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MIT student blogger Keri G. '10

‘Twas the night before the 8.01 final by Keri G. '10

and all through the Haus, everyone was studying like nothing else. Including me. Just not right now.

No. Really. Finals week starts tomorrow, and my 8.01 final is in ten hours, but I’ve been studying quite a bit this weekend. Stalling=blog post! Woo hoo!

With that said, here are a few of the things I’ve seen while running around campus, finding places to sit and study physics.

Yesterday, on my way to the Student Lounge off the Infinite, I saw that this hack 4.301 final project (after reading the comments, I checked things out – it is for a class) had been moved to the East Campus courtyard.

Apparently, this has something to do with some expensive and less-than-attractive (in some people’s opinions) art pieces located around campus. Don’t look at me. I didn’t do it.

Speaking of EC, this evening when I was walking home from studying at the student center, these had been strung from the windows of 5th West:

Oh, the holiday spirit.

This one may require a bit of explaining:

Or you can just watch this, a video of an interesting phone call made during my 18.02 class last week Friday during our review for the final.

And that’s all from me. Sleep! Finally!

Well, two hours on the radio first. Then sleep. I leave you with a picture of A-Control of WMBR, MIT’s campus radio station.

(That’s Hanna ’10, who does the show with me, hiding in the corner.)

22 responses to “‘Twas the night before the 8.01 final”

  1. Adam S. says:

    Physics is awesome! Good luck on your 8.01 final!

    Anyway, the phone call was an excellent hack! Seems that there have been quite a few this year already. Quite an awesome tradition.. Its nice that the faculty actually seems to approve of students hacking.

    Thanks for keeping me updated on the hacks, I enjoy reading about them!


  2. Uka says:

    I really love ur blog, i hope it isn’t a crime, that i’m not a student in ur school. i just love MIT. wish i could make it there.

    i’m a programmer from Nigeria


  3. Meara says:

    Wow. Glorious.

    Good luck on your final!

  4. Jenny Li says:

    good luck!!

    and that youtube thing was awesome :D

  5. Alyssa says:

    Gotta love physics! It’s one of my favorite topics. Good luck on your final!!!

    BTW, what exactly is a “hack”? I’ve heard the term before, but I’m not quite sure what it means in MIT terms.

  6. Cordelia says:

    It’s not a hack, I don’t think. I believe it’s actually someone’s art project that the Tech thought was a hack.

  7. Adam S. says:

    Well.. You must be finished with your final now. How did it go?

    Oh wow.. I just remembered. IAP is coming! Can’t wait to hear what all of you bloggers are going to be doing!


  8. Meg says:

    Keri – I was wondering if they offered AP Calculus at your high school. I am attending a high school where both AB and BC AP courses are held and I have wanted to go to MIT since I was little. I don’t think that I would be accepted, however, if I don’t take the opportunity to complete the BC course at my high school. Is this reasonable?

  9. Evan '10 says:

    Meg –
    Students arrive at MIT with a whole spectrum of calculus credits. Here are some of the more common possibilities:

    Students arrive with multivariable calculus credit through some university or applies their knowledge of the topic to test out of 18.02 (multivar)

    Students arrive with AP Calculus BC credit and receive credit for 18.01 (single variable calculus). They almost always go into 18.02 their first semester.

    Students arrive with AP Calculus AB credit. They receive no college credit, but they generally take 18.01a and 18.02a (accellerated courses – 18.02a begins about 2/3 of the way into the fall semester and continues through IAP)

    Students arrive with no AP Calculus credit or feel uncomfortable with the background they have. These students take 18.01 their first semester. There are lots of people in this situation.

    The admissions office prefers if you have some sort of calculus experience, but it’s by no means a necessity for getting in.

  10. Nina says:

    I FRELLING LOVE AUROUX. Had I only been there.

    Annnnnd if students think *our* artwork sucks, they should check out the campus contributions of the trustees at Carnegie Mellon. I’m just sayin’, the Cut was a lot nicer before the thing with the pole and the people walking up (weirds me out every time I see it).

  11. Evan '10 says:

    Hey, Cordelia.

    I’m pretty sure you’re right – I think it was a project for 4.301, and the Tech was just wrong.

  12. Josh says:

    The red dollar sign was Vinayak’s 4.301 final project. Such final projects are public art installations done in imitation of hacks, but approved of by the authorities and in less sketchy places.

    In my opinion, it ain’t a hack unless you risk being caught doing something illegal/unapproved-of. There are some borderline cases, like the V-O before M-I-T in front of Stata (which was perfectly accessible on the ground, and I assume legal?). I think what distinguished that as a hack was that it was very much not approved of by the authorities, and promptly removed.

    Oh, and for Alyssa:

  13. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the 18.02 hack, I’m assuming the phone call piped in over the speaker system or something — is this correct? Or did the students just laugh at the prof’s strange expressions when talking on the phone

  14. Deb says:

    hahah. that lit up my day. =)

  15. Keri says:

    Adam –

    I just emailed Blizz with a similar answer. ^_^

    Also, I checked it out, and the dollar sign is definitely a part of 4.301’s final project. The post is edited to fix my error.

  16. Alex says:

    that video was so funny. I wish I had a working telephone in my math classroom…

  17. blizz says:

    What do you think I should take after I take AP calc AB and BC, I am a sophomore right now in AP calc AB, and am not sure if I should take AP Stats as a senior, or some other math course. I go to a small private school so not many students are in my situation, so my school doesn’t offer a lot of APs

  18. Adam S. says:


    My only recommendation is that you do what you want to do, not neccesarily what is expected of you. I enjoyed Calc AB last year, so I took Calc BC this year. I would have probably tried something different had I not been interested. Therefore, are you interested in statistics? If not, I’d highly recommend trying to get yourself into a math course at a local college. Talk to your counselor. Chances are, (s)he’ll be able to arrange something.

    Finally, make sure that when you apply to MIT, you let them know about your limited opportunities. Make sure that they can see that you’ve made the most out of what you’ve had to work with.


  19. Daniel W says:

    Ah, 5th West traditions…

    By the way, did you know that WMBR’s broadcasting signal makes all the TVs in EC have really bad reception? Caught your show a couple times, though. It was good!

  20. Jake says:

    Hey Meg-

    Don’t worry about it. I never took a chemistry class or a physics class and my calculus class was a joke. I got a 3 on my IB HL Math test. The key is doing a lot of things well, not being a calculus wiz. Perhaps instead of spending decades a week in AP calc you should take what you like, and do super well in it. I’m not a genius by far, they look for people who work a lot and like it. I’m a frosh, but I’ve learned that in a lot of ways MIT isn’t really about learning freshman year, its about working 20 hours a week on P-sets and living lol. Anyhoo, hope that helped. Oh, if you want to take BC, make sure you’re going to get an A in it, thats why I never took chem or physics. Whoo 18.01 and 8.01L!

    Keri, wassup!


  21. Omar '10 says:

    omG, Keri is famous! Look at how many people reply to her posts!

    You’re awesome Keri, and I know you know it smile

  22. Hanna says:

    OMG more radio show publicity. *squeeyay*