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MIT student blogger Becca H. '12

Welcome to MIT! by Becca H. '12

blogging guilt eased...

You may have noticed that blogging has slowed down a bit over the past couple of weeks. As we head into the last couple weeks of the semester, MIT students tend to hide themselves in their rooms/lounges/libraries/other favorite study spot to ready themselves for the barrage of final projects and final exams. I’m peeking out from underneath my rock (with some prodding from Chris P.) for a few minutes to welcome all the new pre-frosh to MIT.

Congratulations on your final decision. You are about to enter an intensely wonderful (but extremely intense) four years of your life. I was talking to a fellow student the other day about MIT and she commented that IHTFP certainly holds true. There will be times when you will wonder why you are here and what you got yourself into, but if you take a few seconds and try and picture yourself somewhere else, you won’t be able to.

One of my teammates this morning mentioned that we only have 9 days of school remaining until we are seniors. This is scary as I look at the long list of assignments and things I have to do before then. The past three years have flown by incredibly quickly, and I don’t doubt that the next year will as well. I am looking forward to figuring out what to do after graduation, and how to put what I have learned at MIT to good use.

Anyway, although I will be under a rock until further notice, I have taken the time to see Jason Derulo, watch the MIT flashmob, go to Harvard Square’s May fest, attend my living group’s formal, get a haircut, race against Boston area schools and try and find a place to live this summer.

2 responses to “Welcome to MIT!”

  1. MIT’s so cool! smile

  2. emad says:

    i wanted to know how can i come to the mit
    and get scholarship from there and i am not in the usa . i am in iran and we are working on the
    Intelligent submarine for the competition .