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MIT staff blogger Bryan G. Nance

The Check Is In The Mail by Bryan G. Nance

As you know from Matt/Ben's blogs, the decisions are in the mail, or as they say in the newspaper business: we have put the Early Action decisions to bed.

As you know from Matt/Ben’s blogs, the decisions are in the mail, or as they say in the newspaper business: we have put the Early Action decisions to bed. The weather here was so bad that nothing moved on Friday. As of 1300 GMT the decisions were at Boston’s South Station (the main post office) and will be making their way to your mailboxes accordingly. (For those of you not familiar with the 24-hour clock, or zero-hour, that’s 9:00 am EST).

If you’ve seen Ben’s blog you know that our selection rate this year is 12% down from 14% last year. I know that many of you will automatically begin to spaz as soon as you read this. Don’t. Just wait and see, you may be one of the 12%.

For those not in the 12% – do not despair! Many of you will be deferred. And many of those who were deferred will be selected during Regular Action.

Nevertheless, The Nance Effect is a great place to discuss whatever is on your mind.

17 responses to “The Check Is In The Mail”

  1. Mrudh says:

    that was very inspirational anonymous smile


  2. Anonymous says:

    Bryan, I am from Puerto Rico, I guess you are the one in charge of our apps…
    is it true that for PR the letters were sent via DHL?

  3. Victoria says:

    *waits* I’m RD. *worries*

  4. Anonymous says:

    Someone just put up an amazing post so I wanted to copy/paste it…


    ~My older brother got deferred from THREE top schools including MIT during early action. (this is a few years back when you can do early to how ever many you want)-he wasn’t upset at all either cuz he’s an amazing optimist…which is what I strive to be

    ~and where is he now? He is at MIT majoring in Mech E with a 4.9/5.0 GPA and happy as ever can be.

    SO Moral of the story: CHILL CHILL CHILL

    p.s. IMPORTANT!!! if you got get a small envelope in the next few days and think your world and life is over…I will immediately hook you up with my doctor. Let me tell you what the end of the world literally means:——>

    My friend last year died of brain cancer at the young ripe age of 18. She never got to experience college life or enjoy the end of senior year…she was in the hospital on graduation day. So Whenver I start freaking about getting into MIT and thinking my life is over if I don’t get in…I think of my dear precious friend…She was so young, so optimistic, and even as she lay in bed during the last months of her life…she said she was very happy simply because the love of family and friends and support she was recieving.

    I know you are nervous like no other…but don’t forget about the big picture in life. This is but one little step in life in your big huge journey left to live. So LIVE STRONG…BE HAPPY…and don’t forget about the precious things in life: love of family and friends and good health.

    Peace. I will leave it to this. You guys are pretty quick so you understand me. But good luck anyways.

  5. Edward says:

    That was great, anonymous.

  6. Sarah says:

    Definitely. Thanks anonymous.
    I really appreciate your post.

    So inspiring.

  7. Kristin says:

    I’m a junior this year, but my palms are still sweaty just thinking about the crazy waiting I’ll have to go through next year… Good luck everybody!!

  8. YeSeul says:

    Hey Bryan! Thanks to you (and everyone else working at admissions) for working so hard!!

  9. YeSeul,

    The pleasure is all ours…. Is there anything in particular you are thanking us for?

  10. Anonymous

    THank you for your timely post. It does put this whole process in the proper perspective. In that vein, I suggest that everyone read the Dean’s Post on the TIM blog. I’ve never seen it put any better.

  11. s says:

    After Anonymous’s post–
    nothing to say, my mind’s blank

  12. Zack Yang says:

    Did I ever mention that the beaver is my favorite mammal?

  13. Zack Yang says:

    I just read Anonymous’s post.

    Thank you for putting things in perspective; it’s so easy to take for granted our health and our opportunities, and to forget what’s most important.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Do the ECs comment on physical appearance? smile

  15. thanks so much for that post anonymous. that is soo true in so many ways. my father has been telling me the same thing but it does sound as good as your post. i feel like if its meant to be god willy it will be.

  16. Justin says:

    I was going to make this post about how the 1300 GMT does not match up with the 9:00 am EST because of EST’s zone designator as +5R (9+5=14) but alas Daylight Savings Time alters the math to the 13. Sierra time is better anyway.

  17. Arian Roman says:

    Hey Mr. Nance, have a great New Years. Hope you had a happy holiday. I sent you a email a while back. I just wanted to thank everyone at MIT, and especially your entire staff of interns especially Marissa for your help. You were extremely welcoming and a great help to me on my over-night visit with Theta Delta Chi. I finished my application and it has been processed. It is a great relief to have it finished. Thanks again!!