I logged on at 1:59:03, and burst into tears.


  14. Ann '14! says:

    All the way back in December, I had to sort out a router issue around 8:00 PM. Luckily, I resurrected my wireless connection around 8:30, but it was very nerve-wracking to not have internet so close to the 9:00 moment of truth. My Dad made me hot chocolate so I’d relax and I stayed in my room so I could process the decision before telling my family. When I finally read the acceptance, I had to re-read it a few times to make sure that I understood correctly and then scrolled up to check that it was actually my name on the top. Then I yelled “I GOT IN!!!” to my parents down the hall and ran to their room — still holding a mug full of hot chocolate, which did not stay full for long… Now my hallway carpet has a faded three-month-old chocolate stain; a nice little souvenir of that wonderful evening!

  15. Michael'14 says:

    I was out of town with my family in Los Angeles–my sister had a dance competition and I was checking out the UC Irvine Honors Program I had gotten into. Sleep was extremely difficult to come by, constantly distracted by the fact that my first major college decision was coming back the next day and I couldn’t handle the anxiety. Woke up, turned on the TV and blasted some music to calm down. Closer to 10:59 (West coast wink ), my mother and little bro came in, deciding I couldn’t be alone for this decision. After being distracted a final time by a college basketball game, I decided it was time to check. I barely had gotten through the first sentence after glancing through and capturing “offer admission” and “class of 2014” and screaming: “I’M IN!!!” I proceeded to leap into my mother’s arms, tackling her onto the bed right behind her, followed by my little bro.

    A bunch of calls and text messages followed. And it has barely begun to sink in. smile

  16. Anonymous says:

    I had traveled to North Carolina for a weekend-long ultimate frisbee tryout and had no time to worry about my MIT decision. After the tryout was over, my family and I went out for Chinese food. I ended up checking my decision on an iPhone in a bathroom stall of a PF Chang’s restaurant near Raleigh, because the decisions page recommended “privacy”. My celebratory drinks: 1 ginger ale, 1 glass of water, 1 glass of milk.

  17. Martekie says:

    The night before 3/14 I read all sorts of letters – rejections, waitlistings, and once in a while, admissions :D – all in my dreams. I just couldn’t sleep. The 3% admit rate of Internationals kept tormenting me, and around 11 when I finally got out of bed, I was near tears. I did everything slowly as if on auto-pilot, hoping – for some strange reason – that that would make time move faster. I remember playing around with my cereal because I was too busy/scared watching the clock and doing the countdown.

    At 1:59, I officially decided and told my friend, that I was going to check it, cry and get it all over with. I read through the blogs for while, and then clicked “Display Decision”. I shivered and almost burst into tears when I saw the “MIT Class of 2014” part. And I started screaming and my friends started screaming and we all screamed, and hopped around and stretched smile I called everybody – and nobody answered their phone :( – for a while at least.
    About five minutes later I heard a new, invigorated scream. Another one of our friends had gotten in.

    Later, we all laughed when my friend’s little brother explained our screaming to his friends by saying: “She has won a competition called MIT. The competition is called ‘got in'”. I finally went back and polished off all the cereal wink

  18. Matthew says:

    I suppose my 3/14 morning was a bit subdued compared to some of the rest here. I had been up late working on some electronics, and feeling depressed about my CalTech rejection, so with the addition of DST, I got up at about 1:10.

    I wasn’t really expecting to get in, so I just took a leisurely shower, then went into my kitchen to look for something to eat. I suppose it was a bit of an omen that there were fresh, hot bagels waiting for me, but I took nothing of it and cut one and spread on some cream cheese. By the time I got upstairs, I looked at the clock and it was 2:00!!!!!!, feeling like I was about to have heart attack, I loged on (got my password wrong 3 times), and, wait.

    At that point I just kind of melted/exploded, I started running around my room, and then started calling everyone I know. It was a good feeling to say the least.

  19. genius ('18) says:

    Congrats to you all!

