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MIT student blogger Laura N. '09

THAT’S RIGHT! by Laura N. '09

AP scores and computing at MIT, these are a few of my favorite things...

Well my fellow 09er’s, as most of you already know, AP scores are in the mail. After an awesome day at work (the exclusive camp we were going to open for cancelled, so all the guards ran around the waterpark going on slides and doing all the things we would never let guests do…haha) I came home to find the envelope waiting for me in the front hallway.

My dad asked why I was excited to see the mail and I said, “Oh well I’m just excited to see how I did on these tests, even though I know I didn’t get- OH MY [edited for content].” Yours truly somehow managed to receive:

Physics C- Mech: 5
Physics C- E/M: 5

I…am at a loss for words. I have absolutely NO IDEA how this happened. I think somebody made a mistake. *grin* I started screaming and running around the kitchen. My parents are kind of clueless about college, so he was like “Well I don’t get it, but I’m glad you’re happy.” Haha.

That totally made my day. *contented sigh*

So, catching up on some old things….

About the banner issue. MIT people are so cool. Many thanks to Anthony, Mitra, and Mollie for their helpful comments. (I was kind of hoping that would happen, and it did. Props to them.) Their advice was right on. My banner is now successfully hosted in my own little corner of MIT server space (yay!) and I have managed to piece together a tiny bit of information about using computer services at MIT.

Now, if you go to this link:, there are various programs you can download for Windows. (There are tabs at the top of the page for other operating systems.) Now, if you download Filezilla, you need to get some Kerberos tickets. (Kerberos is a security protocol that allows the user to transmit data securely.) To do this, you’ll need to download Kerberos for Win 2.6.5 (R2), which includes a program called Leash. You can use Leash to login with your Athena username and password to obtain the proper tickets from Kerberos that allow you to prove your identity to the MIT computers.

For whatever reason, SecureFX is a lot simpler to run. As soon as you download the program, it’s ready to run for you because the configurations are already set to allow you to connect to MIT; you only need a username and password. This is a much easier way to get started, although I imagine that you’ll be needing some of the programs included in the “Kerberos for Windows” package for other things at a later time. On the other hand, I could be totally making that up, so don’t listen to me.

Once you open up either of these programs, they use a pretty user-friendly interface that allow you to transfer files back and forth. There are obviously set up a little differently from each other, but I haven’t used them extensively enough to report on that. Besides, it’s just a personal preference at that point. I’m also told that you can set up new directories and set permissions for them, but let’s not get too crazy just yet. That’s another topic for another day.

In other news, amino21 left me a great comment saying that he/she would be posting part of my first entry on his/her own blog…of course I don’t mind, I think that’s awesome! But it’d be great if you could link to your blog, I’d love to see it! =)

Well that’s about it for now. Coming soon: rambling about FEE results, my continued confusion about FEE results, the HASS-D lottery, my confusion about how I might have screwed up the HASS-D lottery, adventures with medical forms, anger at athletic forms (the first one is 10 pages! Just the first one!), and my other misadventures….

7 responses to “THAT’S RIGHT!”

  1. Anthony says:

    Did you take the June or July FEE?

  2. Saad Zaheer says:

    hey congrats on the 5 oos on the APs.. I am glad to know that Physics! and mechanics and E/M wow!

  3. Jessie says:

    Congrats! Much better than I did at AP Physics!

    Oh, how I remember AP tests. I took so many (14) that I think they’re burned onto my brain forever. I loved most of the classes but was not sorry to leave those tests behind…

  4. Mollie says:

    I love that “the testing company must have totally made a mistake” feeling. That’s definitely how I felt after seeing my GRE score!

  5. MJ says:

    Congrats! and how was your FEE?

  6. Evan says:

    [Note: This reply is exceptionally belated]

    That’s a great set of scores, Laura! I believe I took that exam last year – when I was a junior – and don’t have quite the same record to boast…:

    Physics C – Mech: 3

    Physics C – E&M: 4

    Not exactly great when compared to my 5 in AB Calc, but I did study everything for the course in only one semester (I was bored in Physics 1, and there were a lot of teacher issues, so I swapped out for an independent study). My only fame here was that the kids who studied all year for the B exam didn’t get above 3’s. The blame there lies on the teacher, though (different from the one who helped me), as his teaching skills were deplorable at best.

    The most bizzare part is that my scores aren’t inverted… I’d spent most of the year on Mechanics jazz, and only about eight weeks on E&M. I blame it all on the gravitation problem, which we never had time to cover beyond a couple basic principles. It’ll be 8.01 for me, but I don’t know that I’ll complain much about that; I haven’t touched on much physics stuff since last year.

    So… yay for physics ranting. Congrats again – you have my deep respect for grasping the subject as I have yet to manage.