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Apr 12 2017

A Tour of Phonology, Part 1

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Part 1: Phonetics


ðɪs ɪz ʌ sɛntɛns ɪn aɪpieɪ (IPA). aɪ æm nɑt vɛɹi gʊd æt tʃɹænzleitɪŋ IPA, so aɪ wɪl pɹɑbəbli mɛik ʌ lɑɾ əv mɪstɛiks. aɪ tʊk ʌ kwɪz ɑn IPA ʌ kʌpl wiks əgo, so hopfəli mɑɪ ɹʌf tʃɹænskɹɪpʃɪn mɛiks sɛns!

ɪf ju kɛn rid ðɪs wɪðɑut hævɪŋ sin oɹ lɚnd IPA bifoɹ, ðæt ɪz ɹili ɪmpɹɛsɪv! gəd dʒɑb.

IPA ɪz ʌ tul tu hɛlp pipəl, ɛspɛʃəli lɪŋguɪsts, tu ʌndɚstænd ðʌ fənɛɾɪks ænd fənɑlədʒi ʌv ʌ læŋguɪdʒ. IPA kən ɛkspɹɛs pɹɪti mʌtʃ ɛvɹi pɑsɪbəl saʊnd ðæt hjumənz kən meɪk tu kəmjunɪkeit wɪθ itʃʌðɚ ɪn ðʌ kɑntɛkst ʌv læŋguɪdʒ. sɪns IPA ɪz junɪvɝsəl, pipəl ɛniwɛɹ kən ʌndɚstænd haʊ ə wɝd ɪz pɹənaʊnst sinss IPA, ɪn θiɹi, gɪvs ə junik mæpɪŋ fɹʌm IPA sɪmbəlz tu ðə saʊndz ðɛi ɹɛpɹəzɛnt.

ɪn ðɪs blɑg post, al gɪv ə vɛri kɔrs ovɚvju ʌv ði IPA ælfəbɛt fɚ ɪŋglɪʃ, ænd ðɛn si haʊ wi kæn juz IPA tu tɔk əbaʊt... read the post »


Mar 20 2017

freshman spring

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Is it already the seventh week of the semester?

To be honest, I've been chugging work from such a consistent, ever-so-slightly-bulging firehose for so long that this fact surprises me. It's almost like I hadn't noticed the time go by, which isn't entirely true: I guess what I mean to say is that I've never really been able to take a break yet this semester. A true break. A break where, after the fourth midterm you've taken in two days, you celebrate by declaring the night off from work, and you won't have a new pile of things to do waiting the next morning as a consequence.

Spring break please come soon.

I'd also like to opine that although MIT is indubitably hard, much of the difficulty is self-prescribed: it is often the case that students here take on more classes, more committments, more work than is expected of them. There are always exceptional people here, people that I admire and deeply respect, yet I always have to remind myself that MIT isn't a race, and there isn't... read the post »


Feb 5 2017

Life during IAP

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This post has no central topic or theme. This will simply be a random ordering of things during IAP that stuck out to me.

6.178 - Introduction to Software Engineering in Java

6.178 is a six-unit class offered only during IAP. It is student-taught: I actually knew/were friends with several of the instructors. The first two lectures or so were focused on using Git, a version control system that helps to coordinate/collaborate your code with other people (although we didn't actually do any collaboration in the class). Differentiating between the lingo of add, commit, push, clone, et cetera was confusing at first, but by the end of the first week I had gotten used to it and can now say that I have a basic idea of how Git works!

The Java itself was pretty fast-paced, which makes sense as the class was only three weeks long. The topics, in rough chronological order, were: variables, loops, switch, if-then statements, arrays, strings, methods, classes, objects, fields, constructors,... read the post »


Dec 26 2016

A Recap of the 2.009 Final Presentations

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Hello! The 2.009 final presentations were two weeks ago, and it was AMAZING. If you haven't seen the 2.009 intro video please do, it's beautiful.

If you want a summary of what 2.009 is about, Chris made a post. 140 students were divided into 8 teams. Each team had three months and $7000 to develop a product based on a theme: this year, it was "Rough, Tough, Messy." Each presentation was seven minutes long followed by four minutes of Q&A. From interactive climbing to portable AEDs, I felt that all the products really did embody the spirit of this year's theme.

A super quirky band played music from both sides of the auditorium, all the presentations were amazing, the video editing was really well done, there was cheering everywhere, and there was confetti. Lots and lots of confetti. I could definitely see why 2.009 was one of the most famous classes at MIT.

Although I'm not very knowledgeable on how 2.009 works on the inside (if you do want to know, this is a really great blog... read the post »


Nov 9 2016

Fears and Hopes

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The world looked very different today.

The presidential election is over, and many emotions are running through many people on campus. Many people are shocked, others are glad, others feel hurt, disgusted, or simply confused. Many are saying, where do we go from here?

I forced myself to go to chem lecture today, walking across the East Campus courtyard where the fiery shades of leaves in the trees covered the faintest clouds in the blue skies above. I bump into a stranger after scrolling through my Twitter newsfeed for too long. I check Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr. Everywhere is the same. With a sigh, I walk into 10-250 and try not to think about it too much as Professor Grossman tells us excitedly about amorphous solids.


David Bowie echoes through me as I hear, "Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do..."

An email was sent out this morning:


This election means a lot to all of us. And right now, a lot of us don't know how to feel.

We will be... read the post »