  20. Brian says:

    I spent that long, long day in December (I’m from California, so decisions were released at 6) trying to keep my mind off the decisions while assuring everyone who asked that I’d be deferred if I were lucky. At 2, I went to the newspaper classroom, where I was until 5:15 or so (we had deadline, you’ve not experience agony until you’ve tried to copyedit a page an hour before MIT decisions come out). I then proceeded to a supermarket, where I bought Top Ramen. I arrived home at about 5:50 and sat down at my computer just in case decisions had gone up early. They hadn’t, so I started pacing until I wore a hole in the floor. At 6 I refreshed, saw the new “EA decisions are out; be prepared” page. I entered my username and password, my heart in my throat despite myself. I clicked “Enter.” Then I read the first lines, began to scream, read the first lines again, screamed some more, copied and pasted the letter to be sure I wasn’t misreading it, screamed a bit more, ran around the house, and temporarily lost my sanity.

    Oh, that was a good night.

  21. Heath '14 says:

    I was at home it was probably a little after one (Midwest for the win hey!). My mom asked me if I was going to check and I got on.

    I read the first paragraph probably around 5 times just taking it in. Then I logged off and tried to play it cool to my mom and say something smart. Failed. She congratulated me and made me show her. Then I attacked my sister as she came down the stairs with a hug and called a ton of people.

    It was an exhilirating day!

  22. Heath '14 says:

    I was at home it was probably a little after one (Midwest for the win hey!). My mom asked me if I was going to check and I got on.

    I read the first paragraph probably around 5 times just taking it in. Then I logged off and tried to play it cool to my mom and say something smart. Failed. She congratulated me and made me show her. Then I attacked my sister as she came down the stairs with a hug and called a ton of people.

    It was an exhilirating day!

  23. Nell says:

    I’m the captain of my school’s science olympiad team, and so, as per tradition, I had every team member over to my house during the afternoon of the Sunday prior to states (this weekend). It wasn’t until a couple of days before the meeting that I realized what a terrible coincidence of events was about to take place…what would happen when I didn’t get in, and my whole sci oly team was there to watch?

    As the minutes ticked down to 1:59, my guests gradually abandoned their studies and gathered in a group behind me, as I sat on the couch literally shaking with excitement/trepidation/you-know-the-feeling. Finally, at 1:58, I couldn’t take it anymore…I sprinted upstairs to my bedroom, chased by the disappointed groans of my friends as the crowd disappated. Perched on the edge of my bed, I used twitching fingers to peck out my username/password..and then I stared at the screen. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t breathe – not until I ran downstairs and gasped “I GOT IN!” to my mom, followed by applause and cheers by my team.

    Best pi day ever. =D

  24. Anon says:

    Bahahhaha mine– I hadn’t told either of my parents when decisions came out, to avoid their anticipation making me even more nervous on top of mine. So I was sitting in my room attempting to distract myself– and then, about 2-3 minutes before, my mom came in and started talking to me. For at least ten minutes. I don’t know the last time I’ve had such a terrible ten minutes.

    Then I rushed over to my laptop and you know the rest. :D

  25. Ph'14 says:

    I was in the army… serving national service. I woke up at 3 am in the morning, checked my phone, saw a couple of messages from my mom that I got in… and I spent the rest of the 3 hours before reveille just punching the air silently.

    No, actually I went back to sleep. smile

  26. Angela '14 says:

    The hour before I checked my decision, I proceeded to read The Picture of Dorian Gray (which did not go over well). Five minutes before, I was so jittery that I had to calm myself down by plucking stray hairs on my eyebrows.
    My decision popped up so fast that I didn’t really register anything. There was a lot of words and I saw CLASS OF 2014 first, and then read the sentence backwards trying to look for the congratulations ahaha.
    I didn’t believe it at all so I closed my window and tried again. And it was the same smile
    Today I got my big envelope. Not the same as a tube, but its the next best thing!!

  27. Nausheen'14 says:

    I got my decision the evening after my calculus final in December. I was already pretty bummed out because I was pretty sure I bombed it and was all the while extremely nervous about the decision. but my mother and I logged in together, I saw the words “Class of 2014”, and FELL DOWN. XD I dropped to the floor and just started crying, then immediately called my best friend and IMing others. :D

  28. christy says:

    I was at a swim meet with my HS team out of town. My coach promised to let me use her phone/wifi card to check at 6 (yay I only had to wait until 6 because of time change. go OR!), but I ended up having to wait until 7 because I was racing. So on the bus home, I went to the front and borrowed it and received the good news! My coach announced it even though I said not to and I got high-fives all the way back to my seat.

