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MIT student blogger Becca H. '12

Snow has arrived by Becca H. '12

and shut down the Institute

I woke up today to blowing snow, the sound of fire trucks (from the firehouse across the street) and a call from our team captain saying that the boathouse was locked, so practice was cancelled. The day is turning into the first snow day I have had in years.

The view from my window

Back home in Colorado, snow days are few and far between. It usually takes about 18 inches of snow, and ice on the roads to close schools. Being as sunny as it is, this never happened much. There were a few memorable days throughout my school career, but we could go years without one.

I’m not sure if Bostonians are less accustomed to snow, or perhaps it really does stick around more (case in point: I had never seen snow turn black), but the four-ish inches we currently have is enough to close down the Institute and the city governments.

My IAP so far has taken place mostly in Florida, during winter training for crew. Stick four crew teams together in a hotel, add two practices a day, access to a hot tub and a television, and you get rowers who row, sleep, eat and watch tv. Repeat. It was a great time to bond with teammates (and improve our rowing of course). It was also 70 degrees most days. I unfortunately forgot to take any pictures during our time in Florida, but just imagine the sun, salt water and dolphins.

After a tumultuous journey home due to bad weather in Philadelphia, and some help from Derreck ’10 (Thank you so much!), I finally made it home to Cambridge. The past two days have consisted of rowing practice, running errands and working. Today was supposed to be much of the same, but now that the Institute is closed, I have the expanse of an unplanned day sitting ahead of me. First order of business: back to bed.

12 responses to “Snow has arrived”

  1. Vivek says:

    Sounds wonderful.
    (I wonder why most of the admissions blog team is obsessed with snow these days. raspberry )

  2. @becca –

    well, cities close down earlier than rural areas, generally, because even with less overall snow there is no place to PUT the snow. i’m from rural NH and there are almost never snow days because we just plow it wherever.

    today, though, MIT closed because there is 16 inches forecast, with pockets of 24-30 inches possible in the boston area. combined with the wind, it’s too dangerous to travel.

    enjoy the snowday!

  3. Vivek says:

    Guess that’s one extra thing that I’ll hopefully have to cope with next winter.

  4. Worgus says:

    mistaks are norma

  5. Derek says:

    The snow,its been ages since I have seen a flake fall on my roof top.The “snow” which you call,hides away all the trodden path,a newbie has to find his/her own way,you never know where the road takes you to, or as a matter of fact here,can we see and roads;its covered with snow right!.If wish,I can walk through this snow and create history,a path no one has ever taken.. a path which I intend to explore.. a path which can take me to heights…a path to my dream place MIT.My life is been rewritten now.. I have a strong feeling that God has something in store for me.. as all my attempts to do anything other than MIT.. I’m forced back to my MIT dream..I wish I can convince my parents to apply to MIT next year.

    The snow covered all the roads… the newbie now has to find his/her own way on their own…miracles are in store for all those who DARE TO BE DIFFERENT…DARE TO WALK THE PATH NO ONE HAS…….

  6. Derek says:

    correction-“can’t we see and roads”

  7. Derek says:

    Sorry.. this is really embarrassing.
    Correction (again) -“we can’t see the roads”

  8. Robert says:

    I wish Florida would get some snow :(

    I just heard on the news that there’s snow on the ground in 49 states. Even Hawaii got snow…

    And what happens when the Institute is closed? Can you still walk around everywhere like libraries and the student center and go in all the buildings and everything?

  9. Anonymous says:

    How could you have rowing practice on a partly frozen charles? I thought the carbon fiber shells would break… Unless practice was indoors in a wave pool wink
    PS: Yes, snow turns black around here. Welcome to Boston!

  10. Paul says:

    Whoooaaa really nice.

  11. Derek says:


    Thats kind of you!.And reading my comment again I came to notice that I made a ton of mistakes,my bad.And I don’t bother to correct it anymore.I guess I’m too careless,I learnt that I have to read my post before I click on the Post button raspberry
    I guess you applied for this year to paradise-MIT.
    All the best my friend

    (an MIT aspirant,though hopes shattered)

  12. Becca H. '12 says:

    @Robert: When the institute is closed, the main campus is still open. Sometimes the student center is open, sometimes it is not (I haven’t figured this one out). But a lot of people still go into lab etc. on holidays/snowdays.

    @Anonymous: Although we have discussed the potential ways to row on a frozen river, we practice indoors in the winter, generally on ergs, in the tank (kind of like an indoor wave pool) or lifting weights.