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MIT student blogger Laura N. '09

Yo quiero… by Laura N. '09

A Spanish themed entry?Ok, not really.

Today I took a nap fom 5 AM to 9 AM. Then I went to class. When I came back, I slept from 3:30 PM tp 8:30 PM. That’s 9 whole hours of sleep today alone! Who says college students don’t sleep???

OK, don’t be too alarmed. Today was “Laura’s going to catch up on sleep” day. I don’t usually take 5-hour naps in the middle of the day. They’re usually only 3 hours, but I’ve been doing that since way before my app ever made it to the desk of an admissions officer.

On Monday I went food shopping, which was good, because I was starving. I decided to get adventurous, so I bought ground beef. I know. That’s insane. You can’t microwave that stuff!

So bought a few other things to go with it and yesterday I had tacos! That was pretty cool, because I like tacos. And it was only the second time I ever actually cooked anything. (Unless you count pancakes…) I fed April some of my tacos, because she fed me steak and potatoes once, so that seems only fair. Plus, John ’08 came by just as I was about to eat. I offered him some tacos too, because he fed me homemade pizza this weekend when I didn’t feel like going grocery shopping. That was awfully nice of him. Only, he made fun of my tacos and said they weren’t very good, which was awfully not nice of him. Last time I feed that kid.

People here feed each other a lot, and it’s kind of neat. Meara from across the hall cooks dinner for her roommate Adelaide a lot. (Adelaide does the dishes in return). Becky and Sam from Conner 4 do their grocery shopping together. Even I’m not as much of a deadbeat roommate as I look. April and I share stuff all the time, and that includes food.

Today I had leftover tacos. (Where would mankind be without microwaves?)

I hope I didn’t get grease on that bio pset on my desk.

Cool learning experience of the day: 21F.716 is the Spanish class I’m currently taking for HASS credit. Today we talked about some of Antonio Macahado’s poetry. It was pretty cool. I’m not a big poetry person, but I liked his stuff. I have no idea how well it translates into English, but if you can speak Spanish, you should definitely look into it.

That’s all for today. Leave me comments! Email me questions! Ask me anything! Bloggers love it. Promise.

12 responses to “Yo quiero…”

  1. Edward says:

    Hi (again)

    Sorry, I meant

    Dont worry about it though, my friend and I have just worked out how it works.

    Thanks anyway.

  2. BW says:

    Without microwaves, Mankind would be at TacoBell almost constantly.

  3. Dave says:

    Yo quiero mi carta de aceptaci

  4. Clark Poland says:

    I’m curious, but how much of the student body eats food prepared by themselves or other students as opposed to eating facilities on campus?

  5. Edward says:

    Hi u sound ( ok u know what I mean) like ur having lots o f fun…cool.

    But I do think I kinda agree with John ’08 I dont know why grin

    Would you happen to know how this works?

  6. Edward says:

    PS: Which is better:

    a) tackling psets alone

    b) doing psets as a group

    Goodmorning and have a nice day.

  7. Joe says:

    I don’t speal Spanish, but I do speak Portuguese. They are pretty similar and any Portuguese (or Brazilian) can understand Spanish really easily. If you’re looking for good Portuguese poetry, Carlos Drummond de Andrade is one of the best Portuguese language poets. Here’s a a link to one of his poems:

  8. Yeah, that Mystical Ball just simply works on a mathematical trick (or observation).

    My mom never lets me sleep in the afternoons. Says it disrupts my sleep patterns. Funny, when I lived in the boarding school for O level preparation, I slept 2 hours in the afternoon and 4-5 hours at night. Didn’t feel it was a disruption to my sleeping patterns though.

  9. Shannon says:

    Yeah, Mystic Ball was cool the first time. Then you realize it’s all mathematical, you become quickly amazed, do it one more time then decide it’s just plain dumb.

    Hey, Laura, did you take AP Spanish or something in high school?

  10. Shannon says:

    I have to say, poetry just doesn’t seem to have the same ring in Spanish. Of course, I also like cummings so my taste in poetry is a tad eclectic…

  11. cuz matt says:

    ummm… if there weren’t microwaves i would like have to cook my food and thats not cool you no i mean like cook more than put something in an press a couple of buttons

  12. Emi says:

    Yum! Tacos.

    I had an apple for lunch…seriously. And I wish I had as much sleeping time as you. Jaja.

    But its my Spanish homework’s fault…I take AP Spanish and I live in a spanish-speaking country and it is STILL a hard class. My spanish teacher sent us this reaaally long analysis on one of Jorge Luis Borges’s short stories: La Biblioteca de Babel.

    Borges is hell to analyze. My homework is nine pages long and I had to re-read the 5-page story a gazillion times to finally get it. But if you’re really up to it, Borges is a good read if you can understand him. I’d reccomend Tlon, Ucqbar, Orbis Tertius or Las Ruinas Circulares (both short stories…they’re in one of his books called Ficciones, if you’re interested…)

    Spanish poetry is cool though. Personally, I like baroque spanish poetry: Francisco de Quevedo has some really nice ones, I’d reccomend reading Definici