  29. Erics says:

    I failed, and got rejected. I can’t imagine anyone here will do as much I as would upon acceptance. I’m going to go. I don’t care when anybody says. I’m going. No question.
    I had a video camera and filmed my first exposure to the decision. I saw it, started laughing, thinking “o god im not ever going.” Then I invented my (probably delusional) plan to get in.

  30. Jess Haskins says:

    I was definitely decked out in my Pi Day t-shirt, eating pie for good luck, watching SVU to pass the time until 1:59 with the decisions page already up on my lab top. See,I had a tragic experience with Georgia Tech’s admission decisions when their Server crashed and they had to email us decisions an hour later…

    I clicked at 1:59.

    I was expecting a “We regret to inform you…”. However, there was none of that nor was there a great big “Congratulations” on the page. I actually had to read the first 4 sentences to realized I’d been accepted. Dearest MIT, it is not a good idea to try and make kids read the first four sentences with that amount of suspense upon their shoulders. May I ask that next year there be a great big, bold “Congratulation” on the page.

    I let out a shrieking, “OH MY GOD!”. And forced my self to read the 4 sentences again in disbelief. I fell off of the couch and sprinted outside to tell my dad and brother, who apparently had already left. I grabbed my phone whilst jumping, crying,screaming to call my friend who was waiting to hear from me. I blubbered for about 1 minute speaking so quickly, I do believe I broke my own record for words/minute. I posted a giant caps, bold facebook status, and then ran outside to my car to go tell my mom who was at our Forsythia festival. I got outside and attempted to click my heels with joy. I fell, scraped my knee. Got back up, into the car, and sped through Forsyth. Ran through the massive amount of people staring at me strangely and almost tackled my mom. Then we went about bragging to all the people there we knew. Now, I live in a small town. No one from my school has ever gotten into an Ivy league school. There’s a newspaper article coming out next week.

  31. Miriam '14 says:

    EA decisions came out on the first day of my winter break, so I slept in, but I still had to spend most of the day waiting until 6 pm. I was messing around on Facebook and other random websites and getting more and more nervous, and then at about 4 pm I decided to go for a walk. It was really foggy and cold (by San Francisco standards) but I was about to go crazy if I sat in front of the computer any longer. I walked up a hill near my house for a while, and on my way back down I started singing this: I got back at about 5:30 and started doing random stuff on the Internet again, but avoiding Facebook and this website because I wanted to know my decision before I knew anybody else’s. Finally at 6:00 I went to the decisions website, typed in my username and password, made sure that my parents were in other rooms and couldn’t see me, and hit enter. I read the first sentence, but I couldn’t believe it so I read it a few more times and then skimmed the rest of the letter. Then I jumped up and yelled, “MOM! I GOT IN!” while running to where my parents were. I posted “:D:D:D” in my Facebook status, and then my parents and I went out to dinner to celebrate.

  32. Flora '14 says:

    EA decision at 9 pm made the day extreeeemely long. I was looking at the clock all day in school and counting down the hours. I even went to the library and checked out a book titled “Meditation.” (lol) When I got home, I started reading the book, and it put me to sleep. My mom woke me up at 10pm, but by that time my sleepy self didn’t want to know anymore. I tried to go back to sleep, thinking I was rejected anyway. But mom convinced me to go check, and yayyy! I read the first sentence and screamed. =D

  33. The first time around was rather uneventful. I read the letter so fast I did not know whether I was accepted or denied. Turns out I was deferred. It was disappointing, but I survived.
    This past Sunday, I awaited 1:59 pm in the very seat I am occupying right now, reading blog entries, and preparing myself mentally for a “no.” Such preparation made the acceptance all the more joyous/amazing/unbelievable… pick your adjective. I am not much of a cry baby but my tear ducts kicked into full gear. I proceeded to call my dad, family members, and friends for the next 2 hours. In the midst of phone calls and texts, I received news that two other classmates of mine were also accepted! Three girls in one shot after 28 years of nothingness. I smiled the rest of the day, which made my face hurt but who cares because I WAS ACCEPTED TO MIT!!! AHHHH!!!
    At midnight some friends surprised me with what else but fresh baked apple pie, the perfect ending to the day.

