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MIT student blogger Lulu L. '09

The sun is out by Lulu L. '09

but why is it so cold outside?

My cat is a little ball of static lately. It can’t be too much fun to be a cat in the winter time.

Today I wrested the last fateful drop out of my toothpaste and finally confronted the task of getting a new tube. I’d been putting off this day for weeks. But it could be put off no longer. I don’t think I’ve ever quite emptied a tube of toothpaste to this extent before. It’s not like La Verde’s is far away, or toothpaste is very expensive, it’s just that time of the semester. Any MIT student will tell you, drop date is the most aptly placed date in the whole MIT calendar, the last couple of weeks before Thanksgiving really wears you out.

Lobby 7 on Tuesday Night

Yesterday I finished two 11-page essays for the same class. Rhetoric is not a HASS I recommend for the particularly faint of heart. There are much easier ways to fulfill requirements. Yesterday, I went to rehearsal for the final project in dance, played in a badminton game at 8, which officially put us into the playoffs (yeah!) [which, incidentally, lasted all of 1 whole day for us (no!)] went to cheerleading practice at 9, stayed after to tumble til about 11. Went to sleep about 6am.

Dupont Gymnastics Room

Today, I went to get a drop form signed and fell asleep on my advisor’s couch. For 2 hours. Coming back from his meeting, he discovered me with my drop form draped across my face mumbling something or other about how I wasn’t even bored. We talked about what classes I was actually enrolled in, and to a pretty good degree of certainty we think we’ve figured it out. Then I biked what seemed to be forever across what I was sure was the frozen tundra of antarctica. I don’t remember being so frightfully cold in a very long time. Winter blows in in a huge hurry around these parts. Anyways, the point was to visit the Writing Center, and get the final drafts of my essays looked at by the writing department staff before turning them in for good. If I don’t sound terribly grateful to the Writing Center, my mistake. This is really a fantastic service, one of many things I did not discover until senior year. Appointments are made online, for one-hour one-on-one time slots, to brainstorm, to edit, to go over style issues… whatever, however you want to use the resource, really, of having a PhD in english or writing at your disposal.

The building 2 staircase always gives me vertigo

I’ve been sleeping on the floor the last couple of nights because I’m right over the boiler room and it’s warmmmmm. :)

Man, there are a lot of things to do here. But sometimes, we all need to simplify. Like, what’s wrong with a quiet evening of just batting around a gum wrapper?

J.P. Licks shows us how it’s done

Oh no, I think we’ve been spotted!

Better go! Good luck on the 8.012 test tomorrow, kids, you know who you are!

26 responses to “The sun is out”

  1. Daniel says:

    Hey Lulu, just dropping by to say hello! I skimmed through your essay 2, looks like it was a beast to write.

    Love the picture of lobby 7!


  2. '11 says:

    tose pictures are REALLY good!

  3. Oasis '11 says:

    “Rhetoric is not a HASS I recommend for the particularly faint of heart.”

    Depends on what version of Rhetoric you take. really. =p

  4. Your cat is sooo absolutely adorable!! ^_^
    One quick question: Do you know if there are any elements/skills you need to have in order to be on the cheerleading squad or the gymnastics team?

  5. Vytautas says:

    I agree with Daniel. Lobby 7 looks amazing.
    And to second hamsi, I used to think that my schedules are insane. Now I don’t :D

  6. Cam says:

    Hey Lulu, mind telling me how you got the perspective you did on the lobby 7 picture?


  7. Benjamin says:

    I live near Boston, and I walk to school every day. No matter how cold it is during the day, it is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY colder at 6:30.

  8. Gale says:

    Has it snowed there yet? We’ve had 30-ish degree weather here (Philadelphia) for awhile, but so far none of the flurries have stuck. It must be freezing up there! Have you guys gotten snow yet? And, I guess more importantly, are the dorms/classrooms warm enough for most people? (Our high school is freezing x.x)

  9. lulu says:

    Re: lobby 7 – I was sitting on one of the pedestals (like always) smile

    I think i might take some more pictures of lobby 7 from different angles. 2nd floor balcony has a good panoramic view.


    Do you need much skill to make the cheerleading team? Nah… Do you need much skill to make the gymnastics team? Yeaahhh.

    Re: winter

    it’s cold :( no snow yet.

  10. Cam says:

    @lulu: but you didn’t use a special lens? … I dunno. I wanna say fisheye lens but not quite. Either way, it looks like a warped image, and looks cool.

    Also, I took some shots from the 2nd floor blacony — not panoramic — maybe two weeks ago that turned out okay iirc. If they’re any good, I’ll scan the prints and put one here (comments).

  11. lulu says:

    thanks, Kuqprelk!

  12. Paul says:

    Lulu, is this post your revenge for my posting over you last week? smile

  13. lulu says:

    funny how that works, huh!

  14. lulu says:

    Oh i wasn’t sure what you were asking. The lens is a 10-20mm used on 10. So ultra-wide angle. I got it before burning man. oh, yeah, those pictures…

  15. Lainers says:

    Is the gymnastics room ever available for non-varsity, non-PE purposes? Open gym times or somesuch?

  16. lulu says:

    it’s pretty informal, once you get to know the schedule of the teams that practice there, any other time is pretty much open gym raspberry

  17. hamsi says:

    omg your schedule is insane. i don’t think i could survive dance, badminton, cheerleading, and essays all in one day! you’re amazing.

    and i gotta say, i like the way the writing center works =]

    one more thing: when i had central heating in my house, i used to sleep on the floor allll the time – hehe

  18. kayla '12 says:

    haha lulu replies to her spam! that’s a nice picture of the gymnastics room.. and it IS frightfully cold out.

  19. Reena says:

    Because the noon sun angle is low.
    Among other reasons.

  20. Dhvanit says:

    Lobby 7 looks awesome ! I wanna see that for real !
    And that’s cute cat, Lulu !

  21. June says:

    WHOA! your cat is beyond adorable. smile Can you grow pets inside dorms?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Your cats name is JP Licks!?!? You are officially my new favorite person. I love JP Licks.

  23. Cam says:

    @lulu: Cool, thanks. On what camera? :-D

  24. Cam says:

    GAHHHH IT’S COLD… lived in MA all my life and still getting less and less used to this.

    I almost got frostbite by being right next to the Charles (windy windy) for an hour last night and unable to wear the gloves I’d brought. Except not really.

  25. larisa says:

    uhm that last one is the least flattering photo of jp ever.
    what were you thinking.
    come on lulu

  26. lulu says:

    oh is that why she’s not speaking to me