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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

This doesn’t suck by Sam M. '07

It's not particularly great, either. But you could go to Germany!

DID YOU KNOW? Upon hearing one of Bach’s motets late in his life, Mozart reportedly remarked, “Finally, here is music one can learn from!”

Jeffrey? Seriously? Jeffrey? Okay, the zippertastic green-grey striped dress was nice, and the jacket in that material was also pretty hot. But Heidi KIum said she would buy every piece in Uli’s collection, and some of them actually made me wish that I had been born a size zero woman so I could rock those prints mightily in the warm weather of Saint-Tropez.

Then again, WILG also makes me wish I had been born a size zero woman when they hand out free cookies on the first day of classes every term.

That was all I wanted to say, really, but I had to think of something MIT-related because for some reason there is no Project Runway category on MITblogs.

So then in German III today Frau Bittner was like, “Oh, look at this study German I in Germany program offered by MISTI!! Do you have any friends who might be interested in starting German? You should tell them!” Basically every person in the class was like “PFFFF! Can I take German I again? That sounds so awesome!” But Frau Bittner just laughed at us in her stern German way.

And I was going to write a blog entry saying basically, “Anybody who does not do this is really stupid.” Actually, I was literally going to say that. It’s true! But upon further inspection this evening, the fine print on this offer reads “Students will be responsible for travel and lodging fees.” which makes it about 12% as cool as it would be if MIT paid for it. Also, I remembered that days in Germany are supposedly like 4 hours long in the dead of winter. So it’s kind of a good idea, if you’re independently wealthy and enjoy darkness.

But seriously. JEFFREY?

6 responses to “This doesn’t suck”

  1. Ruth '07 says:


  2. Zaira says:

    I missed this season! :(

  3. Jess says:

    Don’t we all wish we were size 0 women, though?

  4. yo mama says:

    Is it true that they shave off your eyebrows and replace them with tin foil in order to comendeer your thoughts and process their homework.

  5. Candace says:

    Yeah, it was really disappointing to see Jeffrey win.

    About Deutch,

    Did you start German at MIT or in high school? How are the classes?

    How creepy is it that I want to study course 10 and learn German?

  6. Sam says:

    yo mama — I would have to stay that the statement you have made is not accurate, particularly not at MIT.

    Candace — I didn’t take German at all in high school. I started taking it in my Junior year and went to Germany after studying it for one year. The classes are not too bad–a little more challenging than some other MIT HASS classes I’ve taken, because they’re a bigger time commitment. Most MIT classes have you doing weekly homework and reading assignments, because they meet only once or twice a week, but German meets 4 times a week and has homework for every class. Still, I’ve felt really satisfied with the curriculum and professors and everything.

    It is creepy that you want to study Course 10 and learn German, but since I came to MIT wanting to double-major in math and music, you never quite know what could happen.