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MIT student blogger Laura N. '09

Why I haven’t posted in forever by Laura N. '09

In picture form, no less.

I am taking 5 minutes out of my life just to let you all know why I don’t exist.

I don’t exist, because this is my to-do list:

No joke. It’s an entire sheet of loose-leaf paper. With 2 exceptions, every item on that list must be completed within 1 week. Starred items must be finished today.

Speaking of starred items, I between taking that photo 3 minutes ago and writing the first 2 lines of this entry, I remembered another one. But I’ve run out of actual lines on the sheet, and had to squeeze it into the margin.

I hope you’ll notice that I actually added a section labeled “fun.” Basically I decided that if my to do list looks like that, I might as well add “GET OFF CAMPUS” to it, to keep myself from going insane. Unfortunately, one of the “fun” items has the description “Let someone else do it.” No joke.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to my list now that I’ve given you the proof of how completely hosed I am. (hosed = MIT slang for being so busy that your to-do list takes up an entire sheet of looseleaf paper)

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The reason all of these things need to be done by next Thursday is because I will be spending Thursday night packing for my week long trip to Paris and Rome.

And now you know why Spring Break exists. To keep us all from going crazy.

31 responses to “Why I haven’t posted in forever”

  1. Shannon says:

    And I thought my to-do list after being sick for a week was bad- HA. You have me beat by a long shot.

  2. Jeseth says:

    Motorcycle Diaries is awesome…

  3. tina says:

    I’ve failed at every no-meat Friday for the last two years :(

  4. nitiN says:

    have fun in rome and paris! too bad ive never been to either :(

    btw… 1 day, 19 hrs, 29 mins, and 35 seconds! smile

  5. Paul says:

    I feel for you, Laura. I think most MIT students could fill up an entire page with their to-do lists, but yours is quite impressive…

    At least for me, when I’m bored in any of my classes, I pass the time by planning out exactly what I’m going to do with my “free time” in the afternoon and evening (i.e. club meetings, p-sets, HASS reading, and a million more variations on those themes).

    I often fail to follow these plans exactly, of course. Such is MIT. ^_^

  6. Angus says:

    Snatch, defiantly smile

  7. Shamarah says:

    2.14 – pset #3, borrow Allison’s notes, learn everything ever

    ahhahahha! poor thing :(

  8. Keri says:

    Julie Banda is AMAZINGGGGGG

    I used to write down lists for the week, but they started depressing me. That was the end of that.

    Also, who did you have to bribe to pull off not getting the dreaded first post?

  9. Laser says:

    Lol, sounds like my schedule.

    And you handwriting looks similar to one of my best friends. (IDK just puttin’ it out there)

  10. Anon says:

    @ Tina

    Me Too

  11. I am going to Paris on the 27th. I will be there for my birthday.

  12. J’irai a Paris sur le 27eme. J’y serai pour mon anniversaire.

  13. yukiko says:

    i hope to go to Rome some day. Have fun!

  14. I wasn’t of the impression that “hosed” was MIT-specific slang .. but before the rash of “hosed” entries, I had said to a friend that I was hosed .. and she was confused… the end.


  15. Laser says:

    Yeah Donald, I had never heard the term “hosed” used like that. Its kinda cool; I think I favor “bogged down” to it.

  16. Kate says:

    Ouch, that is a painful looking list. Umm, to do lists suck? Well, not the lists themselves, since I would be really out of luck without them, but the things behind the lists, I guess.

    Our teachers are definitely making us pay for spring break…the week before we leave is going to be a killer.

  17. Shannon says:

    @Keri- I hate those first post things, so when I saw that no one had commented yet was like “AH GOTTA STOP THE FIRST POST.”

    No bribery involved on Laura’s part.

  18. M says:

    Snatch is just about the best movie ever.

  19. Harrison says:

    I like how blogging how you’re too hosed to blog is on your todo list. Also you should add Clerks to the movie list.

  20. bunny says:

    Motorcycle Diaries is indeed pretty rocktastic. Much better than the other work about Che Guevara, although it does sort of ignore anything later in his life, I think many people were forced to reexamine the inbred fear of communism the government has managed to instill in the majority of the population. The movie is pretty idealistic in that it portrays him as a true communist revolutionary, and then just stopped before they had to show how he copped out (hmm… perhaps a rather tasteless use of the phrase?)

    Anyways, THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! It made me feel much better about the crazy load I’ve had, knowing that there are indeed people dealing with much crazier situations than I am.

  21. Fred '11 says:

    “Hosed” is sooooooooo not an MIT-specific word.

    never have I heard it been used as often as I have during the last week though. coincidence?

  22. Burcu says:

    You really should see Motorcycle Diaries! It’s a great movie! In fact, watch the original Spanish with subtitles, the voice over version is no where near comparable!

  23. asm says:

    Isn’t “hosed” a reference to the famous “getting a drink from a firehose” analogy? That’s where I always thought it came from…

  24. Ashwath says:

    What if you couldn’t find space in the margin? For those who don’t understand this look up Fermat’s last theorem.

  25. Karen says:

    If you like the Motorcycle Diaries, try Y Tu Mama Tambien! It gets kind of crazy about halfway through, though – you have been warned.

    Good luck on your planning Rome – I’m planning Atlanta right now for FIRST Nationals. Planning things != fun.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Being hosed is the best.

    It makes time fly and it will be saturday and decisions will be out. Chances are I’m going to forget to check and will have to steal internet in the middle of a forest to learn my status.

  27. Dizzle '09 says:

    @ Ashwath: Oh, you remind me of how much I miss MIT and nerdy jokes of that sort. I liked it. It made me chuckle warmheartedly.

    @ Laura: Don’t learn French; I’m your friendly tour guide and translator! Plenty of time to learn French this summer. As for movies, yeah, if you’ve never really seen the Motorcycle Diaries you have to see it. But speaking of Spanish-language movies, someone asked me today how many Almodovar movies I’d seen, and I thought about it and I’ve only seen one. That’s pretty horrible, for someone who likes movies and claims to speak Spanish. So my point is, this summer on our weekend trips all over Europe, I’m bringing my laptop and renting DVDs and we’re watching Almodovar on the train. Kay? Also, don’t stress! smile