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LIVE-BROADCAST: With the Void, Full of Powers by ARTalk

[by Mei Zuo '13]

[by Mei Zuo ’13]

“With the Void, full of Powers”

             ~Albert Camus

Yves Klein sought “to create an atmosphere, a pictorial, climate that is invisible but present.”

Predicated by [The Void]

I’ve been working with artist Otto Piene + the MIT Museum to produce Sky Sculptures.

Helium explores the “spatialisation of sensibility.”

Return to this page at 5pm ~ this Saturday

The liftoff will be broadcast live! Electronic participatory art; engage in the creative process. Follow @NouveauRealisme !

If you’re in Boston, come to Killian Court!

(yes yes! you can fly the sculptures)

Watch live streaming video from waitingforgodot at

Time for Nouveau Réalisme?

4 responses to “LIVE-BROADCAST: With the Void, Full of Powers”

  1. I never get bored playing with the kinetic sculptures in the MIT Museum.

    Camus, Proust, and T.S. Eliot have such illuminating quotes. I like Yves Klein’s paintings. Enrico Donati has some interesting works too that one never gets tired of staring at.

  2. Anonymous says:

    5pm or 6pm?
    eastern time?