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MIT student blogger Keri G. '10

Work, friends, sleep – pick three by Keri G. '10

In which I manage time effectively.

Remember that time when I was an RA at nerd camp?

Here’s what I found on my Facebook wall last night from Eric, one of the students from this summer:

“Devin (another Spectrum ’07) and I have been reading A LOT about MIT. She wants to go (a lot), and I’m keeping my eyes and ears open. It sounds like all kinds of amazing. ^_^

P.S. Devin wants you to update your blog.”

So at the request of two of the most awesome high school sophomores around, I’m writing a blog post.

All right, so that’s not the real reason I’m posting. (Actually, it is, but I figured you’d want something more than the above.) I’m blogging because in a true show of academic superskillz, I completed two full problem sets last night.

Yes, you read that correctly. I did two whole psets in just under five hours on a MONDAY. And I got to sleep by 1AM, and then I woke up in time to get to my UROP at 10. Eight hours of sleep. SKILLZ, I TELL YOU!

Normally, my weeks are not such prime displays of time management. I really do try, though. Ask anyone – I schedule my days hour-by-hour, but sometimes I get on my computer to check my mail and somehow spend five hours watching The Office and playing Minesweeper. (I can finish the Expert level in under five minutes! Woo hoo!) This week is different – I’m going to a concert with some friends tonight, and there’s a 5.13 exam on Friday. I refuse to get another 47 on another organic chemistry exam, so I finished the psets early in an attempt to carve out three days of uninterrupted study time.

By the way, I’m not a double major anymore. More on that in a later post.

Also, I didn’t want my experience this week to be like that of last week, where at 11 AM on Friday, I was working on my 5.13 pset due at 11:30. Even though that only happened because I spent Thursday night paying attention to #7 on Ben’s list of 50 things and playing Frisbee on Killian Court at midnight. (Sometimes, you just need to slide into a sprinkler while making an impossible dive for a Frisbee.)

(I’m just sayin’.)

17 responses to “Work, friends, sleep – pick three”

  1. Keshav P says:

    YAY! Good Job! … perhaps this is a sign for me to get back to work and not check RSS feeds.

  2. Sam says:

    The. New. Pornographers?! (It’s times like these I wish I knew how to key an interrobang.) I know this is relatively old news, but if I love Twin Cinema, is Challengers a good album?

    Oh, and in a handful of adjectives, nouns, and maybe a verb or two, how is Boston’s music scene, and how does it fit against coursework at MIT?

  3. Keshav P says:

    It’s called an interrobang‽ You learn something new every day!

  4. Going Crazy says:

    A.C. NEWMAN?!

    *goes crazy*

  5. Nihar says:

    Hi Keri!
    First of all congratulations on the 5-hour-2p-set victory! Im sure you wont see a “47” this time..:D
    By the way, can you tell me what have you chosen for your UROP?

  6. Hunter '11 says:

    Congrats ^.^

  7. Jen says:

    Nice work on Monday! I had a similar miracle and I was SO excited – I finished two psets in about 3 hours on Monday! Therefore I managed to catch up on sleep… so I share your happiness grin I’m going to NYC this weekend so I have to get everything done and get through my two tests this week… but work hard, play hard, right? I think that’s a great motto for MIT.

    By the way, I started as a double major and decided against it too… not because I can’t do it, but because I found what I truly am interested in. I bet you found something similar and will talk about it in your later post grin

    Good luck on 5.13!

  8. derrick says:

    Nice. I’ve never done 2 psets in such a short amount of time.

    The lowest grade I’ve ever gotten on an exam here was in 5.12 (a 39), so don’t be ashamed of your 47 in 5.13 =)

  9. Hunter '11 says:

    MY FIRST CLASS ISN’T UNTIL 1PM TOMORROW. PE is done (my new one’s at a new time) and bio recitation is canceled since we had a test today.

    So happy.

    Maybe I’ll get some stuff done. Or maybe I’ll just sleep.

  10. Karen says:

    @Sam: It’s a decent album, but I’d listen to a few songs before buying it…personally, I found it too mellow compared to their older stuff. Not so good for partying in the car.

    How were they live, by the way? I hear they’re fabulous.

  11. so far my weeks are like the one you just described, but I doubt I’ll stay that well time-managed for long…
    So I have a strange urge to help prefrosh/share any experience that might be helpful to all of you (I wanted to be an admissions blogger but I didn’t actually start a blog till this year for my advising seminar). Now I blog all the time and it’d be fun to have an audience of sorts if you are all as obsessive (reading the admissions blogs-wise) as I was last year. so anyway, if any of you want, my blog is

    [email protected].

    Oh and one suggestion and then I promisepromise I won’t spam the admissions blogs telling you guys to read mine- last year we had an unofficial chat room-it was really nice to be able to talk live with others in the same position as us. If one of you sets something simple up, it can go a long way to making the long wait till decisions come out go faster! Good luck all!

  12. sorry it’s I didn’t catch my stop button in time!

  13. Ben P, says:

    WOHOO for The Office. I loved his commercial for Dunder Mifflin.

  14. Kimi F says:

    Terrible,how can you do that?

  15. mark garel says:

    im very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!and i love me one day so we can catch up ok? keep up the good wook kid it will all pay off one day youll see.bye for now

  16. Marc says:

    that are 3 in a row. I tried to manage mine like this: sleep.sleep.sleep. or friends.friends.sleep!
    Suddenly the week was over and examen was on friday so i had to smile Greetz Marc

  17. Akara says:

    Keri…you’re my hero :-D lol