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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

The Decisive Battle by Sam M. '07

The one examining "Turkey vs. Spam" on the almost-literal level.

Today, of all days, in Jonestown, PA, eight members of my family bore witness to the ultimate showdown between Turkey and Spam. Despite a two-hour food coma immediately after dinner, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I emerged victorious.


I wanted to turn the turkey carcass into usable fuel, of course, but Aunt Jen got to it first and made some stock instead. Not quite as environmentally-friendly, but probably a little more appetizing.

Unless, of course, you believe the twelfth or so verse of “We Are The Engineers“:

An artist and an Engineer had found a gallon can.
Said the artist, “Match me drink for drink and see if you’re a man.”
They took three drinks, the artist fell, his face was turning green;
But the Engineer drank on and said, “It’s only gasoline.”

Thrilling phototravelography and whatnot forthcoming. Now, back to Henry’s Law.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope you enjoyed your turkey, or if you did not have a turkey I hope you enjoyed acorn squash or something because tofurkey just creeps me out.

2 responses to “The Decisive Battle”

  1. Ruth says:

    Oh I love We Are the Engineers. It’s kind of cool that MIT and Georgia Tech have the same tune, even if they have different words.


  2. Kathleen C. says:

    I was almost tempted to try tofurkey but decided against it… I mean COME ON PEOPLE AT LEAST MAKE THE COLOR A LITTLE MORE APPETIZING