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MIT student blogger Lulu L. '09

Sorry you didn’t meet me :( by Lulu L. '09

I missed Meet-The-Bloggers, and some things on this semester

During the Meet the Bloggers party on friday, I sent the following email to Ben Jones:


Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 21:03:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: is there a meetthebloggers party

and am i invited?



It turns out I was invited. Sorry I got confused.

It’s not too late though, to meet me, that is. You know where I live. Here a special shoutout to my homegirl Jessica. She was my prefrosh hostee for an overnight when I was a wee freshman and now she’s all grown up and class of 2011 and everything :) aww

I didn’t get a prefrosh this CPW. I also didn’t get to be Tim the Beaver, which cut me pretty deep.

I haven’t updated in a while. What have I been up to?

For one, I went to West Virginia. I know, I know, WHY? Well, because Cambridge was doing this:

But also because:



Me n my travel buddy:

Also, I…

Got to learn how to drive stick-shift:

Got to stand next to some big huge telescopes.

Sometimes, nature does some strange things. You think you know, but one day it was thunderstorming and the lightning hit the little pine tree on the side of the road instead of the big huge telescope next to it.

Did you know? The National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, WV is located in the nation’s only radio-quiet zone that spans approximately 15,000 square miles in area. (fact check!: 13,000 sq miles. source: Wikipedia)

In addition, I…

Rode around in a convertible:

Also saw some huge windmills:

And more! But you’d have to be in my writing class to know the rest.

In other news, I’ve been running around like a maniac, made two overnight trips to Connecticut in the same week because the US Government made me. The end result: I’M A CITIZEN! Yeah go me, and good thing, too, since I’ll be working at NASA this summer building a satellite. PAID INTERNSHIP. Because I don’t think it’s top secret, I’ll talk about it a little. It’s called the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), hopefully the lowest budget useful gadget we’ll ever send into space. The launch is *hopeful* for 2009 2010 but one never knows. It will look for extrasolar planets (transiting planets- that cross in front of their host stars). The project is very ambitious for a 2 million dollar budget. Oh yeah and the project hasn’t officially begun yet, which is really cool for me, maybe I’ll play a minutely important role in the whole thing and see it go up when I graduate from MIT.

Anyways I’m really excited about that and on that matter I think I’ll put in a plug for MIT:

Look, go anywhere you want, but KNOW, that if you come here, you’re guaranteed some pretty cool connections. I have to say I’ve had generally great experiences with the professors and administration here. I dropped Aero/Astro and switched to Physics (which was, by the way, as simple as filling out a half-page form), but still go in and talk to my advisor from Aero/Astro (Prof. Wes Harris) about career plans and classes and things like that. A major in Course 16 has tons of requirements but if you want to build some kind of curriculum for yourself, it’s actually extremely flexible and allows you to petition out of many basic courses into the more advanced ones. Course 16 admins still send me emails about internship opportunities that open up (how I heard about this one), and I still have card access to the labs and lounges! (though that might be accidental)

…and UROPS! If I didn’t get this particular job, I would have gone with the science team working on the MWA (Mileura Widefield Array, I believe) to Australia to help them assemble the radio telescope array. As a UROP student. Which, yes, at this point I’m just bragging but LOOK AT THE COOL THINGS YOU GET TO DO! And I’m just a dumb sophomore with okay grades and very limited experience.

This internship is in California, so I’ll be on the west coast for all the summer. But I won’t be alone, there are 3 or 4 other students in Aero/Astro going out to this NASA facility (working on different projects, of course) and a couple of physics kids that I know.

I can’t think of anything else to talk about right now. Oh, the ring delivery is this thursday. That’s pretty cool I should have some pictures. And also, hope you had a good time at CPW. But remember, CPW might be fun, but keep in mind, Orientation is EVEN MORE FUN!

p.s. I took a picture of a dog holding a whole sandwich in his mouth (this was in WV):

I haven’t seen anything like that before or since.

Good! Yay, pick a college. Do it quickly. Don’t make a fuss.


22 responses to “Sorry you didn’t meet me :(”

  1. Waverly says:

    Wow! That’s pretty cool. I am a junior and an astrophysics nerd, does MIT have an astrophysics program or does one major in physics and Earth and Atmospheric Sciences with a concentration in Astronomy?

  2. Larry says:

    That’s so cool that you’re working as NASA this summer! Good luck with it!

    I also like your Photography! I’m only a Sophmore in High School but I plan on going to MIT and doing Photography on the side as a hobby, if I don’t end up going to FIT for Photography.

  3. Anonymous says:

    we were in and out of Morgantown for a bit. Our road trip took us down much of the Appalachians, along 219 down and around Snow Shoe and such.


  4. lulu says:


    MIT doesn’t have an Astrophysics major but has TONS of faculty in astrophysics. like tons. they’re crawling all over the astrophysics building (37). If you like astrophysics and astrophysics is what you want to do (heck, it’s what I wanna do) you would be a physics major and take your elective courses in astrophysics (i dont remember their numbers but there’s quite a few of them) and some in the EAPS department, but that’s more planetary science and not physics so it’s most likely not what you’re looking for. But I think more importantly, you’ll want to get to know some of the astrophysics faculty and do some research in that field.

