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MIT student blogger Celena C. '12

Welcome to my home by Celena C. '12

Feel free to chill in here

Finally, my first blog post!

It has been such a hectic week. It’s exam season, so I have been up late studying/youtubing for the past week. I had an 18.023 (Calc w/ Applications) and 8.02 (Physics II) exam last week, 14.02 (Macroeconomics) this week, and 15.501 (Accounting) the next week. Thankfully my tests are spread out, allowing me to focus on one subject at a time.

After taking tests, I normally go back to my room to take a nice long nap. My room this year faces the Charles River, and we have 4 large windows that I normally open to let the breeze in. I like to turn on my music and just nap in my bed, forgetting about how difficult the last exam was (just kidding, it’s not always bad…just…a lot of the time).

Often times, my neighbors will drop by when I am napping and come in for naps themselves (MIT students LOVE naps). My best friends live literally steps away from me, and since my roommate and I have the room in the middle, there are always lots of people in our room. In the dorms at MIT, you get to pref who you want to live with, what floor you want to live on, the type of room you want to live in, and who you want around you. This year, I was lucky enough to get all my preferences fulfilled.

Basically, my room is one of my favorite places at MIT, welcome to my home.

37 responses to “Welcome to my home”

  1. Normally I don’t like the concept of spamming the comment feed with ‘first!”.

    But OMG, I’m first!

  2. And oh, by the way, It’s 2:15 AM and my parents don’t know I’m reading the MIT blogs. XD

  3. oasis '11 says:

    Haha the vlog concept is so cool! raspberry

  4. jenny '13 says:

    Wheeeee! Sweet!
    good job celena ;D

    p.s. do i spy a 2pm poster?!

  5. Hamsika '13 says:

    i’m sort of jealous of your sink =P and your view!

    lololol i love the difference between your desk and your roommate’s

  6. I envy having the dorm facing the river. Was it the luck of the draw to get such a room?

  7. Celena, your view looks like a painting! How [email protected], do you happen to be Jeopardy! Anurag? I know there are probably tons of Anurag’s out there…but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.

  8. marcela says:

    Awesome post and awesome view =) Yay vlogging!

  9. Ivy says:


  10. KARINA says:

    yoyoyo i likey this vlog

    you da bomb

  11. Ivy says:

    P.S. I am the roommate and i am VERY VERY clean unlike what SOMEONE said!

  12. anonymous says:

    A vlog! That’s new :D I like it!

  13. LRah says:

    Oh, cool five new bloggers this year.

    @ Celena:

    What a view! Just how lucky do you have to be to get all your preferences matched?

    Oh, and since you’re a ’12er does this mean Ahmed is gone from the blogs?

  14. LRah says:

    I like the concept of a vlog for the blogs, but you don’t write that bad. Pretty good actually. Maybe you’re better than you think.

  15. Piper '12 says:

    The vblogger thing has actually been tried before as a TechTV undertaking, but it was never linked with Admissions raspberry

  16. Alireza'14 says:

    why do u write *******(’14) be a little sure for it! smile wink

  17. Celena says:

    @ Jenny ’13: YES! It’s 2pm-em-em-em-em

    @ George (’14?): In Baker, most upperclassmen if not all upperclassmen are guaranteed front (facing the river) double. The singles can be a little more difficult to get. Most freshman end up with back (facing the courts) quads, triples, and if you’re lucky doubles. Last year, I was in an awkwardly shaped back double.

    @LRah: Ahmed is still here on the blogs, except he’s now an Alumni blogger.

    Also, thanks smile— I guess should’ve rephrased it a little better in my bio– I think that writing isn’t my strongest point– but also I’m doing a video blog since I love being able to see things when I’m learning, and what better way to do that by doing a video blog!

    As for dorm preferences, I was expecting to receive a front double, but not expecting to end up on my prefed floor + be so close to my friends. I think it helped that one set of my friends wanted doubles as well, while 2 wanted singles (the single-tons are 2/3 doors down, the friends in the double are next door). A lot of people wanted singles, which made them a bit more competitive. So I would say I was relatively lucky with my current situation.

    @Anon: I’m a new blogger who happens to be a sophomore (didn’t transfer/enter with some sort of “special status”). I went through my freshman year here, but chose to not take all my GIRs at one time. Most people end up taking a math, physics, chem/bio, and a hass each semester, but I thought a better plan for me was to split them up throughout the years. Since I am course 15, I don’t need any of the sciences as prereqs. but if you’re planning to do some sort of science related degree, it’s best get certain GIRs out of the way.

  18. Anurag '14 says:

    I believe the above post would be marked as spam.

    This is my second post in 24 hours. That is when I’ve been stalking the blogs since grade 9. Another ‘First!’.

    @Lindsey (’14?): Actually no. I’m more of a math and computers guy. International Students Science Fair, maybe, but not Jeopardy. :D However no $75,000 came with that.

    I believe Anurag Kashyap is already at MIT. Batch of ’13? Am I wrong?

    @Alizera ’14 : There you go. smile

  19. Anon says:

    I see you are in the class of 2012. Did you enter MIT with sophomore status?
    Nice post, by the way.

  20. Ujjwol says:

    Nice, Video Blog.

  21. Val says:

    Hey Celena!
    Great first post!
    Be sure to keep us posted with great vlogs! =)

  22. Ahmed says:

    Naw, I’m not gone. They said that because I blogged the least, they’d demote me to an “alumni blogger” and bring on Celena. I can still post.

  23. Anon says:

    nice first post!
    So it is not compulsory to finish the GIR classes in freshman year?

  24. navin says:

    great first post

  25. Dave says:

    @ Everyone

    As you may have noticed, we’re getting a higher than usual amount of “polite SPAM” on the boards that our filter doesn’t catch. We do review all the comments but it can take us some time to weed them out. Thanks for your patience!

  26. Hurp, you’re class of ’12 and this is your first blag post?

  27. I had my MIT interview tonight. From the way my EC explained it, I’m even more attracted to the setting and the educational hopes of MIT.

  28. Evelyn says:

    i miss your nail polish collection smile
    supercute vlog!

  29. mithila says:

    amazing! your video’s really nice! so interactive and all. Hope to see many more smile

  30. renee says:

    who is this cutie?

  31. Almost Tokyo says:

    Thanks for the tour. Great view!

  32. Nan says:

    omg you are a blogger!!!! :D Congrats!! :D