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Jul 17 2018

a shoebox pc

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before i know it, it's halfway through summer: i started my internship on june fourth, it's already july 17th, and i move back to mit late august 25th. 41 days are behind me with 41 days to go.

before i know it, this house i'm in already feels like home: i start to think for the first time how i'll be quite sad leaving this place when i'm gone. the familiar arrangement of the couches on the living room floor. the google home that can turn on the tv and sing you songs and tell you the difference between llamas and alpacas. the pc running out of a shoebox built solely for vr. the chicken coop in the backyard. the housemates who i've come to know and befriend and laugh with. i get a taste of what old toons might have been like and smile.

of course, the buses for my commute are always late, i sometimes miss transfer buses for this reason, and the red line is -just- a little too far away to be comfortable. but honestly, the distance has been fine. i lived on the boston side of the... read the post »


Jun 29 2018

on wryping styles

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it's interesting whenever i blog because i've always been using what i like to call 'standard' which is more or less the grammatical way to compose english, including punctuation. so i always capitalize when necessary, i end my sentences with a period.

This is how I usually write on the blogs. Capitalizing the word 'I', being careful not to overextend sentences with commas, always thinking of replacements for semicolons, etc. I've been reading this book called "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman and in it he talks about an intuitive, impulsive System 1 and a calculated, slower, reasoning System 2. I feel when I type in this kind of style, my System 2 is being used. It's slower and more methodical. I type backspace quite frequently in search of better grammatical phrasing.

I do think I have a personal twist to the standard style that actually might be common but I'm unsure: before sentence-ending emojis or emoticons, I will optionally exclude my period. Maybe I think the... read the post »


Jun 26 2018


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It's no secret that Course 6-3 (Computer Science) is one of the most, if not the most popular major at MIT. According to the Registrar, there were 757 undergraduate students alone enrolled in Course 6-3 for the Fall 2017 term. That's roughly a fifth of the undergrad population (that declared a major)! So it's not just a meme when people say that if you had to guess what course someone was, it's probably 6-3.

As such, Course 6-3 often has a fair bit of stigma as a "sellout" major, since it's a) extremely popular and b) associated with a higher probability to earn above-average salaries after graduation. The fact of the matter is that pretty much all the people I've met who are 6-3 (which is... a lot) aren't in it solely for the money. 6-3 is actually a fun major believe it or not, and I've gotten far enough along in it now to explain what it's been like from my perspective.

This post was motivated because I've been corresponding with a prefrosh on Reddit that had a lot of really... read the post »


Jun 12 2018

start of summer tidbits

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Just giving a quick update on what's going on with my life and what I'm doing this summer. I'm doing this because a) I need to break my blogger drought (rip sophomore year) and b) I'm working on a really big blog post but it'll take some more time, and in the interim I'll be doing a lot of small, bite-size blog posts!

So how was sophomore year?

Hm. Academically, it was rough, for sure. I'll get more into it in a future blog post, but the classes were definitely the hardest they've ever been, and I'm sure they'll only get harder. :(

But I got to spend that year in Next House, and in Sigma Phi Epsilon, and with Toons, and a lot of new people. And when I look at my experience last year overall... it wasn't too bad. (More to come later.)

What am I doing this summer?

So you may have heard of x-terms, which is a new thing that is starting this fall. I was lucky enough to get an offer from a company called Everbridge to work for them in the fall as a part-time software... read the post »


Mar 17 2018

The truth I learned about Japan, as a Korean

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(This is a very rough, more fleshed-out English translation of this post.)

I was born in America, but my parents and grandparents were born in Seoul. I've heard stories from my grandparents about their memories of living poorly during the wartime, which was made worse by the strict Japanese government [under occupation]. Even now, when I talk with my uncle, I get a sense that some of those wartime feelings continue to this day. Last year, after summer vacation, I had this kind of conversation with my uncle:

"Joonho, how was summer vacation?"
"It was fun, I did research at MIT and traveled to Japan."
"That's good! But... why did you go to Japan of all places? Wouldn't other countries be more fun to visit?"

Like my uncle, I'm proud to be a Korean. But I've never really held any negative opinions about Japan. "In the international age that is the present, why are my relatives misunderstanding Japan?" I wondered. [This train of thought] led me to study Japanese, in order to... read the post »