  5. Danielle says:

    Awesome! I’m from West Virginia. Did you go specifically to visit Greenbank or did you go other places to perhaps?

  6. gy'11 says:

    Hey Lulu!

    I always like your pics, but this time you have truly outdone yourself. Your pics, especially the landscape which is half normal half thru a sunglass, is just amazing!

    Paid internship at Nasa?! That’s amazing. Is there usually competition for an internship? Especially one like yours?


  7. Dhaval says:

    My god… u’ll be working at NASA!!!!

    i’m a small island boy who ‘happened’ to be admitted to MIT for 2011 and now you’re talking about sattelite assembly and NASA.

    maybe finally miracles happen… no, they DO happen.

    (forest gump: mama says that miracles happen all the time..)

    Dhaval ’11

  8. Kate says:

    Are you allowed to do Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology and still do some Astrophysics stuff while having time for language or politics courses and such? I don’t like the idea of specialising a great deal.

  9. Sarah '11 says:

    Hey Danielle, look up at my question, lol. It’s answered right below it smilesmile. I think they used tomtom.

  10. Cody Dean says:

    Yay for WV! haha! (I live in Beckley, but I am not sure if you came that far south.) I hope you had a great trip! The Green bank pictures were of great interest to me. I spent 2 1/2 weeks last summer there at governor’s school for math and science. The technology is astounding! (we were trained and permitted to run much of it) Well, with any luck, I will be seeing you all in 3 years (I am currently a high school freshmen) Best wishes! -Cody D.

  11. Amirah says:

    the pictures are awesome! and congratulations on getting citizenship. pardon me, but “OHMYGOD YOU’RE WORKING FOR NASA IN THE SUMMER OH I’M SO JEALOUS!!!”

    I’m not insanely keen on physics, but I’m really into the astrophysics side. I’m repeating myself but it has to be said: I am jealous.

  12. Anonymous says:

    OMGOSH… I’m from WV, but I’m stuck in Boston right now because our airport is useless :(. Where all did you go? Summersville, perhaps??

  13. Anonymous says:


    你撞到我 却酷酷离开
    死心 失望 会比较简单
    却又心有不甘 一个人不孤单 想一个人才孤单

      竟然以为你会不一样 但凭什么你要不一样 ?
    这个城市太会说谎 爱情只是昂贵的橱窗 ……
    这个城市太回伪装 爱情就想霓虹灯一样 让梦做得太辉煌 ……
    我们只是彼此人生的插曲 关上等 做个梦 谁也不留在谁身旁 !

    不管国外的天气怎样 我们都沐浴着同一个太阳.
    它已经深深得刻在记忆中 挥之不去.
    直到现在 我对你的感情之深是我自己也没有料到的.
    我以为自己越走越远了 却走成了一个圈 理智可以控制行动.
    但是不能控制心情 看不到你后 我才知道什么是思念.


  14. LG says:

    Your photos always make my eyes pop out of their sockets. BRAVO!

    Kind of a personal question, but where did you get accepted besides MIT during your senior year? What made you finally decide to choose four grueling years at MIT?

  15. lulu says:


    I know 16 with IT has a few more requirements than regular 16-1. But I think the number of extra requirements is like 2. I remember it being slightly more work but not significantly more. I mean, I’m doing a physics degree focusing on aero/astro and a concentration in writing. I know people who have taken German or Chinese or something every term along with their classes and are seeking a minor. It’s definitely possible. Even more is possible beyond that, but everyone has his own limit.


    We were near Morgantown a bit, and took a couple of roadtrips one of which down to Green Bank

    gy ’11-

    I’m not sure. There’s definitely an application process, and since they only picked one intern for this particular project this summer there might have been a selection process. How competitive it was I’ll probably never know as I don’t know how many people applied. I also know maybe 5 or 6 other people going out to NASA Ames this summer – they are working on different projects. I actually applied to a couple of projects out there and liked this one best. So if you want to get an internship in a field it looks like all you have to do is leave your resume in various locations and hope someone picks it up.


    I got in early action so I fell in love w/ the school pretty quick. When I got in I withdrew most of my other applications except the ones I’d already completed. I was accepted at UConn, Rice, and Columbia (college, not engineering, even). It was down to Columbia or MIT. Columbia has a good astrophysics program, but I liked the fact that I didn’t have to go to a different ‘school’ within MIT to study engineering. Plus i just liked it better.

  16. lulu says:

    Oh and everyone else: YAY!

  17. lulu says:


  18. Jessica '11 says:

    Hey! sorry I missed you at CPW. the whole weekend was amazing, though, and I can’t wait for next year! Hopefully I will get to see you at some point, and then you can tell me some about this NASA satellite deal, as long as it remains non-top secret, that is smile

    your pre-frosh

  19. Jon says:

    Nice blog, must be great to be working at Nasa for internship, just wondering what types of skills were they looking for, and did anything special take place during the interview?

  20. Kelly says:

    Dear all Prefrosh:

    You would be wise to aspire to the example of Jessica the Prefrosh, best prefrosh ever, who sent both Lulu and I gift cards and hand-knit MIT-colored mittens as thank-you gifts.


  21. lulu says: