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Mar 17 2018

The truth I learned about Japan, as a Korean

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(This is a very rough, more fleshed-out English translation of this post.)

I was born in America, but my parents and grandparents were born in Seoul. I've heard stories from my grandparents about their memories of living poorly during the wartime, which was made worse by the strict Japanese government [under occupation]. Even now, when I talk with my uncle, I get a sense that some of those wartime feelings continue to this day. Last year, after summer vacation, I had this kind of conversation with my uncle:

"Joonho, how was summer vacation?"
"It was fun, I did research at MIT and traveled to Japan."
"That's good! But... why did you go to Japan of all places? Wouldn't other countries be more fun to visit?"

Like my uncle, I'm proud to be a Korean. But I've never really held any negative opinions about Japan. "In the international age that is the present, why are my relatives misunderstanding Japan?" I wondered. [This train of thought] led me to study Japanese, in order to... read the post »


Mar 16 2018


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「楽したかったです。MIT で研究したり日本に旅行したりしました。」


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Mar 1 2018

some food around boston

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It is my long-term quest to visit as many ramen shops around Boston as I can before I guaduate.

So far, I have been doing okay but could be doing better: close to MIT, there's Sapporo Ramen in the H-Mart at Central Square. It's not as good as the actual Sapporo Ramen at Porter, (or so I hear: I've yet to go) but it's good in a pinch and when you're craving.

Then, just off Newbury Street not far after crossing the Harvard Bridge to get on the Boston side, there's Santouka, which is a fairly decent, small shop that serves really good ramen. There's another Santouka at Harvard Square that is the main shop, and they're even better (imo).

There's one place called Yume wo Katare (夢を語れ), also in Porter, that has basically only one menu item, which is pork ramen, and they give you a HUGE serving. I haven't been yet, but I'm going to save a trip there for a special occasion. 

The place I went to last week was Ganko Ittetsu in Brookline, which was a small shop with warm vibes... read the post »


Feb 1 2018

Room 251

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IAP is almost over! I wasn't on campus for most of it, but I finally returned to Next House last week in time for UPOP's week-long training workshop, which is about to come to a close. I had a wonderful experience, and it was a lot more fun than I expected it to be! I might blog about it in another post, but for now, I wanted to give a small room tour!

I live in room 251, which means I live on the second floor. More specifically, I live in 2 East, or 2E for short. 2E is like a family to me, and I would give a shoutout to every single one who lives on 2E right now, but I'd take up an entire blog post just for that, so maybe another time. <3 I will give a shoutout to my roommates Caleb R. and Cory L. (both 2020s) thought because relevant. Anyway, here's the room~


the view when you first walk in the room

There are only two closets in the room, so I hang my heavy winter clothes in a more... creative way. There's a pipe that runs along the ceiling that I use to hang coats and... read the post »


Oct 26 2017

how i’m doing

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tired, mostly

there aren't too many psets

there aren't too many extracurricular committments

there aren't too many midterms

there aren't too many other, miscellaneous things to worry about

but combine them together, and it feels like i'm drowning.


hand foot mouth disease (what a terrible name) took me down for a week or two. it's been going around, and now almost everyone's heard of it. i got it especially bad, though - hands and feet for a few days felt like someone was jabbing a needle into them every time i made contact with something. couldn't really even think about the work i had to do - i was too busy thinking about how painful this was and how i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

missing out on two weeks of class at mit doesn't mean you get to catch up on the stuff you missed for two weeks. that workload you were keeping up with side by side, that workload that was just the right pace? it's far ahead of you, now. to the point where you can't even see... read the post »