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Dec 26 2016

A Recap of the 2.009 Final Presentations

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Hello! The 2.009 final presentations were two weeks ago, and it was AMAZING. If you haven't seen the 2.009 intro video please do, it's beautiful.

If you want a summary of what 2.009 is about, Chris made a post. 140 students were divided into 8 teams. Each team had three months and $7000 to develop a product based on a theme: this year, it was "Rough, Tough, Messy." Each presentation was seven minutes long followed by four minutes of Q&A. From interactive climbing to portable AEDs, I felt that all the products really did embody the spirit of this year's theme.

A super quirky band played music from both sides of the auditorium, all the presentations were amazing, the video editing was really well done, there was cheering everywhere, and there was confetti. Lots and lots of confetti. I could definitely see why 2.009 was one of the most famous classes at MIT.

Although I'm not very knowledgeable on how 2.009 works on the inside (if you do want to know, this is a really great blog... read the post »


Nov 9 2016

Fears and Hopes

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The world looked very different today.

The presidential election is over, and many emotions are running through many people on campus. Many people are shocked, others are glad, others feel hurt, disgusted, or simply confused. Many are saying, where do we go from here?

I forced myself to go to chem lecture today, walking across the East Campus courtyard where the fiery shades of leaves in the trees covered the faintest clouds in the blue skies above. I bump into a stranger after scrolling through my Twitter newsfeed for too long. I check Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr. Everywhere is the same. With a sigh, I walk into 10-250 and try not to think about it too much as Professor Grossman tells us excitedly about amorphous solids.


David Bowie echoes through me as I hear, "Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do..."

An email was sent out this morning:


This election means a lot to all of us. And right now, a lot of us don't know how to feel.

We will be... read the post »


Oct 16 2016

October potpourri

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I checked my Timehop today and saw a tweet about how I was stressed about college essays.

It's interesting how life changes. A year ago, college applications were at the forefront of my mind. I scrapped essays relentlessly and questioned everything about myself, whether the things I liked and loved to do were likeable enough, whether I was even an interesting person after all. Now, there are much simpler things on my mind, like:

- There is a physics pset due tomorrow.
- I am hungry. I need food.
- I should read more poetry for class.
- Where did I leave my bike?

In senior year, I stressed about grades, especially during the first quarter. I feared that colleges would reject me on basis of senior fall grades alone. Yesterday, I couldn't have been more ecstatic about a 63 on my 3.091 midterm.

Even under the graces of Pass No Record, I feel stressed out: it builds throughout the week and peaks on Thursday, then fades sharply by Friday and hits a minimum sometime during the... read the post »


Sep 22 2016

A typical first semester

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It's 3am and I should probably be studying for my first 8.01 exam which is later today, but instead I'm blogging. [insert pass/no record joke here]

Term is in full swing: pset parties are everywhere, the Infinite is filled with excited chatter and slowly walking walls of tourists, and I haven't been to 6.0001 lecture in two weeks.

Actually, most of the past two weeks have been an ongoing stuggle with the magical concept of time management. For me to put in the maximum amount of work into all of my classes (which includes going to all the lectures, reading the textbooks, taking notes, etc...) and have time for anything else seems near impossible right now.

Life is now mostly a choice of how to spend my time the most efficiently, with 'efficiency' being heavily subjective. Example: I decided to skip 18.022 lecture on a whim to go to CVS with my friend to pick up her meds. Is skipping 18.022 generally a bad idea? Probably. But to me, that trip to CVS was arguably more valuable... read the post »


Sep 12 2016

Three Weeks

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I've only been here for a few weeks, but 'here' already feels like home.

There are things I miss about real home too. Like my high school friends, or my mom's cooking, or the generally lethargic mood of my old neighborhood. In regards to the latter, it is the exact opposite here at MIT. From my FPOP (Freshman Pre-Orientation Program) to Orientation to the first week of classes, I don't think I've ever taken a day off to relax. Everywhere I turn my head, I see vibrant signs of life. People are painting glow-in-the-dark murals on blacklit walls. People are spinning poi lit on fire. East Campus is building a carousel and a gigantic wooden fort. People are diving into ball pits at Simmons. An upperclassman shows me how to slackline outside Kresge Oval.

I found myself returning to East Campus time and time again, and since I was temped here in the first place, I decided to stay. At first East Campus intimidated me, with its constant whirring of screwdrivers and construction and fire.... read the post »