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Lulu L. '09

  • Courses 8 & 16
MIT student blogger Lulu L. '09


Hi, this is a photography blog. I take pictures for all of you to see. Pictures of dorms and the people who live here. Pictures of labs and the people who live there. Pictures of my daily misadventures with a tireless crime-fighting squadron the press fondly refers to as Team Bemis. By day we blend in as best we could: you can find us in the backs of lecture halls soaking it all in like sponges just soaking it all in; you can walk by us standing in line in the summer heat for a lunchbox from Yang's Food-truck; you might even notice us griping about Junior Lab or applying to grad schools, but when dusk settles we patrol the streets for injustice, keeping you and your loved ones safe. We're actually a very peaceful people. We use violence only as a last resort. We might have matching underwear.

Hi, my name is Lulu Liu, I'm now a JUNIOR and pursuing a degree in physics and physics alone. Armed with a physics degree, I will be in a great position to pursue my ultimate goal in life of just being really good at everything. I'm from New Haven, CT most recently and I live in the dorm East Campus and on the hall First East. I am 21 years old, I took all physics courses last semester (something I don't necessarily recommend): 8.13 (lab), 8.05 (quantum II), 8.286 (cosmology), 8.971 (xray astronomy). This coming semester I will take 8.14 (lab II), 8.06 (quantum III), some indeterminate hass classes, and with a UROP.

Some things (new and improved):

- I think construction, along with shoes, is a necessary evil.

- I like the letters L and U equally, and the letter I one-third as much. I hate all other letters of the alphabet.

- I think books are better than movies.

- The sky is BLUE.

- If you speak spanish fluently, I will ask you about the cien años de soledad.

- I do a pretty good job of being human. If you prick me, I bleed; if you deny me something I'll generally want it more.

- When I was 2, I peed in the middle of the dancefloor at a dinner party. I was invited back.

- I can be a little irreverent but I promised Ben I'd be nice.

- I ain't your average American superhero and this ain't your average American blog.

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