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Sep 23 2017

a semester in notes

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Jul 27 2017

places at mit

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MIT's campus can be pretty daunting for someone first visiting. All the buildings are numbered, and at first glance, the ordering of the numbers seems unintuitive. Buildings 3 and 4 should be next to each other, right? Nope, they're not. If you took a student-guided tour here, a common building route sequence would be 7, 5, 1, 3, 4, 2, 14. If you're not an MIT student, you might be very confused at this point. But if you've spent enough time here, you'd know exactly what that route looks like. In addition, you'd know that the tour probably crossed Killian Court between 3 and 4. This is one of the small things I love about MIT: its building conventions, along with the other numbered conventions like class/course numbers, are confusing at first, but makes talking with other MIT students and the MIT experience unique.

I've finally decided to get out my DSLR that has been sitting largely in its tote bag on my shelf because I wanted to share my favorite places at MIT with you. Whether... read the post »


Jul 11 2017

senior house / pilot 2021 / senior house

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I'm definitely not going to be the only person to talk about this on the blogs, but the situation with senior haus has been on my mind and many others for the past month.

I'm not going to, nor would I like to, give one-sided, pathos-inspired opinions or rants about what I think and how much I love/hate the current series of events, or praise/criticize anyone for what they've done. Instead, I'm going to give you the facts, as unbiased as possible, and then tell you about what happened to me earlier today.

Around June 12, Chancellor Barnhart sent out an email to members of the Senior House community:

Dear [insert name here],

I write on behalf of MIT's senior leadership to inform you of our decision and our plans to support you.

The turnaround we launched last June engaged you and a number of faculty, staff, and alumni in work to promote personal wellbeing and academic success in your community. As you know, we received credible and concerning information this past... read the post »


May 25 2017

friends, and other things

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Here is a picture of Allan's room, snipped from here


He left this morning:


Although we seem to be interconnected in almost every way imaginable - we have the same romanized last names, we're both in the same acapella group, we're next door neighbors, we're admissions bloggers - we're also very different people. And yet, we have become good friends. It seems like I haven't had the time this semester to sit and think about the relationship we've weaved, but now that I am free, it all comes rushing to me - the late nights, ordering Dominos, using the coupons for 2 Medium Pan Pizzas For 8.99 Each, the occassional late night conversation, sharing the precious time we spend after classes together twice a week to sing, setting up the dilapidated drum set in the tv lounge, subsequently teaching me the bossa nova, getting dim sum with other 5W friends, learning perc. All these memories come to me at once, in the same time and place, and all these memories fill the the now empty... read the post »


Apr 12 2017

A Tour of Phonology, Part 1

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Part 1: Phonetics


ðɪs ɪz ʌ sɛntɛns ɪn aɪpieɪ (IPA). aɪ æm nɑt vɛɹi gʊd æt tʃɹænzleitɪŋ IPA, so aɪ wɪl pɹɑbəbli mɛik ʌ lɑɾ əv mɪstɛiks. aɪ tʊk ʌ kwɪz ɑn IPA ʌ kʌpl wiks əgo, so hopfəli mɑɪ ɹʌf tʃɹænskɹɪpʃɪn mɛiks sɛns!

ɪf ju kɛn rid ðɪs wɪðɑut hævɪŋ sin oɹ lɚnd IPA bifoɹ, ðæt ɪz ɹili ɪmpɹɛsɪv! gəd dʒɑb.

IPA ɪz ʌ tul tu hɛlp pipəl, ɛspɛʃəli lɪŋguɪsts, tu ʌndɚstænd ðʌ fənɛɾɪks ænd fənɑlədʒi ʌv ʌ læŋguɪdʒ. IPA kən ɛkspɹɛs pɹɪti mʌtʃ ɛvɹi pɑsɪbəl saʊnd ðæt hjumənz kən meɪk tu kəmjunɪkeit wɪθ itʃʌðɚ ɪn ðʌ kɑntɛkst ʌv læŋguɪdʒ. sɪns IPA ɪz junɪvɝsəl, pipəl ɛniwɛɹ kən ʌndɚstænd haʊ ə wɝd ɪz pɹənaʊnst sinss IPA, ɪn θiɹi, gɪvs ə junik mæpɪŋ fɹʌm IPA sɪmbəlz tu ðə saʊndz ðɛi ɹɛpɹəzɛnt.

ɪn ðɪs blɑg post, al gɪv ə vɛri kɔrs ovɚvju ʌv ði IPA ælfəbɛt fɚ ɪŋglɪʃ, ænd ðɛn si haʊ wi kæn juz IPA tu tɔk əbaʊt... read the post »