  34. Mary B '14 says:

    I guess I, unlike a lot of people, had my whole family around me when it got close to time. After being disappointed by a deferral in December, I knew I would need the support regardless of the decision.
    Sunday morning I went to church and stayed there as long as I could to put off being home for too long. I managed to get home around 1:35, changed my clothes, and cleaned my room a little. At 1:50, I went downstairs and sat at my kitchen table, facing away from the clock and towards the lake behind my house. Calmly, I painted my nails and tried to empty my mind of anything except what I was doing. I finally finished a few coats and was blowing on my nails to get them to dry enough to type when I looked at the clock. 1:58pm. My parents and brother came down and stood around me, we prayed, and then I mustered up the courage to hit enter.
    After skimming the first line a tiny “ohmyGod” escaped from me, my mom started crying, my dad hugged me, and I started sobbing. I spent the next 2 hours on the phone calling family and friends, more time than I usually spend on the phone in a month.
    I still haven’t fully wrapped my brain around it.

  35. Jenna '09 says:

    Two things:
    1)You did look super cute with your unwashed hair the day of this blog post.
    2)I will share my acceptance memory because all of these are are so precious: It was way back in 2004, and I was following Matt’s and Ben’s blogs religiously, and I remember the picture from Matt’s of a hand truck with 2 mail crates of big envelopes set to be mailed on Friday, December 10. From this I deduced that there was a good chance my letter would arrive in the mail on Monday, December 13. So, I decided to play hooky and stay home from school that day to “work on an AP Government essay or two” (I was notoriously bad at turning those babies in on time), and I, of course, didn’t tell my parents my true agenda. I somehow even managed to get my friend, Mara, to come to my house to “study” with me. I should also mention that my year was the last year of EA to not get tubes (do they even still get those now?); it was made very clear on Matt’s blog that admitted students would get a big envelope and rejected and deferred students would get a small one. It was around 1:00 p.m. when we heard the metal clinking of my mailbox. I ran outside and saw the big envelope with the yellow MIT graphic on it. Lots of girly screaming ensued… I called my parents and my grandparents (One of my grandmas couldn’t stop crying about how proud her parents would have been of me, which I do appreciate but to give some context, my grandma went to college in the ’50s, so she was pretty cool herself). I then called my school’s headmaster. I went to a small private school and I was part of the second graduating class, so an MIT admission was a pretty big deal (and yes, I may have abused that for the rest of the year). I’m fairly certain they made an announcement over the loudspeaker about it, because everyone knew and fast. Well actually, that would be grossly inappropriate, so let’s just blame it on gossiping. Mara and I then drove to school to get there for the last few periods. We conveniently had choir practice instead of class; it was a full choir practice, like a third of the entire school. We walked into the room mid song and tried to sneak into our spots on the risers. But no, that wasn’t gonna happen. Singing ceased and everyone starting cheering for me. Now, I don’t mind attention, but this was ridiculous and is why I still sometimes think a PSA was made. Other than the obvious visits to my favorite teachers and my college guidance counselor, I don’t remember much from that day.
    But! I was then mentioned on Ben’s blog ( “It makes me think of the girl who chose to commute an hour each way to attend a certain school, and the amazing friendship she developed with the bus driver that reinforced her dream of becoming a teacher.” That was me! And if you scroll down to the comments, you’ll see one from high school Jenna. But then, as always, I brought the drama in his follow-up post ( I’m pretty sure my high school still talks about this at their college info nights…”One of our students was even featured on the MIT website!” My high school is so silly.
    I then continued to find great friends in other EA admits, through the MIT09 Chat on AOL with our bot moderator SexyNerdBot. And even though those friendships barely made it to Orientation (though we were quite the posse at CPW), the admitted student process was a great ride, as was MIT. Disclaimer: I made tons of great friends during my time at MIT, and just because I found a different niche from my prefrosh friends doesn’t mean you will or won’t.

    It’s great how easily distracted one can be by nostalgia at work.

    ps- I may be an MIT graduate but even though it says “(you may use HTML tags for style)” I cannot for the life of me figure it out, so sorry for that

  36. Tony Ravenna says:

    Reading these stories gives me the chills!

  37. Andrew says:

    I was on a trip with my dad in London when I found out on the tour bus that I was accepted. As my good friend put it, my trip became exponentially better!

  38. i checked decisions upstairs in my room….took my shirt off, ran down the stairs, ran outside my house and sprinted down the street shirtless….in 20 degree weather at 9 oclock at night( live in nj and got in earlY)….i came back panting and i shared the news with my parents….haha…it was crazy