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MIT blogger Elizabeth C. '13

You’ve got questions… by Elizabeth Choe '13

...I've got this video. Or rather, this sad excuse of one...

Side note: Am I the only blogger who still uses a paper planner? Am I the only one in my programming class who takes notes on paper, not on a laptop?? Does anyone else still read books, or do you all have Kindles???

Here’s a video in which I attempt to eloquently answer questions that you all e-mailed me (aren’t you proud, Mom? I made it all by myself!):

(The best part is at 5 minutes.)

Also – obligatory doodle picture:

This is Peter Reddien, seriously the boy-wonder of Course 7 (biology). Apparently he was one of the most brilliant course 7 grad students the department had ever seen. Now he co-teaches 7.03 (Genetics), is an awesome professor, and has his own lab. He’s not a grad student anymore – don’t let the moppy hair fool you! Also, it’s true that almost all the course 7 profs dress the same. Eric Lander is the exception – he always wore a blue shirt and dark gray pants. I should stop now before I sound too much like a creeper…

21 responses to “You’ve got questions…”

  1. Jeff says:

    Hey Elizabeth! I loved your video. It made me smile quite a few times. And awesome advice… *runs to re-read Chris’s blog post*

  2. Helen says:

    yay for classroom doodles and chamber music and made-up songs! smile your video made me smile and feel just a bit less nervous about my application (which I have yet to finish…)
    /looking forward to more

  3. King says:

    Hi, clearly awesome blog!!

    Keep it up!!

  4. Quinton says:

    Liz, that was the most fun that I have had all week. I hope that you will be releasing your song question response on iTunes. I’d absolutely give you 99 cents to hear it again wink

  5. Anonymous says:

    That song was so beautiful it made me cry ;_;

  6. Zuney says:

    I was doing my CSS profile and got bored, so I hoped over and saw this video. When you said you were gonna sing an answer a question, I thought: “Oh God… time to go back to CSS”… then I heard my nickname!!! This is so cool smile
    Thanks for the answer! Nice to hear MATLAB’s important at MIT, because I’ve had a lot of experience with it when I was doing some programming for a research group.
    The reason I asked that question is that I have an unreasonable dislike toward Python for it’s lack of bracket-structure (STUPID TABS!)
    Thanks again for the song! You brightened up my day (filled with boring CSS questions)!! smile

  7. AlphaOmega says:

    We love you Elizabeth 8DDD

  8. David says:

    Excellent video! Keep it up!

  9. Corey says:

    More drawings from class notes please!
    (videos are cool too)

  10. Steph says:

    Hello Elizabeth. I really like your video. Keep up the awesomeness.

  11. Nadia '15? says:

    Oh man, I just realized that you are course 20 too!!!!!! Yessss, 2 bloggers. For some reason, I thought you were course 7 or 9.
    Sooo, I say yessss to professor interviews

  12. @Zuney: If you’ve already had that much programming experience, you wouldn’t be taking 6.00. You’d be in a more advanced class, like 6.01 or something. 6.00’s intended for people with little to no programming experience.

    @Nadia: Uhh, yeah… I’m definitely course 20. Hamsika’s 7 and 9, though. There’s a lot of overlap (in terms of required classes) between 20 and 7, though.

  13. Hi Elizabeth! Very very cool post))) Thank you very much…
    Elizabeth i got a problem, I have graduated from my high school in 2009 since in post soviet countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan etc. We study only 11 classes/grades, so I am 19 now… I was admitted by medical school in my country, but realized that i don’t want to be a Doctor. After my 2nd semester there I decided to change my major and Applied to Government international scholarship Bolashak(from kazakh “Future generation”)as an Electrical Engineer, I past all the tests. I won it…)
    Now they are sending me to Intensive English language Institute to U of Illinois at Urbana-Ch.
    So it means that I have to miss application to class of 2015 and apply to class of 2016…
    Would it be a “minus” for me?? I mean wouldn’t they consider me as a crazy old man that is crazy for MIT?
    Thank you Elizabeth…
    my email is [email protected]

  14. Damn you rock)) best part is from 00:01 till 9:55, 9:56 sucks because it ends…(
    Thank you one more time)

  15. Ruslan (and prospective applicants in general):
    Those kind of questions are more suited for the admissions officers themselves. Yes, I work for the admissions office. No, I don’t actually participate in any of the admissions decisions – none of us bloggers do – so questions regarding the technical details of your application are best directed toward Matt, Chris or the admissions office in general. We’re happy to give you advice about general application process things, essays, comfort you and make you a little less stressed, though.

  16. Ava says:

    loved this blog! so entertaining smile

  17. Thank you one more time)))

  18. oasis '11 says:

    rockstar! smile

    -fellow cellist

  19. Keri says:

    I use a paper planner. I will never change.

  20. O'Neal says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m in New York and is thinking of doing the Electrical Engineering Technology Associate Degree at CUNY (New York City College Of Technology), and wanting to know if the credits from Associate Degree can be used for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Degree at MIT?


  21. Alvin says:

    Nice video Elizabeth! You should interview dd or Reddien.