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MIT student blogger Anthony R. '09

Wow, work! by Anthony R. '09

Mid-IAP update.

I have been incredibly busy so far this month. I’m taking hours away from French homework to sit down and write to you, but I think it’s time.

Class has been going well. It’s a significant effort commitment, but it’s rewarding. We’ve had an exam and two quizzes already, as well as three packets of homework, with a fourth packet due this coming Monday. I’ve done fine on everything, so that’s good.

I’ve also been fitting in some fun things, day/weekend trips, seeing friends, when my schedule permits. Weekends have been staying relatively free, which is great. I went to Boston Latin (an area high school) the other night to see the Boston-area early action admits — they had a meet&greet sort of event for students, parents, alums, and MIT staff so that the students could ask questions and become better acquainted with MIT and each other. There was food and drink and although it was raining, there was a pretty good turnout. Fun stuff.

I’ve basically been trying to edge in enough structure this month to prepare me for grades next term (ABC/no record), while still allowing enough free time and leisure. I think the balance is something to strive for. It took a week of going to bed at 8PM and getting up at 4AM to shock me back into being a morning person, but I think it’s working — knowing I have to be up to finish homework and go to class at 10AM seems to get me out of bed, into my clothes and out the door to building 14.

Few people are pressured with classwork and psets this month, which is pretty refreshing. Although, when half the hall is getting up at 4PM, the point at which I’ve already endured hours of class, work, and am thinking about dinner, I guess I feel productive. :-P

More later, and I promise I won’t go so long without updating. It’s just been really busy around here. Take care!

3 responses to “Wow, work!”

  1. James says:

    Anthony, I appreciate your candid look at how much work it takes to succeed at MIT: not just brains, but will power and determination as well. It encourages me that I, too, might be able to succeed there. I just have to be accepted first. . .

  2. Catherine says:

    Good for you! Hehe. I’ve been getting up early lately too, I just have to work on going to sleep a little later so the ‘early’ isn’t at 2-3am. ^^;;

  3. I know the feeling man. I still nightshift sometimes, but it’s getting there. It just takes some serious willpower.