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Aug 7 2017

O hai

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About four years ago, I ended my very last blog post as a student by saying that I hoped and suspected our paths would cross again someday. Well.

o ho ho ho

I got a JOB here, people! In Admissions. Me. An adult thing. Here! The long story short is that after I wrote that blog post, I didn’t actually end up leaving MIT, but instead ran this program for a while. Fast forward a few years, when Matt mentions that Admissions is creating a new position for creative media stuff, and I think to myself, do I want to APPLY????

I applied. I interviewed. And now, I'm back to where it all began. What a world, amirite? Except it took me so stinkin long to come back to Admissions that most of you probably have no idea who I am. I mean, I don’t even look like my avatar anymore (but Petey doesn't have hair anymore sooo...). So, allow me to reintroduce myself, via this year's blogger application:

1. Class year: what year do you (plan to) graduate from MIT?
2013 - I majored in Course 20 (Biological... read the post »


May 25 2015

Snot, Livers, and Fractals

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Hello world! I have returned from the -- well, to be honest, I never really left this place. I just lurk and cruft and linger in the tunnels, hidden away from view even more than the average student.

(I graduated, now I work here running this thing, and my office is off main campus so I don't usually see students on a day-to-day basis.)

Anyway, I've made my triumphant - but temporary - return to the blogs because 1. shameless self-promotion (why else) and 2. if you're seeing this, it means Lydia is a kind shepherd of the blogs who puts too much trust in my sense of judgement, and I have taken advantage of that trust. While I can't really explain the latter, here's the deal about the former:


Let me back up a bit. See, back before dubsmash and the Doge meme and that one video of the goat singing Taylor Swift ever existed (I know, how did we even), I took a class from The Most Excellent Professor Katharina Ribbeck on biomaterials, whose research is on... read the post »


Aug 11 2014

Alum FAQs

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Hello again, you beautiful goobers. I guess this is not really so extraordinary of an appearance, seeing as I might’ve abused my powers as a blogger took advantage of another MIT-related communications outlet to tell you all about my life not that long ago. In fact, the time between my last post and this one is really not that much longer than the time between my posts when I was an actual undergrad blogger. That is probably a sub-optimal thing.

But now I’m back, with a little less self promotion, to join in on the blogs’ 10th birthday festivities. And while I hardly have any claim to sage introspection quite yet, I did compile an assumptive FAQ section. Away we go!

Who are you?
Sigh. It’s only been a year since I’ve graduated, guys…
Elizabeth, Course 20 class of 2013, lived in Simmons Hall.

What have you been up to the past year?
Ladies and gentlegoobers, I had my First Year. My First Year Out Of School. I worked part-time for Admissions and have been doing my full-time... read the post »


May 28 2014

Life After (and During) MIT

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Well well well... WE MEET AGAIN. I told you guys our paths would cross! 

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Elizabeth. My hair is a little darker than my avatar's and when I smile in real life, my face looks like it's going to explode more so than in my avatar. I graduated a year ago, so perhaps you might be curious as to how different life is for me now... Some things are definitely the same - for instance, I wrote this entire blog post without periodically saving it (I like to live on the edge), and then my brower froze when I was about to publish and I lost the entry. Now I'm re-writing it. See - things haven't changed since my blogger days.

Other things are very different. I couldn't quite bring myself to leave the 'tute, so I took a job at MIT after graduation at the Office of Digital Learning (aka ODL - the same fine folks who bring you MITx and OpenCourseWare), meaning that I never actually left this place. But let me tell you - working at MIT is a suh-weet deal. All... read the post »


Sep 24 2013


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