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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

You know my name by Sam M. '07

I should think of a clever title, but the song has been in my head for days.

DID YOU KNOW? Blake Ross, who is kind of the inventor of Firefox, is 21 years old.

Well, it’s been a while. According to MT I started writing this entry one week ago today.

A lot has been up. I designed a microfabricated fuel cell that could be used to power a cell phone. We filled Ruth’s room with one thousand inflated balloons. My flight back to Harrisburg was delayed for three hours. Sam’s Mom has a broken refrigerator. My hard drive crashed. I’m a Mac user now. I need to find a way to acquire some score-writing software within the next three days. I took TBP members to Casino Royale (awesome!) and Body Worlds 2 (barf!). I dropped 6.003. I ate a lot of stuffing today.

But most importantly, like two weeks ago Justin Kim wrote:

I did this program for a class I’m taking called Non-linear dynamics which deals a lot with chaos/fractal patterns and showing them through code – vb + java. Are there similar programs at MIT that one could take?

Well Justin, looking at the course catalog (updated for fall 2007! pfffft!), we offer at least math 10 classes in nonlinear dynamics, not counting other ones that might be in other courses (fluid mechanics or string theory, for example). Two of these classes, 18.353J Nonlinear Dynamics: Chaos and 18.354J Nonlinear Dynamics: Continuum Systems even have the words “Nonlinear Dynamics” in the title! These are undergrad classes and you’ll most likely have the prereqs for them by your first term sophomore year. A lot of the other nonlinear dynamics courses are grad classes, but it’s perfectly fine for undergrads to take grad classes. Hey, Mollie did it! In fact, the line between grad and undergrad classes is particularly blurred in the math department, where you often don’t need tons of background and experience to take a class. As long as you can hang with the problem sets, you’re alright.

I feel 12% better about myself having answered that question. So more updates about my life in general and MIT life in general a bit later this long, wonderful weekend.

I wish I could more be like Blake Ross.

7 responses to “You know my name”

  1. Mitra says:

    One of my best friends from high school goes to Stanford and is now close friends with Blake Ross… Four degrees of separation – not bad, Sam!

  2. Sarab says:

    Casino Royale is great! Craig is a good rough Bond, but no one can beat Brosnan as the suave Bond!

  3. Sh1fty says:

    what kind of score-writing software? if you need a web app/script i can code it in php raspberry btw did you try to freeze your hard drive and recover some data?

  4. Ruth '07 says:

    Brosnan might be the suavest, but I like my Bonds like I write my code – brute force.

  5. Jon '06 says:

    Welcome to the Cult of Mac! (As well as the slightly less prestigious Cult of Blowing-Off-6.003…)

    …And Ruth, since when do you write code? wink

  6. First:
    You designed a microfabricated fuel cell? As in, some sort of stored hydrogen reacting with atmospheric oxygen to produce electricity, heat, and water? All small enough to fit in a cell phone? Sweetness!

    My textbook Tonal Harmony for my Harmony I class came with Finale Workbook edition, and it made me very happy.

    Macs, due to their lack of standardization, should not be allowed to exist. Cooperate or die! (Sort of like humans)


  7. Anonymous says:

    Sam, where are you?!?!