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MIT student blogger Lulu L. '09

Still Going… by Lulu L. '09

haha... yeah. It's not over for all of us.

May 8th was when the senior thesis was due. But there’s an unofficial actual deadline for the senior thesis that I am now desperately trying to make. That is, next Thursday, May 21th. That is, if I want to graduate on June 5th. For some reason I always pictured that I’d have more time… Hmm I don’t know when I was actually planning to hand it in… June 4th maybe?

Hi Lulu,

I was wondering about your thesis since I hadn’t heard from you and the due
date was last Friday. You can have an extension until Thursday, May 21. It
is the absolute last day I can accept a thesis. I am in the office from
1:30 to 5:15 so drop it off sometime between those hours.

Good luck with the completion of the semester and your thesis.

Have a great day!

[Course Administrator]

As of right now, I have 12 pages written, and sketchy headers for the next 7 or so sections (Shot Noise, Dark Current, Variations in Quantum Efficiency, Saturation and Pixel Overflow, Readout Noise, A/D Converter Nonlinearity, Background/Bias subtraction, Relative Photometry… guess what my projects about? ).

I’ve been trying hard to work on it every free minute I have, but there’s always something that gets in the way. First there was my photography final project, which took up 3 weekends of shooting, editing, and writing. But it took me out on the commuter rail to a part of the state where I don’t normally find myself, which made for an enjoyable change.

There was philosophy, with 2 problem sets due this week, which I keep meaning to go to, but continue to pathologically oversleep because I’m miserable in the morning from allergies. If you live in the northeast and you have allergies, they /will/ get worse when you move here. This makes me so psyched to leave.

Then, just in time for the home stretch I caught a terrible stomach flu that had me prostrate on the bathroom floor for a long miserable Monday night. Tuesday I started the last General Relativity problem set, which contained two of the easiest problems and also probably the most difficult problem we’ve had all semester (4 hours went into #1 and #3 together, we’ve put at least 10 hours into #2 so far just to end up with a black hole for a star). Not to mention I haven’t blogged in over a month. Just a lot of loose ends to tie up, you know?

I’m taking data for my thesis at this very moment. After tomorrow I’m handing in my last problem set in college and then it’s work work work on this final thing that has been causing me months of unfocused rage. When I met with my advisor at the beginning of term, he threw down a dusty volume of text on the table between us. He is this German physicist with white hair who can at times be quite tall……

THESIS. He said.
It was, like, at least 100 pages.
I replied,
there’s no way I’m going to write that much.

I think I’m pretty right about that. It will end up being more akin to 40.

In lighter news, by this I mean I’m going to talk about things that cause other people misery now, tonight I spent 2 hours taking the draft final for 8.022 to “make sure it was ok”. And it is. :)

My point is, I don’t have any finals at least. haha.


Life is still pretty good.

20 responses to “Still Going…”

  1. Alan '13 says:

    What’s the course number for this photography class you speak of? Do you have any suggestions for someone who’s an amateur photographer who’s interested in seeing what MIT has to offer?

    And yes, good luck on your thesis (I hope you’re constantly backing up, if I’ve learned anything about working on projects towards the deadlines…)

  2. Best wishes for your thesis and enjoy your life in San Francisco.

  3. Sam says:

    ahhh, i’ll miss your blog. cause you write for yourself, and not to target an audience. or something like that.

    your bloggin’s my favers. i mean, after sam maurer, but who compares to him?
    still, you hold your own all day, real talk. good luck after this place, dude

  4. Laura says:

    Wow, our course administrator is way less friendly than yours. I didn’t have my signed title sheet on the due date because my advisor was out of town and got a stern talking to about it.

    Good luck, I know how miserable thesis writing for days on end can be!

  5. Chris Praley says:

    Don’t fret! You’re almost there!

  6. lulu says:

    Thanks Yan, you are sweet, I think you are right, I won’t be holding office hours this weekend, Adrian is holding so many there’s no way mine will be useful. I’m happy to be passing the asian-girl-rocking-the-8-major-and-blogging-about-it torch to you. And I mean rocking. I expect no less.

    Alan- 21W.749. I think it’s a well-kept secret this class, way better than any of the course 4 visual arts classes I took.

    Sam- thanks sam smile

    Laura- lol, when I’m at the stage to be yelled at about my title page, I’ll be pretty ecstatic.

  7. Second, and keep going

  8. Yan says:

    Thanks, Lulu.

    I suppose your office hours are canceled this week. It’s saddening that I never managed to come more often. I think I’m going to miss you a lot.

    Good luck.

  9. Mollie says:

    My allergies actually got better when I came to Boston, but since I’m from the Midwest, I imagine it’s because whatever I was allergic to in the first place doesn’t bloom here.

    I still want to have lunch or dinner or something with you — but I’ll wait until you’re done with your thesis. Just send me an email if I don’t send you one ~next weekend? I have really lost all track of time at this point, and I worry that I won’t realize it’s June until at least July.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Solid state physics?

  11. Steph says:

    Good luck with your thesis!!

    I really enjoyed reading your photography project link above. Nice job. smile

  12. Nathan M '13 says:

    your project has to be about optoelectronics… photovoltaic cells or OLEDs maybe? anyways, congrats on (almost) being done!

  13. lulu says:

    pretty close, CCDs. More specifically photometry for exoplanet finder satellite wink

    bad news though , our electronics just blew up. :(

    Mollie! Yes!

  14. NathanArce says:

    Good luck Good luck <(^.^)b

  15. heixuel says:

    hi,greet you from China

  16. Monorina says:

    Haha…you look pretty happy in the last picture

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lulu, where are you going after MIT?

  18. lulu says:

    California for a little while. Then, wherever. What do you think?